Girl With Autumn Yellow Leaves in Her Hair

Are you searching for the best autumn-fall hair colors to update your present hairstyle?

Then you are at the right place as you will be on your way towards learning the trendiest hair colors this fall season, like chocolate brown, deep auburn, icy-toned highlights and rich honey blondes.

40 Most Popular Fall Hair Color Ideas

Mocha Brown

This is a favorite hair color every fall season. The mocha shade is one of those warm hair color ideas as it embodies a warm and dimensional brown, which is suitable for all skin tones.

Caramel Ribbons

This shade also tends to work as the season transitions into the fall. It shows more golden and richer highlights, making it the trendiest shade capable of giving a brownish dimension and some warmth to your hair.

Black Hair With Burgundy Ombre

The use of burgundy ombre on black hair is a trend in autumn and fall. This shade shows a smooth and nice transition from the usual blonde or brown shades. It is also a versatile style that suits every hair type.

Color-Blocked Mullet

This is a combination of the trendiest and edgiest styles during the fall. Therefore, it can form a gorgeous look and bring out your hair’s excellent autumn-fall vibe.

Dark Red Shade

The dark red color is a real trend every fall, which is why many request this shade once the season approaches. It uses a dark red color, which aids in upgrading your natural black or brunette hair.

It even allows you to experiment with a new style and integrate caramel or copper highlights into your base.

Wheat Blonde

The wheat blonde is perfect if you have difficulty deciding between cool and warm tones during the fall. With this particular shade, you can give your hair a more neutral undertone.

All it takes is combining honey lowlights, champagne highlights and hair roots that are light brown.

Girl With a Wheat Blonde Hair Color Holding Orange Leaf

Dimensional Auburn

You can get this popular dimensional fall hair color by giving your hair some streaks of auburn. It works well in making your hair obtain more depth and dimension. Integrating a few thin auburn highlights over your hair is also a good idea.


Choose auburn if your hair has a natural warm tone and looks brassy when you use brown and black shades. It requires you to get a rich deep auburn shade that looks good on anyone.

It is a high-maintenance style, though, which means you need touch-ups from your colorist every month, so the vibrancy of the colors will remain.

You should also commit to dealing with hot roots and coating hair using a red color-depositing mask between appointments to brighten the color.

Chunky Highlights

You may style your hair with chunky highlights, too, that involve wearing large parts of the hair that are several shades lighter than your natural shade. It is a good idea for those who wish to lighten their hair without bleach.

It can form a nice contrast as your remaining hair will get a subtler look instead of the blended highlights.

Caramel Highlights

This is also a gorgeous style, which requires upgrading a base hair color using a crown of caramel highlights or streaks. It would look like you are wearing a nice caramel balayage hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

Go for the strawberry blonde if you prefer adding warm tones to your hair. It has this warm and nice-looking reddish strawberry shade. You can make this shade more interesting by integrating layers and wispy bangs into your overall style.

Cappuccino Locks

Named after a type of coffee, you will surely love this gorgeous shade for the fall. It combines soft and messy waves with a subtle balayage in a blonde shade. This combination can give your locks more dimension and attention.

Chestnut Brown

When applied to your hair, chestnut brown can give it a brownish-red shade and a rich and gorgeous chocolate look. This lovely fall hair color is natural-looking. It also has a rich texture and shade that looks impressive and elegant.

Woman With a Chestnut Brown Hair in a Pale of Yellow Leaves

Honey Spills on Black Hair

This shade looks nice on black hair. Your strands may look like you have treated them with delicious honey nectar.
It is an incredible way of providing your hair with shine and warmth.

Curly Chocolate With Caramel Ombre Ends

Give your curls more life with this curly chocolate style that also features caramel ombre ends. What’s great about the caramel ombre ends is that it blends naturally with the rest of your curly chocolate hair, making your look even more stunning.

Cherry Cola

This nice fall hair color has a brown base and features red and violet tones. This can be likened to the cherry cola that was popularized long ago.

Amber Tones

Choose amber tones, especially if you are looking for a fall hair shade perfect for those with pale skin tones. It has this natural look with its strawberry blonde variation that has a lot of hints of red in it.

Warm Brown Balayage

The warm brown balayage will work for you if you are a brunette. It can add brightness and vibrance to your hair without requiring you to go completely blonde.

Chocolate Brown Highlights

If you are interested in displaying gorgeous dark or black hair with highlights, then go for chocolate brown highlights. It is a trendy shade that provides subtle brown highlights on your hair. It can make your hair look like it has milk chocolate glazing.

Bronze Hair

With its gorgeously glowing tones of gold, you can see bronze as an incredible choice for hair color this fall. It can showcase lighter tones of cinnamon near your face, giving the appropriate accent to this particular hairstyle.

Creamy Blonde With Cool Highlights

With this fall hair color, you can give your hair a more interesting touch. It looks gorgeous on hair that is quite long, letting the gray and cold platinum highlights shine while giving each other a nice contrast.

Pumpkin Spice

Another trendy fall hair color is pumpkin spice. For this style, use golden or dark copper tones for the base. This makes the overall style, especially the balayage, stand out.

Smiling Woman With a Pumpkin Hair Color

Cinnamon Chocolate

One of the nicest things about the cinnamon chocolate fall hair color is that it creates a nice contrast between the base with a dark brunette and warm auburn. It also has a very subtle layering, which looks great regardless of the hair texture and length.

Burgundy With Brown Lowlights

Choose burgundy, an excellent fall hair color characterized by its rich violet-red shade. The vine shade is intense and will surely amp up your overall hairstyle, especially if you integrate some brown lowlights.

Black Hair Balayage

Do you want a style as great as the balayage on black hair? Then give this gorgeous black hair balayage a try. This shade looks more natural and calmer, a great way to take your hairstyle up a notch.

Pearl Blonde

You will love pearl blonde, a popular shade worn by Kim Kardashian. What’s great about the pearl blonde is its neutral undertone.

It is not too warm or cool, which means it is compatible with various skin tones. Don’t forget to get a protein treatment every couple of weeks to lessen breakage after hair bleaching.

Maroon With Red Balayage Highlights

Maroon also looks great on most types of hair. The color falls between burgundy and red. Make this shade more vibrant and exciting by integrating red balayage highlights.

Cool-Toned Platinum Blonde

This shade will look elegant and sophisticated with its platinum ends and dark roots. It is a trendy hair color for fall that you can wear even in formal settings.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is also a good choice for your hair color this fall, as it is neutral. It is not too cool nor too warm. It is a natural, low-maintenance color compatible with various skin tones.

Dirty Blonde With Dark Roots

You can also choose a dirty blonde tone with dark roots this fall.  The good thing about this shade is that it tends to be compatible with every skin type or complexion. It is also customizable, allowing you to touch the final style.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Dark Brown With Caramel Highlights

For this fall hair color, you will get a rich and deep dark chestnut brown, capable of improving your hair’s natural color.
You can also add some caramel highlights to it for more appeal.

It is perfect if you are a brunette who is not open to a significant overhaul or change in hair color.

Espresso Brunette

If you are looking for a dark hair color for the fall, then espresso is the ideal choice. It has a cool tone and a brunette shade that will look good on you. This shade can also bring out your hair’s natural shine.

Half-and-Half Bangs

It is also a good idea to go for the half-and-half bangs that are now very popular on social media. Just make sure to visit your colorist first to get a recommendation on how to pull this style off.

Ash Brown

Upgrade the natural color of your hair by sporting this trendy fall hair color, the ash brown with a cool tone. Just make sure to identify the particular color combination that can give you this refined shade.

Pastel Pink With Plum Highlights

If you love pink, you can go for the pastel pink shade, which is also trendy this fall. What’s nice about this color is that you can play around with it as it is easy to DIY. It even allows you to add some plum highlights to the color.

Ruby Bronze

Go for the rich bronze shade to elevate your copper hair color that faded because of the sun. It allows you to get a natural look for your hair by combining a couple of colors, such as red and brown.

Brown With Gold Money Pieces

You can also use a brownish shade for your hair this fall and add hints of gold money pieces, which have been a hair trend during the past few years. It allows you to have some hair highlights capable of framing your face.

Mahogany and Copper Balayage

Go for this nice color combination if your hair is medium to long. It is also a fantastic choice if you favor hot hair color.
For your base, use a flattering reddish-brown.

Take this style to an even higher level by adding lowlights and highlights using the trendiest hair colors during the fall, like auburn, gold, strawberry blonde and light copper.

Bronde Shades

This color has an outstanding balance of brunette and blonde shades, which aids in lightening a base with a dark shade or toning down your bright blonde hair color.

Get rid of the brass from your bronde shade using the right shampoo and conditioner. Go for one that has a blue pigment capable of neutralizing orange and brassy undertones in natural brown or light hair.

Face Framing Highlights

Are you not fond of doing a major dye job on your hair? Then you can choose bright highlights that naturally frame your face.
You can, for instance, go for blonde highlights.

Soften this look by choosing highlights that are two or three shades lighter than your hair’s natural color.

How to Style and Maintain Fall Colors

Step 1 – Pick a shade that works for you

Decide whether you want the tone to be cool, warm, or neutral. When picking a shade, your final choice should be suitable for your skin tone. For instance, it would be best to choose a rich and deep tone if you have an olive complexion.

Meanwhile, a lighter and warmer shade works well for those with fair skin.

Step 2 – Look for a flattering shade for the base

You can also add more style to your hair with the help of lowlights and highlights. Ensure that you integrate some ideal hair colors during the fall, including light copper, gold and auburn.

Step 3 – Maintain

One thing you can do to maintain your fall hair color is to lessen the frequency of washing. Do not do it daily, as it only tends to eliminate your hair’s natural oils and moisture.

Maintain your hair color for longer by washing your hair twice or thrice a week. Lessen your use of hot tools, too, and put on a heat protectant spray in case you have to use heat for styling.

Step 4 – Use a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfate

This ensures that your hair will not lose its natural moisture and oils. It also helps to have a leave-in conditioning treatment around to help hydrate your chemically-treated and colored hair and protect it from potential damage caused by the sun.


What is the perfect fall hair color?

The perfect fall hair color often has a darker and richer hue. One excellent option, in this case, is cinnamon, which boasts its warm and reddish-brown undertone. Other great choices are gold, auburn and light copper.

Do fall hair colors damage the hair?

Any type of hair color or dye can be damaging to your hair, no matter what season. So yes, fall hair colors may also be damaging to the hair as they use chemicals that strip off your hair’s natural pigment and open up your hair cuticles.

This is why you must follow the directions when caring for and maintaining your fall hair color.

How will I know if a fall hair color will suit me?

The best thing that you should do is to check your skin tone. Pick a color that perfectly suits your skin tone. It should complement well with the color of your skin as well as your hair type and length.

What are the best fall hairstyles to wear?

One of the best and edgiest hairstyles you can wear during the fall is the short bob, which is perfect for those whose hair is naturally fine or thin. Go for a soft face-framing style, too, which uses low-key layers to lighten up your long hair while framing your face nicely.

Do you have to bleach your hair for a fall hair color?

It depends on the color that you are after. If your choice is more on the blonde shade, fun pastel color or any other lighter color, a hair bleach may be necessary.

Make sure that you are familiar with the entire bleaching process, so you will know what to expect during the procedure or do it on your own at home with no or minimal mistakes.

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