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Semi-permanent hair dye is a great choice to try a new color variant or experiment.

At the same time, it is not as harsh for your hair as permanent dyes, which include many chemicals that penetrate your hair strands and cuticles.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when you are fed up with the color and want to know how to remove semi-permanent hair dye.

Adding the color is easy and much easier compared to other coloring processes.

However, removing it requires a specific approach that helps to protect your hair at the same time.

Here is what needs to be done to help you remove semi-permanent hair dye properly and do it without any harm to your hair.

Many articles provide a safe option for removing a bad dye job, but our article will give you an alternative allowing you to style your hair and mix it with new hair colors.

Can You Get Semi-Permanent Dye Out

You decided to reshape your image and found an excellent color variant you would like to try. You then choose to use a semi-permanent color to see how it looks on you. You witnessed the results and now want to know how to strip color from hair.

Compared to permanent color methods, the semi-permanent one contains no harsh chemicals. Instead of penetrating your hair to change its color, it coats it. So no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are involved in coloring your hair with a semi-permanent dye.

The name speaks for itself and this kind of hair color is designed so it can be washed out after some 6 to 12 shampoo washes.
However, since all hair is different, it may take time to find the right shampoo and product to remove the color altogether.

Best Ways to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye at Home

Removing some colorful alt hairstyles created with semi-permanent hair dye is possible. The only thing to do is pick the exact method that will work for you.

There are a few of them that can be applied and you can easily do it at home without any consequences:

Using a Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo is supposed to remove build-up from your hair, meaning that it can also remove hair dye. Wash your hair two or three times to remove the color and apply some conditioner afterward.

Using Baking Soda

Create a paste consisting of baking soda and warm water. Apply the mixture to wet hair and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it and check the results. Repeat if needed.

Using Hair Color Remover

A hair color remover should break down the molecules of the hair day, allowing for them to be easily washed away. Read the instructions carefully and follow them precisely, but follow the entire process with a conditioner treatment.

Vinegar Rinse

We all have vinegar in our household, which can help remove the dye. Don’t use apple cider because it is not acidic. Dyes can withstand alkaline substances but are not impervious to acidic ones.

Dish Soap and Shampoo

The combination of four to five drops of dish soap added to shampoo can help you deal with dye removal. Work up a lather, wash your hair and rinse the color out.

Vitamin C Tablets

Vitamin C is not only great for our health, but it can also help us remove the dye from our hair. Mix a few tablets in a bowl with some hot water. Crush the tablets and create a paste. Apply it to your hair and leave it under a shower cap.

Color Remover

How to Strip Semi-Permanent Hair Color

You decided to try a pink ombre look but don’t like how it looks. So you want to remove it as fast as possible.

Just stick to these steps:

Step 1 – Get a color remover

Determine that it is an ammonia and bleach-free one first and read all the instructions on the box.

Step 2 – Mix the color remover and the activator in a bowl

You will find everything needed in the kit that you got and will need to prepare everything as explained.

Step 3 – Apply the color remover to your hair with a brush

Be sure to put some gloves on your hands. Section out the hair with ties or clips and go one after the other. Be sure to saturate each section evenly, so you don’t end up with unwanted spots. Allow the color remover to sit for an hour as it activates. 

Step 4 – Let it sit for an hour

Allow the color remover to sit for an hour as it activates. The bottle says for how long.

Step 5 – Rinse your hair and see whether you need to repeat the process

Blow dry your hair and add some conditioner that will help nurture it.

Rinse Your Hair

As a woman, you have more solutions when removing semi-permanent dye. The information we give you will not cause parts of your hair to be damaged, especially the hair shaft. Things that many fear the most when going to a salon are the advice they receive. However, sometimes even experts may not have a perfect solution and you may end up with a shade or pigments you don’t want.   

Methods to Avoid

One of the most effective methods of removing semi-permanent dye from your hair is, at the same time, one of the most detrimental ones. Using bleach is quite effective if you want to remove the dye from your hair altogether. However, it might cause more damage than good.

Bleach will not only strip away the dye, but it will also remove your natural hair pigment from your hair. So you are not downgrading to your natural color; you are stripping everything away.

If you have dark hair, you will likely end up with a dirty blonde hair color instead. The only thing you can do after a bleach treatment is to color the hair differently.

And if that is not your aim in the first place, you should not go for this method either way. Instead, think about bleach-free hair-lightening methods that don’t damage your hair.

Hair Care After Removing the Color

An essential part when removing semi-permanent hair dye is getting your hair back in shape.

Depending on the method you decide to use, there will be some consequences left on your mane, and if you want to preserve it, you should employ some hair care tips that will help it grow nice and strong.

First of all, no matter which method you choose, you need to rinse your hair from the product you’ve added. It does not matter if it is natural; be sure to wash and rinse the hair thoroughly. You are going to need to apply some conditioner right after rinsing your hair.

The conditioner will help you regain some of the volume and nurture your hair back to health. You can also apply some hair oils to revive your hair and get some necessary shine back.


How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

Depending on the brand and the amount of washing after coloring, the color should last for about six weeks minimum. Every colorist will tell you that it will also depend on the products and the frequency of shampoos that you use.

How often can you use semi-permanent hair dye?

Semi-permanent hair dye is not harsh on our hair as permanent dye. For that reason, you can add it every week and use it for touch-ups when your hair grows. People think that the content of these hair dyes may affect your scalp and skin, but it does not have as many harsh ingredients as permanent colors.

Is a bleach bath a good method for removing semi-permanent hair dye?

Bleach is an effective method for removing hair dye from your hair, but it is not a good method for your hair. Bleach removes both the dye and the pigment from your hair altogether, damaging the hair and leaving you with bleached hair that you need to dye either way.

How should you treat your hair after removing semi-permanent hair dye?

You need to condition your hair regularly and apply some nourishing oils to help bring it back to life and repair any damage done when removing the dye.

Does using semi-permanent hair dye have any side effects?

Semi-permanent hair is not damaging to your hair as it does not penetrate the strands; it only coats them. However, it has a few side effects, as it can cause moisture loss and can cause dryness of your hair. Some people may experience irritation on their head, but there is always a risk of somebody being allergic to a specific ingredient. 

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