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One of the cutest and most gorgeous colors for a girl – ginger hair color. Some girls are lucky to get in from birth and have natural ginger hair, while others that strive to have it color their hair.

Ginger hair belongs to the red color family, except it also has some orange and brown in it, making it much easier for brunettes to transition into this hue.

If you want to become ginger or style your ginger hair in a new way, we’ve rounded up some of the most intriguing and popular ginger hairstyles you can try.

27 Most Popular Ginger Hairstyles

You are fed up with your current look. You don’t seem to connect anymore with it and want to reinvent yourself. Therefore, we suggest you try a brassy fall hair color look or go ginger.

We can help you by showing you the most popular hairstyle choices that you can try.

Red Velvet Ginger

Coloring your hair in a red velvet hue will turn some heads when you go out. Your stylist should add subtle ribbons that transition between light and dark red so your hair gets an added dimension.

Chestnut Highlights

You can ginger up your brown hair by adding a golden-red combo. The added highlights will help you attain a red-brunette style rivaled by Rihanna. It will make for a glamorous look that you will absolutely love.

Golden Red

Transitioning from a natural blonde to a ginger hue comes very naturally. Transitioning into a crimson color should be done gradually, so the first step should be creating a golden-red base. However, you can stay there without going redder if you like it.

Coral Red Hair

The coral red is the hair color that Diseney’s Ariel should have worn in a live-action remake. It is an excellent choice for the summer as it creates a very light and fresh twist on the traditional red color.

The pastel shade resembles rose gold and is another ginger hair color choice that should sweep all the trends.

Warm Brick Red

The warm brick red tones are positioned somewhere in between auburn and natural red color. It will give your appearance some warmth, allowing you to create a very flattering look. Create a crop hairstyle so the shades are emphasized even further.

Woman With Warm Brick Red Hair Color

Two-Toned Ginger Hair

If you are contemplating two color choices, sometimes you may go for both. Pink and orange are a great color combo, as the pastel colors can complement each other. This color combination is an excellent choice for all year round and not just springtime.

Cayenne Ginger

The cayenne ginger shade is a red hot color that will spice things up for you. Your colorist will know precisely what to do here and you will gain a hair color variant which will be perfect for the summer.

Copper-Gold Shade

The hair color set to make a killing this year is a copper-gold hue. Many stylists think it will be the hottest color of the fall.

This color is the closest natural red hair color that exists and should be accentuated by warm highlights so they complement the copper hue.

Strawberry Blonde

A strawberry blonde shade is perfect for ginger without going overboard. If you have some light eyebrows and eyelashes, then this is the choice to go for. It looks pretty natural on pale skin girls.

Glossy Garnet

It works well to help you stand out among the rest of the redheads in the crowd by incorporating a red wine look. Allow the roots to remain visible, and you can even embellish them with some root touch-up powder.

The hair will look stunning and perfect for a glamorous occasion.

Light Ginger Short Bob

The easiest way to transition to a light ginger hair color is if you have light blonde or medium brown hair. Things practically go naturally here. Your pale complexion will look much warmer here and prepare you for the fall.

Muted Ginger Streaks

To keep your hair looking very natural, the perfect combination is a mix of muted ginger with some auburn streaks. It will result in a color variant that will not only frame your face but also brighten up the pale complexion.

Woman with Muted Ginger Hair Color

Dark to Light Ginger Hair

You rarely see girls moving from dark to light ginger, but it is possible. To attain this look, get rid of semi-permanent hair dyes and use some quality ones. Leave the darker roots intact, adding some dimensions to your air and allowing everything to appear very natural.

Roots Smudge Ginger

You can start the transition to your ginger hairstyle with the roots first. You can even try an out-of-this-world option by doing the roots only and leaving the rest of your naturally brown hair intact. We do suggest giving some reddish highlights throughout it as well.

Warm Cinnamon

The warm cinnamon mix is the best and most natural progression if you plan to transition from blonde to ginger.

Removing red from hair is much easier if things don’t turn out how you wanted them, but this warm hue will help you gain a flattering look that is perfect for any everyday occasion.

Rich Ginger Strands

Enhance your natural ginger look by amping it with a red gloss.

Maintenance is key here, so you are going to want to consult with your hairstylists about how often to condition your hair and you are going to want to use a good shampoo specifically tailored for this type of hair.

Multidimensional Copper

Coloring your hair with a mix of copper, brown, and blonde will make for a multi-dimensional look that you’ve never had before. It actually looks much more subtle than you may think and will look brilliant for any occasion.

Vibrant and Natural Hair

An exquisite ginger hairstyle will make you look fierce and wild. The vibrant look is specifically made to do exactly that. You can unlock your wild side with this appearance, as the vibrant colors accentuate your character.

Deep Ruby Look

It is quite possible to start with darker hair and transition to red. The jump may not be noticeable initially, but if you create deep enough shades, you can attain a glamorous ruby-red color for your hair.

Burnt Orange

Going intensely and getting that red fire engine hue will add much drama to your look. Take a look at actress Emma Stone for inspiration as she introduces some golden highlights and deep red lowlights into her hairstyle, which fits perfectly with her milky skin.

Metallic Ginger Hair

Your ginger hair will get some shine if you add a bit of a metallic hue to it. Adding warmer tones will help balance the platinum metallic colors and create an ultimate ginger shade that is perfect for all skin tones.

Use some hair oil to nourish the hair and give that extra shine.

Peachy Undertones

With the help of some peach hair color shades, the usual orange-red color will be leveled up to a very pristine color combination. The color is breathtaking and naturally goes on girls with a lighter skin complexion.

Woman With Peach Hair Color

Blood Orange

If you were a fan of the Bloodrayne franchise of video games, you could already picture how the blood orange look may stand. It comes with some vivid orange tints and girls with creamy skill will enjoy this one the most.

Apricot Undertones

To add warmth to your fair complexion, look for a shade that hits light orange and strawberry blonde. This is a light orange variant often seen on Nicole Kidman, which she usually pairs with some cascading loose waves.

Crimson Curls

Naturally, curly hair is very versatile as it can pair well with almost any hair color choice. However, the crimson shades help the red ringlets protrude from the hairline and emphasize the overall hairstyle much more.

Auburn Highlights

The perfect combination of red and brown comes with auburn highlights. It can help you create a very dynamic look that fits curly hair girls. Be sure to pick dyeing hair without bleaching when transitioning to this color.

Soft Bronze Hue

You don’t always have to make your ginger hair very vivid; you can incorporate some lighter hues and achieve a striking effect as well. Adding some strawberry shades fits perfectly for girls that are natural brunettes, especially if you leave an inch of your natural roots.

How to Style and Maintain Ginger’s Hair Color

You have chosen to go orange and cross over to the ginger side. The change is difficult, as you must determine which way to go based on your natural color. Getting the correct type of advice is the way to start.

Step 1 – Chose the color

Pick a color variant by consulting with your colorist or a hair specialist. Get a professional to apply the color in a beauty salon or try it at home.

Step 2 – Wash your hair

Be sure to wash your hair after coloring but only with lukewarm water. Do not shampoo it for at least 24h.

Step 3 – Keep your hair fresh

Your hair needs to keep fresh between touch-ups, so use a conditioner and a light shampoo so your hair color does not fade.

Schedule regular appointments with the hairstylists to add color once your hair grows.


Is ginger hair red or orange?

Ginger hair is neither of the two. It has both properties and is a kind of spectrum found between the two color variants.

Is ginger hair color rare?

It is. Ginger hair is much rarer compared to the number of girls that have blonde, dark, or brown hair.

Which skin tones work best with ginger hair color?

Depending on the hue of your ginger hair, lighter skin tones are more appropriate with ginger hair color. 

What is the best way to dye your hair ginger?

It works best if you transition from blonde or light to medium brown hair. You should consult with a professional first to determine the exact hue or color mix you need to apply. 

How can you make your ginger hair color last longer?

You can do so by taking care of it properly. Use color-friendly shampoos and wash your hair two to three times a week. Make sure that you use a conditioner regularly and use products that have natural ingredients to help nourish your hair.

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