Brunette Balayage Mushroom Hair Color

Warm weather and sunny days are just around the corner, so ladies should note it and plan to match the weather with their hair color tones.

While traditional color choices like gold, caramel, honey and chestnut have been the go-to variants, a new and exciting trend is emerging with mushroom brown hair.

This hair color offers a multidimensional shape starting with an ashy base layered with lowlights and highlights.

The tones match well with the sun-kissed skin, which will soon be on the way.

How to create, style and match it to your look?

We give you all the answers right here and now:

26 Most Popular Mushroom Brown Hairstyles

The road to mushroom brown hair is easy, but you must decide on a style first. There are a lot of easy hairstyles that you can get and a lot that require more dedication. We will provide you with the info on both so you can decide.

A colorist may hold some of the answers about which hair colors, and products, to use on your mane and get the necessary undertones; we will help you how to add warmth to your brown hair color.

Face Framing Tints

You can also try this trend out by incorporating some brown-tinted streaks on a darker color base. You still need to lighten the hair, so you can look for light hair without bleach methods that might help you attain the look.

Change of Highlights

Changing your highlights to a brunette is possible with a mushroom brown hue. You will need to lift your natural hair color to be lighter to accept the new highlights.

Ashy Beige Mushroom

The ashy beige mushroom look is natural, with a variety of earthy tones mixed with ash brown ones. It matches best with peachy skin but can also work on girls with a warmer complexion.

Ashy Mushroom Brown Hair Color

All-Over Color

A blonde can easily transition to become a brunette. They need a couple of glosses to layer the hair with an ashier finish and create the necessary depth.

Earthy Tones Mushroom Hair

Warmer skin tones are a perfect match with mushroom hair. You have to be careful here not to go too ashy as you will miss the natural look that way. Keep it earthy and neutral in tones.

Natural Base

If you start with dirty blonde hair and embellish it with mushroom brown hair, you will get a color that works best on level six and higher. You will end up with a dark blonde with the natural brassiness of the hair toned down.

Effortless Dimension

Adding face-framing elements to your darker base can make for a cool look. The earthy brown colors will patch in nicely to put your face and natural beauty the center stage.

Sunkissed Mocha

If you are going for a sunkissed ashy look, then the mushroom brown hue can really make a difference. Adding a light neutral blonde balayage to a dark mocha base is the stuff of dreams.

Bronze Tones Mushroom Hair

The colored down mushroom brown stands will aline with the bronze makeup magnificently. Pair it with natural, earthy colors and set those smoky brown eyes. It is also the best hair color for hazel eyes to try.

Sleek Babylights

You can get this finish by using a medium ash brown base and adding some bigger highlights and a few lowlights. Also, this sleek look works wonders on straight hair and for special occasions.

Ash Brown Balayage

A partial brown balayage can quickly become an excellent choice with some subtle tones. The ash-brown hue can merge with the dark chocolate base, giving you a subtle version of a popular hairstyle.

Soft Blending

Make the transition look seamless by doing it slowly and softly. Take a variety of medium-ashy shades that will help you get to an earthy color. Style the hair by shaping it at mid-length.

Warmer Base Hairstyle

Create a warmer base using dark chocolate and neutral brown tones, which you will combine with blonde highlights. The result is a neutral look but with a bit more toning than with others.

Blended Brown Bob

You will need to add some brown mushroom color to your bob and acquire some baby lights. The blended ashy shade works wonders on girls with warmer skin and green eyes.

Muted Bronde

The brown mushroom infusion here will create a hint of pink and gold hues. At the same time, the naturally lighter and cooler variant pairs to perfection with a dark brown base color.

Dark Balayage

Don’t try caramel balayage hair and go for a dark one instead. Dark brown hair combines perfectly with light ash-brown balayage highlights. The color combination is unique and creates an added dimension you’ve been missing.

Subtle Lob

This lob hairstyle comes with a mocha base with subtle highlights. The angled lob earns you styling points, while the ashy color gives hints of a violet-gray tint that makes it even more exceptional.

Rich Roots Mushroom

This is a hair color variant you want done by a professional. However, if your hair is light, you can do it yourself by applying the mushroom brown. You can include some blonde streaks that will perfectly complement the rich roots.

Icy Babylights

The coolness factor is cranked up to eleven with some icy baby lights. The ash bronde combined with mushroom brown highlights will result in a gray tint that really appears dazzling on a girl with fair skin.

Piecey Babylights

To create this color variant, you need to start with a dark mocha base and include some contrasting baby lights that interchangeably go from lighter to darker. It is a color variant that can help you make a statement as soon as summer hits.

Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Long Wavy Hair Mushroom Hair Color

The earth-shade tones achieve the ash blonde hairstyle with a mushroom brown hue. The result is a cooler tone that goes with a monochromatic finish.

Contrasting Highlights

Here you will need to pepper the dark roots with lighter icy blonde balayage, while the lower half of the hair is colored in ash brown, making the contrast even more apparent.

Silver Sombré

Take advantage of exquisite silky strands that blend in an ombre with a gray ash shade. The mushroom tint is emphasized to its fullest and brings all the attention to you.

Muted Metallic Hairstyle

You can quickly get engulfed in the ash trend by going for a muted metallic color. The style looks similar to a subtle balayage and can work for girls who want an edgier appearance.

Portobello Roots

The much easier mushroom brown base color opens up to some blonde tips astoundingly well. It is a color variant that is much more manageable and will help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Edgy Cool Tones

Mushroom brown can also become an edgier color variant when introducing cooler tones. Blue, violet and gray can blend in with this type of hair and will work for any occasion.

How to Style and Maintain Mushroom Brown Hair

Even though it is always best to consult a professional hair stylist, there are ways for you to create mushroom brown hair on your own.
If you know better than to dye wet hair, then you can create this color variant yourself.

Step 1 – Prepare your hair by washing and conditioning 

The color will turn out better on clean hair. Also, make sure that you dry it properly before applying the dye.

Step 2 – Prepare a light brown base

Prepare a light brown base for a lighter hue and blend it with some blonde highlights. For a deeper shade, blend an ash base with chocolate brown lowlights.

Step 3 – Styling

Apply styling techniques to create a multidimensional look for your new hair.

Step 4 – Add gloss

Since this color variant is low maintenance due to the brown color being close to your natural hue, you don’t have to do so many touch-ups and can stretch between making them. Don’t forget about adding gloss as well.


What’s the difference between mushroom brown hair and other brown hairstyles?

Mushroom brown hair is different from other brown hues because it is in the middle in terms of tones. Other brown hues are either darker or lighter.

How does mushroom brown hair fade?

This is a low-maintenance color choice and can take significantly longer to fade than others. It may take up to 12 weeks for the color to show signs of fading.

Will mushroom brown hair suit me?

It depends on your face type, skin tone, and eyes. You can explore all of these elements before choosing a mushroom brown color.

How long does it take to get mushroom brown hair?

It does not take long as mushroom brown can be applied quite easily. If you already have a suitable base, it will take a few hours to color and style it.

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