Long and Wavy Peach Hair

The peach hair color seems to be everywhere you go nowadays.

Hairstylists and celebrities have popularized this hair color, and it’s no wonder the trend doesn’t seem like it’s about to die down.

Scroll through Instagram, for instance and you will note that almost every top colorist, salon, or influencer is bouncing between orangey-pink hues with catchy names like pink champagne, millennial pink or blorange.

This popularity is because this color hue seems to complement all skin tones.

When it comes down to it, though, there are so many variations of peach hair color.

But you don’t just wake up and decide to die your hair peach.

There are a few things to consider first.

For instance, no matter how good peach-colored hair is, it’s one of the trickiest to maintain.

That’s because achieving the perfect blend of color is never a guarantee.

To ensure that you’re getting the correct shade, show your hair stylists a picture of your ideal look.

All in all, the result is worth everything.

25 Most Popular Peach Hair Color Ideas

Peach is the new blonde, and if you like giving your hair that extra pop of color, you should hop on this trend. You can use so many shades of peach on your hair, which is why we’ve created this article.

Here are 25 of the most popular peach hair color ideas:

Peach Hair With Subtle Pink Highlights

You can go all in with your colored hair by adding a complementary shade on the tips of your hair. In this case, nothing screams daring and fashionable like a peach and pink combo. Add some pink highlights to your hair and dazzle your way into the crowd.

Peach Money Piece

You can frame your face beautifully with peach strands, a fresh idea for people who grow tired of their regular hair color. This look is especially great for people with hazelnut eyes because the peach tone highlights their eye color.

Bright Pink and Peach Combo

This is perfect if you’re more on the bright and wild people’s side. Why settle for one fantastic color when you can have two bright combos and still look fabulous?

Dye your hair in sections, and ask your colorist to do your hair so well that the pink and peach colors are visible and do not dull each other.

Holographic Peach

Holographic Peach Hairstyle

Ladies who enjoy riskier experiments should try this color without a doubt. Holographic peach color combined with silver, light orange shades, or lilac and purple strands will look best on “summer type” women (who have dark brown or ashy hair tone and gray-green or gray-blue eyes).

Ask your colorist to guide you on the ideal hair color for blue eyes.

Peach Highlights

Flamey peach highlights give dark hair a rich, warm glow. Nevertheless, no matter how skilled your stylist is, always take good care of your colored hair. Use masks, toning shampoos, and specialty conditioners to maintain the color depth and shine and prevent fading.

Candy Floss Peach Blonde Hair Color

Why not switch your standard blonde hair color with some pretty pink and peach hues? Shoulder-length haircuts are beautifully embellished, and the bright image is softened by a beautiful melting transition from the darker hot roots to the lighter tips.

Try using a semi-permanent coloring conditioner to achieve a soft cotton candy shade and hydrate your blond hair.

Rose Gold Peach

Ladies who prefer a more demure appearance can opt for a rose gold peach hair color with a slight copper or pink sheen. Since these hues are as natural-looking as possible, the image will appear chic, lovely, and reserved.

Peach and Grey Split Hair

Sometimes, the beauty of your hairstyle comes out better if you combine two contrasting colors. Try coloring your hair in grey and peach and see how amazing t looks. However, if you prefer a more laid-back look, do one color at a time.

Bold and Bright Peach Hair

Now, this is the style for women who don’t mind being the light of the party. You can choose the brightest shade of all and look dazzling. You only need to wear your look confidently and strut like the showstopper you are.

Multiple Peach Shades

Why settle for one shade when you could wear multiple shades and still look fabulous? Ask your colorist to match up different shades of peach, and wear your new look with confidence and style. You can change the shades as frequently s you prefer.

Golden Peach Hairstyle

How about peach with a shade of gold? This is an excellent look for corporate women who want to switch up their style while maintaining a professional look. Work with a skilled and certified colorist to ensure they get the look right.

Peach Curls

Girl With a Messy Peach Curls Hair

The extra volume and glow that peach pink hair color adds to layered curls make you look daring and seductive. It makes you always seem ready to party and rock the world and still manage to give off an incredibly feminine and caring vibe.

Glossy Peach Waves

This shade of peach is as juicy as they come. This stunning reflective glaze finish achieves a uniform hair tone, so no additional undertones or highlights are required for the ideal appearance.

Peach Ombre/Ponytail

This might be the right hairstyle for you if you love long hair. Color the tips of your hair in a sexy shade of peach, then hold it up in a ponytail. The result will be a two-shade look that gives off an aura of confidence and style.

Tender Pastel Peach Hairstyle

An excellent way to add freshness to the face and make a woman look younger and more vibrant is with peach hair color. Choose a chic shaggy bob with wispy bangs that extend to your eyebrows, and your new appearance will amaze everyone.

Peach Pink Bob

Blue, green, or gray eyes look more expressive with peach-pink hair that has a saturated strawberry shade. A bob haircut and a slightly cool undertone make it look particularly dashing.

Peach Pixie Look

What could be cuter than a soft peach color and a pixie cut? Warm apricot blond with golden tints will look fantastic on medium-fair peach skin.

Brown Hair, Peach Highlights

Wearing your hair in its natural brown color can be boring, and we get it. Here’s a tip. Wear peach highlights on the tips of your hair and see how much your look changes for the better. You can never go wrong with peach highlights on brown hair.

Soft Peach Bob

Women with peaches-and-cream complexions will look best with softer, warmer variations of peach hair color, adding a soft charm to their appearance.

Peach is not a shocking or eye-catching color, but it is ideal for women who want to update their appearance or change their image slightly.

Peach Melt Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The stylist can experiment with several tones and use up to three or four shades of peach and pink because this haircut is still considered “long.” In this instance, the colorist uses a pink root melt to visually lift the hair and highlight the lovely volume of waves.

Coral Hair Color

Do you prefer a more laid-back look? Well, this is the right shade of peach for you. Coral hair color has the tranquility of the calm sea and gives off the aura of a gentle, caring, and fashionable soul.

Pastel Peach-Toned Balayage

Peach pastel hair color is one of the most intriguing and modest pastel shades. Light pinkish and orangish baby lights give you a fresher appearance, and you’ll appear warmer and more vibrant.

The ideal “upgrade” from the typical blond balayage will be toning with a semi-permanent peach hair color dye.

Milkshake Peach Hairstyle

You can use a unique peach hair color formula to give blonde locks this lovely pink-peach pearl glow. Dilute rose red dye with many shampoos and a small amount of peach color. The results are simply mind-blowing. You can also try a dirty blonde hair color.

Stunning Peachy Ombre Hairstyle

Peachy Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre looks best on long strands because it can achieve a more natural transition between the dyed colors. The ponytail ombre has a mature, vintage appearance.

Additionally, contrasting color combinations will give your image a bit of daring zest. You can try pink ombre shades and see how well they complement your look.

Blorange Peach Hairstyle

This shade hints at the warm, natural undertones of skin. One of the brightest and most distinctive hues for blond hair is a light orange tone with pinkish splashes and baby lights.

How to Style and Maintain Peach-Colored Hairstyles 

A peach hairstyle is only as good as how well you style and maintain it.

Here are a few actionable tips to help you with that:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

Pick the right hairstyle, depending on your personality. At the same time, consider factors like the length of your hair, its current color and the look you want to achieve.

Feel free to try different fun alt hairstyles till you find the right one. As mentioned, peach hair color is trickier to achieve than other shades.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Now that you have your peach-colored hair, do you know how to style it? Ask your hairstylist for the right styling tips depending on your chosen style. You can also gather some tips online to style your hair.

Step 3 – Maintain it

Colored hair is susceptible to damage and frizz, so you must maintain your peach-colored hair. Use natural shampoos and deep conditioners to clean and moisturize your hair.

You can also use hair pomade, oil or creams to keep it healthy. Always use quality brushes and combs to style your hair and wear a satin bonnet to protect the hair at night.

Step 4 – Best products to use

When you dye your hair, you must realize that you will have to put in more effort to maintain the look. When you get your peach-colored hair, ensure that you use the right products when cleaning.

A color-protectant shampoo and deep conditioner are a must-have. At the same time, ensure that you invest in a rich dry texture spray or sea salt spray to keep the strands well-nourished and moisturized.

Common Peach Hair Color Problems

While coloring your hair peach may seem the trend, you must be wary of some common problems.

Here are some of those problems:

Over Processing

Ammonia (or chemicals similar to it) and peroxide are frequently found in permanent hair colors. The peroxide neutralizes (or bleaches out) the natural pigment in your hair, removing color, while the ammonia penetrates your hair shaft.

Hair damage occurs while relaxing the hair cuticles to access your hair’s cortex and bleach out its natural pigment.

Your hair will lose its shine, break easily and, in extreme cases, wash away with water if you over-treat it with these chemicals. To avoid this, you can learn to lighten hair without bleach at home with natural ingredients.

Allergic Reactions

It is common for hair dyes to trigger allergic reactions, especially since permanent hair dyes contain the allergen paraphenylenediamine.

PPD and other chemicals found in dyes are particularly likely to cause reactions in people with contact dermatitis. Additionally, hair dyes should not be used to color the hair of individuals who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Itching, skin irritation, redness and swelling on your scalp or other delicate areas like your face and neck are less severe side effects of permanent dyes.


Many people are unaware of how much work goes into maintaining colored hair. Rushing back to the salon every few months or so is a long-term commitment that can damage your hair.

You will require products explicitly created for colored hair. A few looks necessitate routine touch-ups, and your hair requires much extra attention.

Precautions to Take When Dyeing Your Hair

  • As much as you can, avoid using permanent hair color. You might choose semi and demi-permanent hair colors instead. These hair colors don’t have as many dangerous chemicals as permanent hair colors.
  • Always test a patch and strand of hair before coloring it. The strand test will help you determine whether your hair is healthy enough to be processed, while the patch test will help you avoid a potential allergic reaction.
  • Get a stylist to do your hair. Numerous things could go wrong when you attempt to color your hair on your own. To avoid a hair disaster, consult a professional you can trust.
  • Always dye your hair in a space that is well-ventilated and lit. Eye and nasal irritation can be brought on by poor ventilation.
  • Even if it costs a little more, do your research and use products from reputable brands that don’t contain many dangerous chemicals.

Guide to Match Peachy Shades With Your Skin Tone

Light to medium orange-ish pink hues that balance naturally red and lovely pink look best on fair skin tones and light hair colors.

Olive skin tones and dark hair colors will look fantastic if you use a darker peachy shade to emphasize your dark base and a warm complexion. For brunettes, ombre is the best option, particularly if you smudge the color from a dark peach to a soft salmon.

Bright peach combinations will undoubtedly look cool on people with darker skin tones. By mixing pink shades like coral and strawberry hues, you can create a glamorous orange-peachy hue that will stand out while still looking harmonious against your skin tone.


Can you dye your hair a peach color at home?

Yes, you can. You can look up different ways to dye your hair at home.

How to know if peach hair color will suit you?

Talk to your colorist to help you decide which shade of peach goes well with your skin tone and eye color.

Is peach hair cool or warm-toned?

This depends on the shade of peach you choose for your hair.

How long will peach hair color last?

Peach hair color can last up to 7 weeks, depending on how well you maintain your hair and how fast it grows.

Is peach hair color damaging to the hair?

Yes, it can be damaging if you don’t maintain your hair well with the right products and techniques.

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