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Are you looking for the best hair color for hazel eyes?

Hair coloring is a trend taking over the fashion industry by storm.

But you don’t just wake up and decide to add purple or pink highlights to your hair.

There are a few considerations that go into that.

One factor that you should consider is the color of your eyes.

Your hair color should complement that of your eyes; otherwise, you might end up re-doing the hair.

If you have hazel eyes, your eyes contain brown, amber, green, brown and gold hues.

And it doesn’t matter if you have hazel eyes with dark skin, hazel eyes with fair skin, or hazel eyes with olive skin; there is a hair color idea to complement your unique eye color and skin tone.

Always go for a hair color that brings out the color of your eyes best.

For instance, warm chestnut has rich, reddish-brown shades, which help bring out the amber and gold hints in your eyes.

If you are in for something a little more flattering, then copper color is the best as it is fiery, fierce, and flattering to hazel eyes and not to mention works well for light and dark skin tones.

The problem is that with so many hair color ideas for hazel eyes, knowing what color fits you can be overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide to the best hair color ideas for hazel eyes.

Keep reading to find out more.

28 Most Popular Hair Colors for Hazel Eyes

Here are the most popular hair colors for hazel eyes that are sure to suit your skin tone and bring out the beautiful flecks in your eyes:

Dimensional Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Adding warm chestnut tones to your naturally dark or chocolate hair will make the dark brown hues of your eyes sparkle even more. The hair color is ideal for women with hazel eyes since the subtle shades of brown complement the eye color.

Gradient Blonde Hair Color

Hazel eyes have never looked better than when combined with golden blonde hair with highlights. The look gives off a natural, beachy vibe. The sun-kissed streaks and dark brown roots draw attention to the eyes.

Chocolate Curls and Hazel Eyes

If you have curly hair, a natural chocolate brown shade will help perfectly highlight the golden hues of your eyes.

Soft Butterscotch Balayage

If you are going for a bold look, then try caramel balayage. Butterscotch is usually a warmer shade of blonde hair color. The rich tones will, in the end, stand out against the natural brown hair bringing out the gold flecks of your hazel eyes.

Platinum Blonde Color

If you want the focus on your eyes, give your hair a platinum blonde color makeover. The trendy hairstyle makes your hazel eyes’ green and gold hues glimmer even more. Add some adorable bangs to complete the look.

Red Hair Accents

Consider red hair accents if you want to turn heads wherever you go. It’s a daring hairstyle whose tones work for cool or warm skin tones making the hazel eyes more noticeable.

Girl With a Red Hair

Chocolate Hair With Golden Brown Highlights

There is something rich and elegant about chocolate hair with golden brown highlights. The brown hues bring life and sparkle to hazel brown eyes, bringing out the colors so they shine more on their own.

Vanilla Blonde Color

A vanilla blonde color on a textured bob is a fun style that creates definition and movement. If you have a rooted golden blonde color, it’s even better since it complements the different shades of hazel or green eyes.

Auburn Highlights

Fair skin is an ultimate obsession. However, ensure that you complement it with colors that don’t make you look too pale or sick. A medium shade of auburn is the perfect choice for cool-toned skin and hazel eyes.

The color brings out the rosy undertones on the cheeks, thus captivating the gold flecks of your hazel eyes to the spotlight.

Fiery Red Hair Color

Red hair is the perfect choice for anyone with a pale skin tone and hazel eyes. The style blends red and orange hues, creating lightness and depth that makes the green flecks and golden rings of hazel eyes pop out more.

Electric Orange Waves

Not everyone is daring enough to try bright orange hair. If you like drawing attention to yourself and have blue or dark hazel eyes, this is a shade you must try at some point. The shades help add life to otherwise cool skin tones.

Cool Hazelnut Tresses

Cool hazelnut tresses feature similar browns as hazel eyes and therefore complement the eyes perfectly. Hazelnut usually blends brown and red shades that bring out the shine in hazel eyes and warm undertones in your skin.

Long Caramel Longs

Adding caramel tones to your hair is one of the best ways of highlighting the shades of brown in your hazel eyes while making the green half of the hazel pop more. Rihanna makes the style look dashing.

Deep Auburn Shades

Auburn is by far the best hair color for hazel eyes. Why? Red tresses look perfect on hazel-eyed women, but auburn is much darker, deeper, and richer than traditional reds. This helps add a dramatic flair bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

Dark Brown With Highlights

If you are going for dark brown hair with highlights, start with a decadent dark chocolate base. The shade works for all eye colors.

After that, throw in streaks of copper, honey brown, ash and auburn for a subtle but stunning blend of colors that will make the hazel hues of your eyes glitter even more.

Light Chocolate Brown Hairstyle With Highlights

Purple and Brown and Hazel Eyes

If you want an edgy look, try combining purple and brown shades. The dark brown color helps bring out your hazel eyes, while the purple shades help your personality shine more.


Butterscotch hair color is an excellent choice for hazel-eyed beauties. The warm and rich colors help bring out your hazel eyes’ gold and amber tones.

Two-Toned Hair

If you are considering a two-toned hairstyle, any two tones will work. Any color will work as the base color. Rule of thumb, whatever colors you pick, ensure that you dye the front patch a shade that complements the color of your eyes.

A toasty brown, for instance, is a good choice since it helps bring out the browns of your hazel eyes.

Shades of Gray

Gray is one of the most flattering hair colors for hazel-eyed women. Go for a gray with lilac undertones since purple and hazel work perfectly together.

Beautiful Black

Black hair works for all skin tones and eye colors. It is even a great hair color for blue eyes.

Bright Red Hairstyle

Women with fair skin tones looking to step out of their comfort zone to something more adventurous should try this bright red hairstyle.
The red brings out the boldness of hazel eyes.

Ashy Purple

Darker colors like ashy purple perfectly complement olive skin and hazel eyes. The best thing about this color is that it’s soft enough that you’ll always feel comfortable wearing it, even in professional settings.

Sea Foam Green

If you are obsessed with green and have always wanted to dye your hair green, try the sea foam green hair color, especially if you have hazel eyes. The gorgeous shade looks good on olive skin tones as well, and the good thing is that it can work for short or long hair.

Strawberry Sherbet

If you have green hazel eyes, you are better off opting for darker hair colors. The strawberry sherbet blends pink, red, and orange. If you have a pale skin tone, the color will pop more.

Bleach Blonde Look

Beach blonde color is a favorite among women with olive skin tones. That’s because the color works perfectly as a weave on dark blonde hair or as highlights.

Three-Tone Blues

If you’re obsessed with the color blue, this is a hairstyle you must try at some point. You only need to select shades of blue that work together. These will look better against your hazel eyes or pale skin.

Bright Rainbow Shades

If you have long, wavy hair, let the light blonde remain the primary color but add light red, green and orange hues to help you stand out more.

Young Woman With a Rainbow Colored Hair

Deep Cherry Red

Unlike dirty blonde hair color, not everyone can pull off the deep cherry-red look. However, hazel-eyed women can. Almost all shades of red look tremendous but go for luxury if that’s what will work for your skin tone.

How to Style and Maintain Dyed Hair

Here is a step-by-step guide on choosing the best hair color for hazel eyes, styling tips, the best products and how to maintain different hairstyles:

Step 1 – Choose the right color

All hazel eyes are multicolored, which makes it easy to choose a hair color. When choosing the hair dye, consider the hues of your hazel eyes. For instance, warm chestnut has rich reddish-brown shades that help bring out the amber and gold hints of your eyes.

Likewise, blonde hair works perfectly with hazel eyes. Ideally, ensure that your chosen color helps your eyes pop even more rather than dulling them out. If you don’t want to color all your hair, consider a partial balayage.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Once you’ve dyed your hair, style it in a way that works for your personality. One thing to ensure is that you don’t style it too tight, as you might end up damaging your delicate, newly-colored hair. The best thing to do is visit a hair salon and have a professional style.

Step 3 – Maintain

All colored hairstyles require much maintenance since the dye tends to fade after a few weeks. If you dye your hair to complement your hazel eyes, avoid heat styling as this tends to dry your hair and fade out the color. At the same time, avoid too much sun exposure.

When washing, opt for a hair-protectant shampoo and deep conditioner to help retain the color. While at it, always ensures you wash colored hair with cold water, as this minimizes fading.

Step 4 – Best products to use

There are crucial products you must have once you’ve colored your hair to match your hazel eyes. Color-protectant shampoo and deep conditioner are a must-have. The same goes for dry texture or sea salt spray since you must keep your hair well-nourished.

Hair Color Tips for Hazel Eyes

  • If you have light skin and hazel eyes, the right shade of blonde will do. We recommend a light blonde color.
  • Consider a medium ash brown hair color if you have medium skin and hazel eyes.
  • For tan skin and hazel eyes, rich chocolates and chestnut browns will work perfectly in such a case.
  • Dark skin and hazel eyes look better when complemented with dark brown hair.
  • When washing your hair, wash it with cold water, use a color-protectant shampoo, and finish off with a deep conditioner.
  • Ensure you re-touch the color every three weeks, especially if you opt for the bright shades.


Which color is the opposite of hazel?

Blue-violet is the opposite color of hazel. If you have hazel eyes, any color in the blue and violet spectrum will work.

How do undertones in hazel eyes determine the ideal hair color?

Hazel eyes usually have flecks of gold, brown, and green, so it’s best to complement them with warm undertones of browns or reds if you want the eye color to be the center of attention.

How will I know if a hair color will suit my hazel eyes?

The best colors for hazel eyes are warm-toned blondes, browns, and reds.

Are hazel eyes cool or warm?

Hazel-colored eyes are associated with warmer tones.

Which hair colors should people with hazel eyes stay away from?

Stay away from cool-toned colors if you want your hazel eyes to stand out more. Instead, go for warm-toned shades of reds, blondes and browns.

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