Ash Brown Wavy Hair

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your look?

Have you considered ash brown hair?

You’ve come to the right place, as this guide is meant to break down for you how to get ash-brown hair.

Ash brown hair features a beautiful shade of cool brown.

You can get it regardless of your current hair color.

The only difference is the amount of preparation.

For instance, if you have blonde or light hair, all you need to do is dye the hair.

However, if your hair is much darker, you first need to dye it lighter, but the best option is bleaching it.

If you have warm brown hair, you are in luck since all you need to do is apply a toning shampoo made for brown hair.

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24 Most Popular Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

Of all hair colors, ash brown hair has been here for decades. There are many ways to get a nice ash-brown look; you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’ve compiled a list of the 24 most popular ash-brown hair color ideas. Delve in and find one that suits you.

Ashy Brunette Hair

We anticipate that in 2023, the popularity of expensive brunette hair will only grow. It is dimensional and low-maintenance. Ask your colorist for a brown ash base with ashy highlights blended in for a cool-toned version of the look.

Ashy Mushroom Hairstyle

In 2018, the grayish-brown hue known as mushroom brown hair first caught our attention. Since then, we haven’t stopped talking about it. This trendy portobello-inspired shade is ideal for you if you have fair skin.

Ash Brown With Highlighted Tips

Do you intend to continue with low-maintenance hair? Choose ash-brown hair that is light only in the mid-lengths and ends.

Smokey Ash Brown Hairstyle

With gray undertones, this smokey ash shade looks stunning on cool-toned skin. It’s a great alternative if you like to keep things low-key or if you’re in the corporate world and can’t play around with colors.

Smokey Brown Curls

A smokey brunette looks just as stunning on naturally occurring ringlets if you’re working with curls. This is the hairdo to go for if you want that extra edge to fashion and maintain your classy demeanor.

Ash Brown With Blonde Face Frame

We love your flawless face and think getting an equally beautiful hairdo would be great. Why not try a brown ash shade with a blonde face frame? Ash-blonde face-framing highlights instantly brighten ash-brown hair. You can also try dirty blonde hairstyles.

Girl With Ash Brown Face Framing Hairstyle

Frosted Ashy Look

You can embrace your inner winter queen with a snowy combination of silver, pale brown ash, and blonde. Although your stylist may need to visit you more than once to achieve this color, the final result is multidimensional and gorgeously reflective.

Dark Ash Brown Hair

On the dark end of the hair spectrum, it seems like every shade contains a deep purple-red at times. Dark brown ash is the best choice for those looking for a very dark brown that doesn’t taste like grape soda.

This color looks especially lovely on medium and dark skin tones, in our opinion.

Medium Ash Brown Hair

Mid-toned medium ash brown hair, which complements all skin tones, falls between dark and light ash brown hair. It’s a safe brown shade for women who like to keep things moderate. This shade is also great for women just starting their hair coloring adventure.

Ash Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Any hair color, including ash brown, looks better with a few blonde highlights! To give your base color more depth and movement, ask your colorist for a few cool-toned blonde highlights.

Light Ash Brown

Choose light brown ash if you want a brown ash shade that is equally beautiful but not quite as dramatic as its darker counterparts.

Glossy Ash Brown

Ash brown has been described as moody and cool-toned, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Use a home remedy or visit the salon for a hair gloss to achieve this stunning look.

Caramel Ash Brown Hair

Caramel ash brown is a real winner for women with medium or medium-dark skin. Brown with cool blonde undertones highlights the olive tones in the skin without overpowering them.

We adore this color on long and medium-length hair, especially when caramel sections are added around the face to mimic the effect of long days in the sun on the hair.

Ash Brown Balayage

Small sections of hair are lightened or dyed in balayage, which is lighter than the base color. This gives the hair a current-trendy natural, sun-kissed appearance.

Use lightening or blonde shades close to your natural hair color if you want to try balayage at home. Going too light or dark will make it challenging to keep the style over time. You can also try a caramel balayage or a partial balayage.

Woman Wearing Ash Brown Balayage Haircut

Honey Ash

Looking for a hair color that can be worn in countless ways? One that never seems overdone but still appears polished? The best choice is honey ash—medium brown with beige and sweet, silky honey-blonde undertones.

Similar to honey ash blonde, this color is ideal for women trying to achieve the coveted beach babe look. Honey ash brown conveys a carefree attitude when riding loose waves.

Mocha Ash

Mocha ash is a timeless color with red and gold undertones that complement various skin tones. It’s a classy, creamy twist on chestnut strands that is always in style.

Blended Toffee and Ash Brown Shades

Toffee is the brooding cousin of caramel ash, which is approachable. True ash brown has the matte finish we’ve seen in fashion editorials and complements light and medium skin tones. Toffee ash may seem a little monotone on fine or long hair.

In that case, request deliberate lowlights all over your hair from your stylist. These strategically placed streaks will give your new shade more depth.

Ash Brown Lowlights

Adding darker shades to the hair is known as low lighting, which is the opposite of highlights. Ash brown hair can benefit from lowlighting to add depth and dimension and to help cover up any unwelcome red or orange tones.

White Ash Blend

With a look that seamlessly combines bright and dark ashy shades, you can find the perfect balance between brunette and silver hair color.

While we wouldn’t advise this look for novices who aren’t accustomed to caring for very light hair, seasoned users of hair color ought to be able to handle it.

Ash Brown Ombre

Another fashionable hairstyle that brings out the best in this color is the ombre. A soft and natural appearance is achieved by gradually lightening the hair from the root to the tip in an ombre style.

This look is ideal for those who want to lighten their hair but don’t want to go too blonde. Again, it’s crucial to use colors that closely resemble the shade of your natural hair, or you risk getting an unnatural-looking result.

You can also consider a butterfly haircut, then complete the look with an ash-brown ombre.

Ashy Blonde Hair

A great option for blending with ashy colors is the blonde-brown hairstyle known as “blonde.” Combining brown and blonde tones can achieve a trendy and natural look.

Platinum and ash blonde colors are suitable for cool tones. For a cozier appearance, opt for honey and caramel tones.

Highlighted Ash Brown 

Highlights are a fantastic way to give an ashy brunette base depth and dimension. You can create a more understated look that is ideal for everyday wear or a more dramatic look that is ideal for making a statement by adding highlights in a lighter shade.

Wear your strands down to give your hair a break from ponytails.

Brown With Babylights

A recent trend involves giving the hair very tiny highlights, or “babylights.” Babylights are ideal for people who want to appear subtle and natural. To create babylights that will complement your base, combine a few lightning shades close to the color of your natural hair.

Ash Babylights Hair

Root Stretch Hairstyle

Try root stretch if you want to maintain the natural appearance of your style. You can achieve the root stretch look by darkening your hair roots a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

It’s a great way to conceal new root growth as well. Likewise referred to as a root blur or root smudge! The key to a perfect look is matching your hair hue with your skin tone and eye color. For instance, if you have hazel eyes, use the best hair color for hazel eyes.

How to Dye Hair Ash Brown at Home

You don’t have to visit a hair colorist and spend a top dollar every time you want to dye your hair ash brown. You can do it yourself at home.

Here are step-by-step guides on how to dye your hair ash brown at home:

Light or Blond Hair

Step 1 – Start by purchasing the right hair color

Purchase a hair dyeing kit with “ash brown” written on it. You can try this technique even if you have darker hair, especially if it is highlighted, even though it is advised for people with light or blond hair.

To determine what color to anticipate, look at the color samples on the box’s side.

Step 2 – Take care of your clothing and yourself

Hair dyeing can become messy. Wear the plastic gloves that were included in your kit. Put an old towel or a dyeing cape over your shoulders. Put on an old shirt if you don’t have either of those.

Step 3 – Dye should be combined as directed

The way most dye kits are mixed is the same: after adding the dye, shake the developer to combine it. The dye is sometimes delivered in a bottle and other times in a tube. To ensure that your hair is evenly dyed, you will need to separate it if you have a lot of it.

Your hair should be divided into four sections. Part your hair ear to ear using your comb by splitting it through the middle. Keep the sections separate by using hair ties or clips.

Step 4 – Starting at the roots, dye your hair using the solution

You can straighten your hair and apply the dye before blending it with a tinting brush. If you parted your hair, start at the bottom section and work your way up in layers. Make sure to coat your hair evenly.

Step 5 – Give the dye recommended amount of time to sit

Although each brand will differ slightly, you should generally wait 20 to 25 minutes. It would be wise to wear a plastic shower cap over your head during this time. The cap will hasten the dye’s reaction time and tidy the area.

Step 6 – Rinse the dye with cool water

After rinsing the dye from your hair with cool water, condition it. Use the included conditioner once the water begins to run clear. After letting the conditioner sit for the prescribed amount of time (usually 2 to 3 minutes), rinse it with cool water. Use no shampoo at all.

Step 7 – Dry your hair

If your hair appears darker than you anticipated, do not be alarmed. Over time, especially as you wash it, it will become lighter.

Medium or Brown Hair

Step 1 – Begin with warm brown hair

This technique is for people with brown hair who want to turn it a lighter shade of ash brown.

Step 2 – Get a toning shampoo for brown hair

You’ll need to visit a salon or beauty supply store with a wide selection. Ensure that the toning shampoo you purchase is designed for brown hair, not blond. Brown hair toning shampoos contain green or blue tints that take away brassy or orange tones.

Step 3 – Wet your hair

Just as you would when washing your hair, enter the shower and wet your hair. Get ready for the bottle of hair toner.

Step 4 – Apply the shampoo generously 

Like you would when shampooing, lather it up and rub it in. Cover every single hair, from roots to ends. Don’t rinse the shampoo off yet.

Step 5 – Give it the amount of time specified on the bottle

Every brand will be unique. Some people will advise leaving the shampoo in for 2 to 3 minutes, while others will advise leaving it in for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse out the shampoo, then style your hair.

Dark or Black Hair

Step 1 – Get a kit for hair bleaching

While it is possible to attempt to dye dark hair ash blond to achieve lighter ash brown, the outcome is not always guaranteed. Purchase a hair-bleaching kit that has at least 20 volumes.

Step 2 – Take care of your clothing and yourself

Put on an old shirt you don’t mind ruining, or cover your shirt with an old towel. Put on a set of disposable plastic gloves. Because bleach can smell bad, opening a window or turning on a fan would be a good idea.

Step 3 – Combine the cream and powder from the bleach kits

The bleach should be prepared following the directions on the package. Read the instructions carefully, as the proportions you should use may differ from brand to brand.

Step 4 – Make four sections in your hair

The first section ought to extend vertically from the crown of your head. Part these sections from ear to ear once more after removing them from the body. Use clips or hair ties to keep the sections you aren’t working on separate.

Step 5 – Starting with the ends of your hair, bleach it

Using a tinting brush would be the simplest method, but you can also use your hands. Some people prefer to create things in layers, beginning with the bottom layer.

Step 6 – Leave the bleach until it reaches the desired lightness

Although most bleaching kits advise 10 to 30 minutes, it would be wise to check on your hair every 5 to 10 minutes. This is so because each person’s hair uniquely responds to bleach. Yours might be done bleaching before the advised period has passed.

Step 7 – After rinsing, shampoo your hair

Use no conditioner at this time. Your hair may be blonde, orange, or a warm brown color depending on the type of bleach you used and how long you left it on.

Step 8 – Get the hair dye ready

Purchase hair dye in your preferred shade of ash brown. It can also be described as “cool ash brown” or “cool brown,” equivalent terms.

Remember to check the hair color expiration date. You can use a hair dye kit or purchase the developer and dye separately. Per the directions on the package, combine the dye.

Step 9 – Starting at the roots, dye using the solution

Again, you can do this with your hands or a clean tinting brush. Working in layers and pulling your hair up would be even simpler.
Make sure to coat your hair evenly, paying particular attention to the hairline and part which will receive the most attention.

Step 10 – Give the dye time to develop

Once more, it differs from brand to brand. You’ll typically have to wait 20 to 25 minutes. It would be wise to cover your hair with a new shower cap. This will hasten the dye’s development and keep the area tidy.

Step 11 – Apply conditioner after thoroughly rinsing

First, rinse the dye away with cool water. Apply a hydrating conditioner to your hair after the water has run clear, and leave it in for two to three minutes. Dry your hair after rinsing the conditioner out with cool water. Use of shampoo at this time is not advised.

Step 12 – Use a toning shampoo if necessary

Any brassy tones in your hair should be eliminated by the blue or green tints in ash brown hair dye. When this isn’t sufficient, you’ll need to use a toning shampoo according to the directions on the bottle.

How to Maintain Your Ash Brown Hair

The issue with cooler colors is that they frequently fade with washing and leave brassy undertones.

Here are some tips to keep the hair’s lovely cool, silvery choco hue:

  • Don’t wash the color more than twice a week to prevent the color from fading.
  • To prevent grease from getting into the roots, use dry shampoo.
  • Shampoos with purple or blue undertones for blonde hair can help you hide brassy tones and restore your hair’s ashy perfection.
  • After every wash, condition your hair because dry hair loses color more quicker than well-nourished hair.

Split ends that result from repeated bleaching or highlights can be eliminated with regular trims. Don’t overuse shampoo toners to avoid a drab, overly smokey gray color. Use them sparingly, preferably every other wash, to give them a chance to fade before reapplying.

Overall, taking care of ash brown hair won’t differ much from how you usually maintain the health of your hairstyle. Blondes who opt for an ash-brown balayage will find trimming and color retouching even more straightforward.

You can wear this trend for a long time and still look great after every coloring session because it is more of a color classic than a fashion trend. You can do this by making several simple color variations of fading overtones.

Best Products to Use

Hair care should always be at the top of your mind when maintaining colored hair, from the best product to use to what treatment works best for your particular hair color. The chemicals in hair dyes penetrate deep into the cuticles, which can sometimes damage hair, especially if you don’t maintain it well. 

When you have ash brown hair, there are certain products you need to invest in. For one, get yourself some blue shampoo. This will help you maintain the ash-brown color.

You will also need a tinted conditioner that you will use once every two weeks to keep the hair cool-toned. When buying products to maintain your new hairstyle, you’re better off buying organic or natural products since these are less likely to discolor your hair.

These products usually contain natural ingredients that nourish the scalp and hair while maintaining shine. While at it, whenever you need to wash colored hair, always remember to use cold water and minimize the washes.


What is the difference between mushroom brown and ash brown hair?

Mushroom brown hair has a grayish-brown hue, while ash brown hair is more chocolate brown.

Do you need to bleach your hair before dying it ash brown?

This depends on your hair’s current color.

How long does ash brown hair color last?

Your color should last 4 to 8 weeks, assuming you are using a high-quality hair dye, depending on how often you shampoo and how much sun exposure it gets.

What skin tone is best for ash-brown hair?

You can wear ash brown hair with any skin tone. You need to find the hue that compliments your skin tone.

Does ash brown hair color require frequent touch-ups?

Yes, depending on how often you wash your hair and the dye’s intensity.

What highlights go with ash-brown hair?

Blonde, platinum, silver, copper, and gray highlights.

Is ash brown good for grey hair?

Yes, you can create a perfect blend with your gray hair.

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