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Do you want your hair to stand out from the crowd? A few other things work better than having pink and purple hair. Seeing as these colors are pretty rare in nature, like galaxy hair, it is normal for people to notice your unusual hair colors.

If you like this idea, here are some options guaranteed to give life to your hair, giving you the confidence to flaunt it even on your social media networks, like Instagram. 

28 Most Popular Pink and Purple Hairstyles

Purple and Unicorn Pink

Unicorn colors typically include shades of pink, but it can get even prettier when you add some purples. The soft pastel tones blend well together; if you do it well, it will not look like doll hair.

Muted Pink to Purple Fade

This hairstyle is, without a doubt, loud and vibrant. You can see it starting with very muted pink at the tips. After that, it transitions to dark purple near the base.

This may look like a simple hairstyle, but it takes lots of hours on the hairdresser’s chair and an exorbitant price. It does look nice, though.

Lilac to Dusky Pink Ombre

This light purple and pink combination can create a soft gradient effect. You can get this bright color combination with a light purple base and mid parts and then transition to light pink tips.

Pink and Purple Color Melt

You can use the balayage technique with pink and purple to create a stunning melt. You can start with the purple at the base. After that, you can then gradually blend the pink towards the tips.

Silver Hair Featuring Pink and Purple Highlights

Silver works well with cool colors like purple and adding a bit of pink will provide a bit of warmth to it. You can also expect it to double duty as highlights. Adding streaks of bright colors add dimension and movement.

This style also serves as a good inspiration for those who wish to have a beautiful hairstyle using pink and purple hair ideas.

Glossy Pink and Purple Strands

When the light hits your hair’s glossy pink and purple streaks, the colors will look almost metallic. Bright purple at the base melting down to an old rose shade looks gorgeous.

Braided Pink and Purple

The great thing about braiding brightly-colored hair is that it creates a beautiful effect, like braiding different colors of ribbons. If you want the best effects, you will have to plan where you will put the colors beforehand.

On the other hand, braiding, even randomly placed colors, including pinkswill still look magnificent.

Woman With a Purple and Pink Box Braids Hair

Pink and Purple Ponytail

The neat thing about tying your pink and purple ponytail is that it can look like a unicorn’s tail. The bright colors streaking down the back of a slicked-back ponytail look amazing. It is easy to style as well.

Blonde to Pink and Purple Balayage

This hair color combination may be one of the most difficult to maintain, but it is so pretty that the additional effort is justifiable. The purple and pink shades in a blonde balayage hairstyle look like it was pulled out of a fairy tale picture book.

Unicorn Multi-Toned Look

There is a reason why unicorn hair is all the rage right now and it is because the colors are just so pretty. You do not have to color all your hair with unicorn colors. You can use pink and purple pastels as highlights.

Pink and Purple Blended Locks

If you are having trouble choosing between pink and purple, then be aware that there is no need for you to make a choice. The reason is that you can use both colors in a balayage.

You must start with purple at the base up to the middle of the strands. After that, you can transition to bright pink towards the ends.

Hints of Purple and Pink

If you want purple and pink colors in your hair, you do not need to cover your entire head. Sometimes, less is more. Adding hints of color here and there is enough to make your hair much more fun and interesting.

You can also follow some ideas on YouTube and other platforms to find a haircut with pleasant hints of purple and pink.

Loose and Easy Purple and Pink Waves

If you recently got a purple and pink hairstyle, make it more mystifying by styling your hair with loose waves. The movement added by the waves makes the colors seem like they are moving on their own. It is pretty mesmerizing to look at.

Hot Pink to Purple Sunset

This is an unusual hair color, but it works pretty well. The base is a dark purple, which then transitions into hot pink. You can then terminate it into orange at the ends. As the name suggests, the colors are reminiscent of the colors of the sky at sunset.

Lilac and Baby Pink Dip Dye

Lilac is light and muted purple that you can pair with a light pink. If you do that pairing, you have an assurance that the pastel colors will blend nicely.

Woman With a Lilac and Baby Pink Dip Dye Hairstyle

Hot Pink to Light Lilac Ends

This color combination is in the reverse order of the other hairstyles on this list. In this hairstyle, the base of the hair is hot pink. It then gradually darkens to a lilac shade towards the ends.

Short Purple and Pink

If you have short hair, like a bob or a pixie cut, loud and bright colors will look good on you. It should have purple at the base that turns into hot pink at the ends to give your hair quite an attitude. If you want to soften the look a bit, you can add dark purple highlights that will surely look good, even for those with brown hair.

Pastel Pink and Purple

There are times when you want to make a change to your overall look and appeal by sporting colorful hair. However, you do not also like them to look too vibrant. If this is the case for you, try the pastel pink and purple combo. This combination will look good on you if you have a cool skin tone.

Pink and Purple Half n’ Half

This is a rather radical hair color combo, as it will require you to color the left and right halves of your head pink and purple, respectively.
This style can also work with red and black hair.

Bright Pink to Dusky Purple Short Locks

If you have seemingly overworked your hair due to having it colored a bit too often, why not have it chopped short of removing the split ends? And while you are waiting for your hair to grow, you may consider coloring it one more time.

In that case, get a pink and dark purple balayage to make your hair pop. While your hair is growing out, the colors will easily blend with your natural hair color. It is, therefore, a win-win.

Pink and Purple for Warm Complexions

Seeing as purple is considered a cool color, those with warm skin tones cannot seem to pull it off, but it can be done with a couple of tweaks. You can add a bit of red or orange to the purple to give it a touch of warmth and then combine it with a warm pink at the ends.

Lilac and Lavender Ombre

Starting with the lilac color at the top, turn it into pink ombre hair. Although these are both shades of purple, they can still contrast against each other quite nicely.

Half Fuchsia and Half Plum

This is the same as the split color hairstyles, but you will have to use hot pink and vibrant purple this time. The fuchsia color is quite bright, while the plum is a bit on the darker side of purple, so they contrast pretty well against each other.

Half Fuchsia and Half Plum Hair Color

Magenta Color Melt

This particular style is a hit because it has been discovered that it is somewhat easier to work with magenta. The reason is that it blends easily with dark hair, like dark brown or black. This blend’s transition between the dark hair and the magenta is almost seamless.

Pink and Purple Peekaboo Hair

Colorful peekaboo hair is for people who want color in their hair but will only display it when they want. The peekaboo is a hairstyle where underlying layers are the only ones colored. The top layers remain your natural color.

Soft Pink and Purple Pastel Streaks

This particular style requires adding soft pink and pastel purple to light-colored hair, like gray, silver or platinum blonde. Doing so will add cute highlights and dimensions to your hair.

Vivid Pink and Purple Highlights

Typically, highlights are just two or three shades lighter than the base color. However, you can also use bright colors to give your hair a different look and feel.

Using pink and purple is a great combination that will make your hair grab a lot of attention. It will also make it look more voluminous.

Colorful Mermaid Hair

The difference between unicorn and mermaid hair is that the latter uses shades of blue and green, like teal and aquamarine.
These are colors reminiscent of the ocean, which is why it is called a mermaid’s hair.

How to Style and Maintain Pink and Purple Hair

Step 1 – Choose a style that perfectly suits you

Consider how long and thick your hair is. This should significantly limit the styles that you need to choose from. You do not need to consider your skin tone since pink and purple hair color will always look unnatural.

Step 2 – Style your hair appropriately

There are lots of simple pink and purple hairstyles. Most of them are simple and convenient enough to do yourself at home. However, the more complicated styles like the balayage and ombre are best left to the professionals.

Step 3 – Maintain it

Because you needed to bleach your hair to make the pink and purple colors vibrant, it left your hair quite dry. So, you will need to use many moisturizing hair products to help your hair recuperate.

In addition, hair washing after coloring should be less frequent than you did before the dye job.

Step 4 – Use the right hair products

After coloring your hair at the salon, your hair might feel great, but it will feel frizzy and dry after a day. So, you will need to use products that bring back moisture to your hair, like deep-moisturizing conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and other hair care products.


How long does pink and purple hair color last?

If you take good care of your pink and purple hair, there is a high chance that it will look quite good for up to 2 months. After that, your colored hair will start to fade uncontrollably. Your hair may also start looking dull around that time, so you really have to exert an effort to somewhat bring back its healthy look.

What are the most common maintenance problems for pink and purple hair?

The most common problem when you try an alt hairstyle and colors is brassiness. This is when an ugly orange tint appears in the hair a day or two after coloring.

This is because hair bleaching removes the natural melanin in the hair, exposing the orange/brass undertones underneath it. The use of the correct shampoo and conditioner can be of help in dealing with this maintenance problem.

How will you know if pink and purple hair will suit you?

If you have a cool skin tone, pink and purple hair might suit you nicely. On the other hand, since pink and purple are highly unnatural colors, it might still work on you if you have a warm skin tone.

When did pink and purple hair colors become popular?

Colored hair was already quite popular in the 80s. This popularity can be attributed to pop idol singers like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna back then.

Can you dye your hair pink and purple at home?

If you are doing solid colors with no blending or highlights, you can easily dye your hair pink and purple. You can also lighten your hair without bleach at home if you want. However, be extra careful when using the product to lower the risk of having damaged hair, especially if your hair type can be classified as thin and brittle.

Do you have to bleach your hair before dying it pink and purple?

If you want your bright hair color ideas to be visible, then it is advisable to bleach your hair thoroughly. A bleached base will ensure that pink and purple hair dyes will appear as intended.

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