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Having blue eyes is both a blessing and a curse.

First of all, blue eyes are considered to be some of the most attractive ones.

They are among the rarest and only 8% of the world’s population has them.

The color blue epitomizes confidence, loyalty, intelligence, and peace.

On the other hand, it is very hard to match your blue eyes with suitable hair color.

Finding the best hair color for blue eyes is a process that will take more of your time than coloring and maintaining the hair.

So to help you avoid all of those issues, we created an article to help you get over the hump and match your dreamy blue eyes with a nice hair color.

15 Best Hair Colors Ideas for Blue Eyes

First of all, let’s go through all of the most suitable hair color ideas that could go with blue eyes:


Blonde hair is the best, most suitable, and most common pairing with blue eyes. It comes naturally as people with naturally lighter hair usually do have blonde eyes, to begin with.

Therefore, you will never go wrong when pairing your blonde hair with your stunning blue eyes.

Yellow Blonde Hair

With yellow-blonde hair, you get the same effect as with regular blonde hair. This color evokes spring, warmth, and happiness and will brighten your entire disposition and not just your eyes.

Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair

A golden strawberry blonde hue pairs with blue eyes much better than dirty blonde hairstyles. This one adds a bit of fierceness to your style and makes you appear intense and extraordinary simultaneously. It might just be the best hue out of all to go with blue eyes.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde hair will balance things out and give you a rich, vibrant, and vivid appearance closer to a brown color. It evokes luxury and lavishness in women with this color variant.

Chestnut Brown

Darker brown shades usually do not pair well with blue eyes, except for chestnut brown. It is best when it matches your light blue eyes and can even go with black hair with highlights. The color complements your eyes but never takes the attention off of them.

Espresso Brown

One of the trendiest color choices is the espresso brown hue which can pair magnificently with any skin tone. What it can do is look graciously with blue eyes as well. In turn, the blue eyes will add warmth and grace to the hair.


Orange hair may be considered one of the alt hairstyles, but it is another natural pairing with blue eyes.

Natural ginger girls usually have blue eyes, so coloring your hair in orange will evoke a feeling of tenderness, brightness, but also intensity. It looks stunning, particularly on light skin.

Smiling Woman With Blue Eyes and Wavy Orange Hair


You can easily pair a platinum hair color with blue eyes, mainly if you are ligt-skined. It marks for a bold and bright look and will even emphasize your lips.


White hair works with blue eyes in the same manner as blonde and platinum do. It allows your eyes to come into perspective without overshadowing them. It is best to wear it during the winter as you will get that festive, wintery look about you.


Green hair might sound too extravagant, but it is an exceptional match with blue eyes. Green and blue are next to each other on the color wheel and represent cool colors, meaning their pairing will create a somber, calm, and refreshing variation for a person.


Blue eyes burn brighter if you have red hair to allow them to. It is much better if you have naturally darker skin, as the red and blue combo goes hand in hand. Unfortunately, the red does not express your eyes so much. Instead, it makes them more intense.

Auburn Hair

Auburn is an elan color that might be ideal for blue eyes. It offers some undertones that are essential in giving center stage to the eyes, making the entire look grand.

Black Hair

Black hair and blue eyes magnificently juxtapose each other. You don’t get to see this occur naturally, but if you have deep blue eyes, the best color combination to get is raven-black hair.


Your dreamy blue eyes will become even dreamier with a somber. Picture Megan Fox and hair combination of dark hair and blue eyes. Now add the lighter tips as the hair falls to your shoulders and you will start feeling the combo.

Ice Blue Hair

Another winter look comes with a marriage of blue eyes and ice-blue hair. While the style looks exceptionally well, it can be hard to pull off.

The hair requires a lot of maintenance and you will need a specific blend to pull it off, but once you do, you will be able to reap all of the rewards that come from it.

Woman With a Long Ice Blue Hair and Blue Eyes

How to Choose the Right Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone

Pairing your blue eyes with a specific hair color also requires a closer look at your skin. The eyes and the hair alone can’t do all the work. It is a triumvirate that requires your skin tone to match and put in some work.

Therefore, you need to think about the following when choosing your new hair color for blue eyes:

Step 1 – Study your skin

Determine your skin tone. Pale skin can adjust with almost any type of hair color. Darker hair will match olive skin undertones, while those with a yellowish hue should stay away from yellow or orange hair.

Step 2 – Determine your skin tone

To determine your skin tone, wear a white shirt and stand in natural light. Also, consider the veins on the underside of your wrist to determine the undertones. Greenish veins mean warm undertones, while bluish and purple mean cooler undertones.

How to Style and Maintain Dyed Hair

The shade and tones of your eye color may contrast with the skin tones of your face and hairstyle. All the hues and the complexion are something that needs to be taken into account.

The entire process of selecting the best hair color for blue eyes and wearing it long-term will encompass the following:

Step 1- Pick the right color

Study your skin tone and the tone of your blue eyes. Combining all three of them will determine the exact hair color that you should get.

Step 2 – Dye your hair

Once you know which color you want, you need to mix it up and apply it to your hair. You don’t have to do this alone; you can consult a stylist or get a friend to help you.

Step 3 – Don’t wash the hair immediately after applying the dye

You will have to wait for at least two to three days before washing it.

Step 4 – Use color-friendly shampoos and moisturizers

Start using some color-friendly shampoos and moisturizers when washing your hair. Do not wash it every day; two times a week is enough. Also, you might want to switch to cold water for some time as it will lock the new hair color to your hair.


What colors make blue eyes pop?

The color variants that will make your blue eyes pop are usually red, gold, or yellow. You can also consider these colors as accessories or as part of your makeup.

How rare is brown hair with blue eyes combo?

It is not as rare as you might think. Around 80% of the people in the world have brown hair, while 50% come with blue eyes.

Will blue hair look good with blue eyes?

It looks much better than you may think. Although it seems a bit extreme, blue hair pairs well with blue eyes as it has a very impactful look for the person wearing it.

What is the origin of blue eyes and blonde hair?

Blonde hair and blue eyes are common genetic traits in people of Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia. It is believed that harsher weather conditions and not being overexposed to sunlight make people born with lighter hair, skin  and eyes.

How do you make blue eyes look greener?

You can do so by applying makeup, wearing clothes, or dyeing your hair in colors such as purple, brown, electric, pink, intense blues, cranberry red or Bordeaux.

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