Girl With a Grey and Pink Ombre Hair

Pink hair is in style, but some girls would not like to make such a drastic switch at once.

So, the best answer is pink ombre hair.

It is a perfect way to brighten up your style without going too crazy all at once.

You still get to keep your natural color and, at the same time, include some pink highlights in your hair.

You need to consider the shade of the color, the length of hair, the choice of haircuts, skin tones, and maintenance.

The tone of the hair dye and the texture of the hair can have a massive effect on the overall look and can make things look beautiful and fun.

Getting the look is much easier than you think, and we explain all the steps needed here.

32 Most Popular Pink Ombre Hairstyles

A pink ombre involves a hairstyle that involves a gradual color transition from dark to light and ends up with shades of pink somewhere between. A few variations and a variety of other stylish hair color ideas can be added.

So here are some of the most popular ones at the current moment:

Ribbons of Pink

Styling your pink ombre can make quite a difference. You can add more life to your hair by throwing in a few simple curls. The hair will get much more character that way.

Cotton Candy Pink

A cotton candy look will channel the playful characteristics of the color into real life. However, it is one of the hardest to make and maintain. So be sure to have some hair milk and a lightweight leave-in conditioner on hand.

Gentle Rose Gold Lob

What defies any ombre style is the contrast between the roots and the ends of the hair. Here, the rose gold lob acts as an excellent starting point, allowing it to work well no matter how you wear your hair.

Gentle Rose Gold Lob Bun Hairstyle Example

Flamingo Ends

There are many shades of pink; some may turn out to be too vibrant for you. Luckily, you can opt for flamingo ends that are a bit more subdued and offer lighter tones of pink.

Scarlet Fade Hairstyle

Sometimes, an ombre can start from a different point. You can make it choppy and apply it in various blocks all over. The scarlet bright hue works its magic and emphasizes your new hairstyle perfectly.

Flared Fringe Highlight

You can create your ombre by adopting a mouse blonde base and contrasting it with bright pink ends. When styling a flared fringe, the pink highlights will frame and brighten your face.

Soft Baby Pink Blend

Here we have a pastel ombre that features a combo of baby pink and lavender grey. Mixing pink with a similar hue is a very attractive mix that may look extremely good on you.

Tiny Hints

If you plan to go completely pink, starting gradually with pink ombre hair is the way to go. Adding subtle pink hints to your hair will help you determine if your hair is good enough for this kind of hue.

Pretty Black Cherry

You don’t need to get lovely peekaboo hairstyles when you can work in a black cherry mix with pink. The combo involves pairing pink and purple and it all starts with some extra dark roots as an intro for what’s to come.

Short and Sweet Haircut

You can have your pink ombre hair even with short hair. Get an ultra-bright pink top and a tight black fade to sum up the style in all its glory.

Pink Face Frame

Use the contrasting pink shades to create balayage highlights that frame your face. You should wear it like an effortless sun-kissed highlight, but it makes a much bigger statement than you think.

Curly Hues

Pink ombre hair is already stunning enough. Doing all that on your luscious curls will crank things up to 11.

Watermelon Sugar High

The watermelon pink is evocative of a sugar high and you will be high on this hairstyle once you see how good it looks.

Blonde Watermelon Sugar High Hair Color Hairstyle

Hair Chameleon

People who often change their hairstyle or color are dubbed hair chameleons. If you recognize yourself in this category, then the next one that you should try is pink ombre hair.

Vivid Fuchsia

You won’t believe how well a vivid fuchsia hue matches a natural brown base. It might sound too vibrant, but the result is as astounding as it gets.

Dipped Dreads

A pink ombre works for various styles and hair textures. It can even go with dreads. Make some short ones and color the end so they seem to like you dipped them in pink.

Ginger Pink Snaps

The ginger-tinted hair does make things a bit spicier. It will pair exceptionally well with darker colors in the base of your hair and will naturally turn brassy depending on the light.

Ombréd Pixie Haircut

Leave your cares behind with some short pixie hair. It requires creating a layered, choppy cut where the dark roots are pointed out with magenta stems.

Break at the Fringe

A fringe can work as a guideline from where the descent to lighter color starts. A girl with fringes looks stunningly enough, and the pink color further emphasizes everything.

Wonderful Low and Long

Having super long hair does leave room for experimentation. A pink ombre will not hurt your hair; adding it super low gives a subtle change to your overall look.

Vibrant Magenta

A playful pink ombre will add all the confidence that you need. Add some pink and put the curls forward if you have curly hair. Pair it with a plush pink cheek.

Short Hair With Wavy Pink Ombre

Low-Hanging Fruit

The hair sounds, as the name suggests. We propose having a raspberry pink hue that goes long toward the tips of your hair styled in waves.

Skunk Ombré

The skunk ombre and the dirty blonde look are sweeping hair saloons everywhere these days. Whoever thought combining a skunk look with pink must be a genius as it looks stunning.

Ballerina Bun

Adding pink to your hair does not have to be edgy. It can be as soft and gentle as a ballerina. That is why a bun with soft pink color looks like something that should be worn on a red carpet.

Traditional Ombré

The traditional way of creating an ombre is to have long roots; the longer, the better. You can start right in the middle of your hair and color everything right toward the end in pink.

Sweet Mermaid Look

A mermaid look does not mean having your hair all wet. You can style a stunning pink ombre by adding hints of blonde and purple to hair strands.

Perfectly Placed Pink

This one may take a bit more work and requires you to place the pink strands in specific places strategically. You will get a unique ombre if you position the pink as perfectly as possible.

Luxurious Melted Color Hairstyle

A melted style is a multicolor look that works best on longer hair. There are more ways to go about it but going with hues of pink that seem as if they are melting downward is the best way to go.

Caramel Brown and Pink

Caramel balayage hair has gained a lot of attention in recent times. So has the caramel brown mixed with pink. The ombre style of the given combination is especially luxurious.

Grey Ombre Hair With Pink Color

Something that you were not expecting is to mix grey hair with pink. An ombre combo where your silver hair starts to turn pink as it goes down is an awesome pairing.

Brown and Pink Ombre

Brown hair and pink ends may sound like a strange combination. As long as you have an excellent natural hue, the darker brown parts will go like peanut butter and jelly with the pink.

Dark Brown Pink Ombre Haircut

Reverse Pink Ombré

This style involves thinking outside of the box. Instead of having pink ends, you can start with pink roots and allow the ends to extend in a darker hue.

How to Get and Maintain Pink Ombre Dyed Hair

Getting a pink ombre is exceptionally hard. One should always consult a professional when making the change, but it does not mean you can’t do it alone. If you have enough hair care and styling skills, you can create one yourself.

Step 1 – Choose the type of ombre style

Determine the type of ombre style you want to get and the hue you want to add. You may test it out on a smaller strand of hair to see how it looks.

Step 2 – Divide the parts of the hair you want to color

Start coloring them, but spread the color evenly on each strand.

Step 3 – Rinse the hair with warm water to allow the color to settle

Be sure not to wash your hair for at least three days, so the color is locked in.

Step 4 – Use hair products

Take care of your hair by adding some lightweight leave-in conditioner. To avoid damage to the hair, you should also use shampoo and products that will nurture the hair and help you revive it.

Quick Tips for Ombre Hair Care

Once your pink ombre hair is done, you must take care of it so it stays magnificent for as long as possible.

With ombre, both blondes and brunette girls will know how to model their bangs and get the needed inspiration to pick the right option and create a pixie cut style or touch up their locks based on the volume of the hair.

While Pinterest probably has a few good tips, we have even better:

  • Get a specific color-treating shampoo that will help to nurture and revive your hair after the color treatment.
  • Do not wash your hair every day. You can do it twice or three times a week at the most.
  • Start applying a UV protection spray that will help to protect your hair from damaging sun rays.
  • Use a deep conditioner once a week to help the color lock into your hair and allow it to be as luscious as possible.


How can you prevent pink ombre hair from fading?

Do not use a strong shampoo and do not wash your hair every day. Instead, get a color-treating shampoo and wash it twice a week.

Is ombre more expensive than highlights?

It depends on the hair salon you visit; sometimes, an ombre will be more expensive than adding highlights.

How can I find a stylist who specializes in pink ombre hair?

Do deep research on the internet and type and look first for nearby places.

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