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At some point, every woman asks, “What color should I dye my hair?”

And most times, the answer isn’t always as straightforward as you’d want it to be.

This is why we’ve written this piece to help you navigate the different options you have if you decide to dye your hair.

Different Hair Colors and Their Meanings

Before settling for a hair color, you need to understand each hue.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular hair colors and their meaning:


According to legend, girls with green hair — which resembles the meaning of the color green — are assertive but composed.

Girls who wear a shade of green are the ones to hang out with if you want some peace in your life because green is calming to the eyes in everyday life.


Although this isn’t always the case, scientists have reason to believe that, when compared to other women with different hair colors, redheads do tend to exhibit more dynamic, explosive behavior.

Red-haired vixens are frequently thought to have tempers as hot as the color of their heads. The personality associated with this hair color is commonly described as very seductive, creative, and outspoken.


A woman with this hair color will undoubtedly feel and be perceived by others as being sexier! On the other hand, the “dumb blonde” stereotype has been thoroughly debunked, and blondes are now regarded as equally intelligent as their colleagues, who are brunettes!


Orange is a combination of yellow and red, so it makes sense that girls who sport orange in their hair are a cross between the sassy, outspoken blonde and the feisty redhead. They are more upbeat than redheads but less enraged.


Most preferred job candidates are brunettes, who are frequently regarded as good, intelligent, and trustworthy.

And although 67% of female CEOs claim that they would choose a brunette if forced to base their decision on hair color, scientists disagree, stating that brunettes are simply more hardworking and responsible than blondes, redheads or black-haired women.

Brunette Girl With a Long Wavy Hair


Girls with blue hair are considered wise, witty, and musically gifted. Blue hair girls are said to be more in touch with their emotions due to their connections to the arts. Additionally, girls with blue hair tend to be more reserved despite having a striking color.


Did you know that black-haired women are regarded as financial experts? These women are also very introspective, more interested in the big picture, and frequently delve deep within to find the solutions they seek.


Girls with purple hair combine red and blue hair, which may not come as a surprise like orange-haired girls. The purple denotes nobility, power, and self-assurance (though some may perceive it as arrogance).


Girls who sport pink hair convey a sense of youth and vitality. Pink is a feminine color that is also thought to be kind, loving, and maternal. They are compassionate and delicate, but they can also convey the feisty nature of redheads.

However, they can also be boisterous when they want to be. You can always look up new hair color ideas for your next sassy look.

Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

Here are some things to keep in mind before you dye your hair:

Hair Texture

How well your hair can take on color depends on its texture. We’re not just talking about your curl pattern in this instance. How well your hair can absorb color depends on its thickness and porosity. It usually takes longer to thicker dye hair.

On the other hand, porosity describes how well your hair absorbs and holds onto moisture. For instance, hair with high porosity absorbs moisture but is not so good at retaining it. If hair color is not applied correctly, it could fade quickly and look uneven.

Hair Health

The degree of damage, previous chemical processing, and hair coloring also influence your potential colors. Damaged hair is more susceptible to damage after coloring, particularly if you don’t have excellent maintenance skills.

Your hair’s capacity to absorb color can also be affected by previous processing and coloring. Prepare to tell your colorist about your hair’s past so they can give you the best advice possible.

Current Hair Color

What shades are possible for your next hair color depends on the color of your hair right now. If you have jet-black hair as a starting point, you won’t reach platinum-blonde hair overnight.

To achieve that hair color without harming your hair, you’ll need to transition to it gradually. You can also settle for dirty blonde hair.

Woman With Dirty Blonde Hair

Skin Tone

There are many different skin tones and many different ways to classify them. This guide will concentrate on the light, medium and deep general categories.

  • People with light skin are more vulnerable to sunburns.
  • Olive tones and greater ease of tanning are typical of medium skin.
  • Deep skin is darker in color and less vulnerable to burns, though it is still not impervious.

Skin Undertones

In general, cool undertones go well with cool hair colors, and warm undertones look great with warm hair colors. But you want a hair color that blends well with your skin tone and undertone.

For instance, warmer hair colors can enhance your skin’s natural reds and yellows if you have dark skin with a warm undertone. However, warm hair colors look fantastic on people with light skin and cool undertones.

Eye Color

If you’re having trouble choosing between shades, take your eye color into account as well. Your eyes can be made to stand out or appear harsh depending on the color of your hair.

For instance, golden blonde hair can make blue eyes appear muted, whereas ash or platinum hair complements blue eyes beautifully. In this case, you must find the right hair color for blue eyes.

Commitment Level

Finally, you should be completely honest about the time, money, and effort you’re willing to put into your hair color.

It doesn’t take as long or be as dramatic to go from a medium brown to a dark red as it does to go from a dark brown to a peachy blonde. Making dramatic changes that will last a long time will take time and maintenance. Touch-up appointments are part of maintenance.

This does not preclude you from choosing a lighter color if you are short on time. Instead, you can consult a hair colorist to find a style and color that fits your commitment level and financial constraints. If you’re not willing to go all in, you can try a partial balayage.

Best Hair Colors in Different Seasons

Here‘s a guide for different hair colors in different seasons:

Neutral Undertones

Are your undertones neutral? You’re fortunate! Most warm and cool undertones look good on you. To help you limit your hair color options, consider other aspects like your eye color, skin tone, and level of commitment.

Warm Undertones

Rich colors that highlight the warmth in your skin should be your main focus if you have warm undertones. For instance, if you want blonde hair, go for a golden or honey shade. Mahogany and caramel are good choices for brunette shades.

Choose hues with red undertones, such as scarlet and russet, if you have your heart set on wearing red. Warm undertones can clash with icy and cooler colors. These hues may make you appear washed out and give you a pale or dull complexion.

Black Girl With a Straight Hair With Bangs in a Warm Blonde Hair Color

Cool Undertones

Cooler undertones should enhance your skin’s blue and pink undertones. Ash or baby blonde, for instance, looks fantastic with cool undertones. The best colors to wear with brunette shades are dark and rich.

Your best bet is also a red that leans more violet or pink than red. Warm colors with cool undertones can give you a washed-out or lifeless appearance.

Home Hair Dyeing Techniques

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dye your hair at home:

Step 1 – Wait two days without washing your hair

You want the natural oils on your scalp to defend against itchiness. Add a packet of neutralizers to the dye if you have extremely sensitive skin to help counteract the drying effects of ammonia.

Step 2 – Apply color to a small section and conduct a strand test first

This will assist you in determining timing. Your hair’s texture will play a role in this. If your hair is coarse or dry, you can follow the recommended time, but if it’s fine, you may need 5 to 10 minutes less than the box suggests.

Step 3 – Carefully read and reread the instructions on the box

Use this advice to consistently even color when dying your entire head: The color will develop more quickly at the root if you apply dye a half-inch away from your scalp and work your way toward the ends.

Then, after the processing period has elapsed, cover your roots. Use a color brush to apply the dye for more precise and professional-looking results.


How often should you touch up dyed hair?

As often as you need to.

Should you dye the roots of your hair?

Yes, especially if you want a dominant color.

What is the most popular hair color?

Blonde and brunette are the most popular hair colors.

How will I know if a hair color will suit me?

You need to understand the meanings of all hair colors to determine if a specific color suits you.

Does dyed hair require special care?

Yes, it does.


If you decide to color your hair, you need to understand the meanings of the different hair colors. You also need to understand your hair type and other factors that determine the color you’ll use on your hair. All in all, it’s great to experiment with different colors.

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