Japanese Man Hairstyle

Japanese men really do have some stellar-looking hairstyles.

As always, with so many of them, it is easy to get confused about which one to try.

You can end up picking the wrong one or a style that is not going to do much to your social image.

Certain Japanese hairstyles are hard to create, although they may look extremely easy.

It is once you start to shape it that you notice that things are not going to go the way you hoped they would.

So before you start, make sure to have all the info about the style you need.

We propose selecting one of the styles from our list.

Not only are these some of the most popular Japanese hairstyles for men, they are also very suitable for many occasions.

16 Most Popular Japanese Hairstyles for Men

Front Shifted Layers

This Japanese hairstyle is quite a favorite amongst younger, college-going boys. This look will be a super-hit at parties or a drinks night with the boys.

Volumized Top

Perfect for men with round faces and medium-length hair, this simple hairstyle can be maintained using a volumizing spray.

And, if you want to maintain your hair volume without worrying about hair loss or balding, you can do this by using natural DHT blockers and anti-aging creams for men.

Puffy Top Japanese Hairstyle

If you want to move away from slicked-back hairstyles, check out the puffy top hairstyle. This style is perfect for men with oval-shaped faces and medium-length hair.

Easy Brushed Back

This simple Japanese hairstyle is akin to neat side part haircuts. The easy brushed back haircut is easy-to-style yet looks effortlessly fashionable.

Shifted Bangs Japanese Haircut

A trendy style with the younger generation, this hairstyle with shifted inward bangs looks modern and cool. You can brush the hair neatly with a side part for a formal do.

Man Bun Japanese Hairstyle

If you have long hair, you can try out a cool chonmage or man bun. Gather all your hair at the back of your head and tie it using a hair tie. Use a premium hair oil for men to maintain your long locks.

Man Bun Hairstyle

Pair this samurai hairstyle with one of the popular Asian beard styles for a masculine look. Keep your beard well-groomed using powerful hair clippers.

Top Knot Japanese Hairstyle

You can also try out the top knot if you have long hair. This undercut hairstyle looks fabulous with shaved sides. And, if you’re confused between a taper vs fade, try pairing the top knot with a combination of both!

When styling your long hair, if you’re drying your hair with a hairdryer, use it on low heat.

Back to Front Waves

This trendy hairstyle is perfect for short-length hair and looks stylish for casual and formal occasions.

Puffed Up Brushed

This hairstyle is effortless to achieve and maintain. You can easily style the top with a spritz of a styling spray and some styling gel or pomade and you’re all set.

Fresh Medium Japanese Hairstyle

Another preppy and trendy hairstyle, the style has long hair at the back and the hair on top is brushed backward.

Messy Medium Length

This hairstyle is the typical Japanese undergrad look that has loads of pep. You are set to rock this schoolboy look with a few styling products.

Side Swept Bangs Japanese Haircut

A trendy hairstyle favored by Japanese youngsters, the side-swept bangs look good with medium-length hair.

Long Colored Side Swept

If you want to try something new, then this Japanese hairstyle with funky-colored bangs styled in a side sweep is a great style for men with long hair.

Tousled Look

One of the 90’s hairstyles that are back, the tousled, messy style, is a pretty cool hairstyle that is very popular with Japanese men. And, the hair texture of the Japanese only makes this style look more appealing.

Neat Side Part Japanese Hairstyle

You can’t go wrong with the neat side part if you’re aiming for a neat and well-groomed look. This hairstyle is an excellent look for the workplace or formal events; this hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain.

Americanized Hairstyle

Inspired by American hairstyles, this smart Japanese hairstyle has textured hair on the top, styled with a product, with long hair on the sides and back.

Short History of Japanese Hairstyles

Samurai Training

Japanese hairstyles have evolved over the ages. The feudal samurai warriors sported long hair at the back, which was generally combed out, oiled and tied into a loop using a cord and the top of the head was typically shaved.

The most common hairstyle in Japanese men was the chonmage or the topknot. The long, oiled pigtail or motodori was gathered on top of the head and tied with an elaborate string in this style. The front portion of the head was shaved.

Another common Japanese hairstyle was the chasen gami, where the hair binding was wound on the lower half of the pigtail and the end stuck out like a brush. The samurai warrior class adopted the hondamage, i.e., a lengthy, elaborate pigtail and a shaved head.

The Meiji revolution in the early 1860s saw the modernization and westernization of men’s hairstyles. In 1871, the Dampatsurei Edict, a law issued by the Meiji government, forbade the samurai from wearing topknots.

They were forced to adopt western hairstyles, which ended the use of chonmage. And, Japanese men began to adopt Western hairstyles known as zangiri or jangiri or “random cropping.”

Characteristics of Japanese Hair


Japanese men typically have very straight hair because the hair comprises round fibers.


Typically, Asians have thicker hair because their hair strands are thicker compared to the hair of Caucasians.


Most Asians have dark-colored black hair, brown hair or something in between.

Japanese Man With Dark Hair

Coarse and Heavy

Generally, Asian hair has a coarse and unruly texture, which often causes cowlicks and requires proper styling with appropriate products.

Retains Moisture

Asian hair is highly porous, allowing it to retain moisture very well, glossy and well-nourished.

Grows Fast

Compared to Caucasian or African hair, Asian hair grows much faster, around 1.3 cm a month. Asian hair keeps growing for up to 9 years, compared to the average of 2-7 years seen in Caucasian or African hair.

Grays Slower

Asian hair grays much more slowly when compared to Caucasian hair.

Less Hair

Although Asians have thick-looking hair, with seemingly good hair density, they have lesser hair than their Caucasian counterparts. On average, Asians have around 80,000-140,000 strands compared to Caucasians.

How to Style and Maintain at Home 

Step 1 – Choose a style

Choose a Japanese hairstyle that you like the most.

Step 2 – Consult your barber

Ask your barber if the style will suit your face structure, hair type and texture.

Step 3 – Use appropriate styling products

Maintain your Japanese hairstyle by using the appropriate styling products. For example, if you have spikes, use a strong hairspray or gel to hold the spikes or if you have cowlicks, use some wax or pomade to tame the unruly patches.


How do Japanese men achieve their hairstyles?

Japanese men generally have straight, coarse and heavy hair and so they usually maintain a short and medium length textured preppy hairstyle. For longer hair, they opt for the layered look.

Japanese Man Looking in Mirror

What does cutting your hair mean in Japanese culture?

The cutting of the hair in Japanese culture symbolizes the end of a period of a person’s life and the beginning of another.

What is the most popular hairstyle among Japanese men?

Japanese men mostly prefer short and medium-length hairstyles. Men with long hair usually adopt man buns or top knots.

What is a Samurai hairstyle?

The most popular Samurai hairstyle is the chonmage or the man bun.

What is a Japanese perm?

Japanese perms produce light, natural-looking waves that are very easy to style.


There are many cool Japanese hairstyles out there. And if you want to try out one, we’ve sure that you can find a perfect style.