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Muted colors are in season. Hues like chestnut or ginger are the ones girls are going for this season and with good reason. However, there is another sweeping choice that is fast emerging and that is reddish brown hair color.

The characteristics of this color are enough to make you consider it and make it your own.

The warmth of the shade makes it very much appropriate for rosy and luminous skin tones and can also add some brightness to your face, particularly if you don’t feel like wearing makeup.

We are here today to tell you more about this hair color variant and, more importantly, give you some stellar examples you might contemplate searching for.

20 Most Popular Brown Reddish Hairstyles

You want to change your hair color but don’t know what to choose. You have all these autumn and fall hair colors that you want to try but are unsure which.

We propose going for reddish brown hair color and providing you with the top choices and styles you can wear.

Classic Red and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Sometimes it simply works best when you keep things as classic as possible. So you can turn your brown hair by adding a strawberry balayage and honey combo, which fits quite well on some natural brown roots.

Sweet Burgundy Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Create a stunning contrast by adding burgundy streaks to your natural dark hair. It will help you spice up your natural look and make it look glamorous.

Not only that, but this hair color choice is very much low-maintenance, so you will not have to head over heels to keep it looking good at all times.

Gorgeous Chestnut Hue

If you are unsure if you want to transition to a red hue, the chestnut option leans more toward a natural brunette look.

However, the brown shades may turn a bit brassy after a few weeks, so be sure to use a suitable conditioner and wash the hair with a color-treating shampoo.

Dimensional Red-Brown Wavy Long Hair

After getting some cool ginger hair color ideas, you may better consider some red-brown hues on long and wavy hair. The fact is that this color mix creates an added dimension for your hair.

The hair will help you gain a stunning look and enhance it tenfold with a suitable clothes combo.

Woman With Red Brown Wavy Long Hair

Deep Burgundy Wavy Locks

Burgundy is the most suitable autumn hair color. It pairs well with deep skin tones and will make any girl look stunning. The wavy locks will only enhance the appearance and get it to a whole new level.

Auburn Curls With Brunette Roots

You can’t go wrong with auburn hair color. It looks stunning on everyone girl and for every sort of occasion. You can keep your brunette roots as they will melt into the reddish hue and the curly locks of your hair.

Dark Copper Brown Curls

Making a transition into red hair with bleach-free hair lightening is best done through dark copper. It is the golden standard and a toned-down version of ginger beer hair.

This is the way to go if you want to turn red subtly so that not many people notice. We also advise curly-haired girls to try it out.

Dark Base and Reddish Brown Highlights

It can be hard to go vividly red if you already have a dark base. You can go for a more subtle version which includes some browns and reddish highlights. The hair color combo suits short and long hair and can be fitted for any occasion.

Medium Brown Hair With Fun Copper Highlights

Here we have some perfect hair colors for olive skin tones. The base should include dark mahogany and adds subtle copper balayage highlights. It is a nice autumn look and pairs well with a blunt, angled cut with textured layers.

Cherry Cola Waves

Cherry cola waves will be pretty stunning on younger girls. It is also an excellent way for girls to go to a reddish hue from dark hair. You can even have your hair specialist throw some painted shades through your hair to spice things up.

Red Hair to Brown Caramel Ombre

You can include some very nice golden honey-blonde tones mixed in with some copper. It will instantly add a new dimension to your look and brighten things. As far as maintenance goes, you must keep an eye on some tonal and color balancing.

Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage

A caramel balayage for dimension is an excellent choice, but a red-brown one looks sexy on wavy hair. It will provide subtle warmth and allow your hair to look very natural.

The dimensions and depth that the balayage provides will also add some added texture to your waves.

Brown Hair With Golden Red Highlights

If you have naturally brown hair, you can lift things with the addition of golden-red highlights. This color combo is not frequently seen, but it can provide a stunning combination that will allow you to create a unique hairstyle that not many girls have.

Natural Red and Brown Blend

To gain a natural reddish look, you must incorporate a brown blend to make things look like you haven’t added so much effort into the color choice. The result is a set of hair that is not that screamingly red when you go out and is a subtle variant for all sorts of occasions.

Classy Light Reddish Brown

Get this look which appears completely subtle on girls with tanned skin and warmer complexions. You can style your hair with a flat iron, making it seem smooth and shiny. The copper tones embellish the hair and make it appear even more glamorous.

Stunning Copper Blunt Cut

Create a very bold and intense hairstyle by adding a blunt copper cut. Copper hair compliments girls’ pale skin tones and adds warmth to their facial features.

The blunt cut will help expand the lightness and make your hair look thicker, as if it added tons of volume.

Woman With Stunning Copper Blunt Hairstyle

Chocolate Curls With Reddish Highlights

Some chocolate color tones on your hair will add some richness and warmth to your hair. If you are looking for new hair color shades, combining chocolate and red hues works like mixing chocolate and cherry in your favorite dessert.

Beautiful Dark Brown to Red Ombre

To get a fiery blend of both vibrant red hair, get a dark brown color that transitions into a red ombre. The brown tones should calm things down a bit, but the ends of the hair also need to be a bit lighter.

As far as the balayage goes, it will give you a sweet dimension as your chocolate roots will appear quite naturally.

Vivid Mahogany Red and Brunette Balayage

You can consider a mixture of mahogany red and brown balayage for your new appearance. Spruce things up with some deeper red tones or a simple copper balayage. The low-maintenance color combo will not have you sprint to the hair salon every two weeks.

Warm Reddish Brown for Curly Hair

A warm reddish brown look fits exceptionally well on curly hair. With the help of this rich and very gorgeous color, your curls will gain a very silky and velvet sort of appearance.

You can have your stylist incorporate a demi-permanent color variant to encourage softer curls growth.

How to Style and Maintain a Reddish Brunette Hair Color

Styling and coloring your hair in reddish-brown hair color is easy if you know what you are doing. If you decide to do it on your own, follow the exact steps in the box.

Also, will your hair dye expire depending on how long you keep it open? So it is best to use the entire bottle immediately.

Step 1 – Determine the hair color combo

Consult with a specialist or a hair colorist for some help.

Step 2 – Show the picture of the look you want

Get and allow your hair colorist to get started.

Step 3 – Wash your hair before applying any color

You can wash your hair with lukewarm water after applying the hair dye. Do not wash it with a shampoo at least 24 h after coloring your hair.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Be sure to add some conditioner or moisturizer to nourish your hair in the days after the dye job is done.


Is reddish brown and auburn hair color the same thing?

They are very similar and auburn hair color is usually described as being reddish. However, the auburn color is a natural variant, while red is a color you don’t see naturally occurring.

How should you choose the reddish brown color shade for your hair?

It is best to consult your hair colorist, but you need to determine the color choices for your natural hair type, hair color, and skin tones.

How often does reddish brown hair color need to be touched up?

It depends on the base color and your natural look, but between three to four weeks, you can touch the hair color up.

Can you achieve a reddish brown hair color at home?

Yes, you can. As long as you can find a suitable color variant and set the combination well, you can easily create reddish brown hair color at home.

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