Men With a Messy Hair Peaking

Sometimes hairstyles do more than add style.

They can be mood lifters, depending on how well or poorly done they are.

Here are some of those unique, crazy haircuts:

35 Funniest Hairstyles

Dali Haircut

Do you know the Dali mustache? It is one of the funny beard styles. You can ask your hairstylist to carve out one on your head, complete with a face. Talk about weird.

Bangs, Spikes and Long Sideburns

This haircut appears ridiculous and odd because it is not proportioned correctly. 
The visible sides are left much longer, and the hairs are longer than you’d expect from regular sideburns.

The front bangs are also kept in place with gel.

Beard on Head

This can be beneficial for those who get sleepy during boring classroom lectures.
The only issue would be explaining why you got such a bad haircut when you weren’t in school.

Eye at the Back of the Head

If spooky is your middle name, you can try this look. Carve out an eye at the back of your head, and bring out the illusion of a third eye.
You can also check out other haircuts for men with thick hair.

Double-Face Hairstyle

Who said you could only wear one face a day? Curve a different face at the back of your head, with eyeglasses and a beard.
You could even throw in a mustache.

Whorl Hairstyle

This hairstyle isn’t particularly amusing, but it is highly creative. The hair’s natural whorls are extended and enhanced to make them more visible.

Gecko Haircut

Now, most people don’t like animals in the lizard family. However, if your pet is a gecko and you want to pay homage, you could get a haircut. You’d have to work with a talented stylist to hack this look.

Man With a Spiky Gecko Haircut

Rat on Head With a Long Tail

How often have you seen a guy with a rat on their head and a long tail? I guess not very often. 
This haircut provides a new opportunity to wear a unique haircut that no one in your neighborhood has probably ever worn.

Rainbow Haircut

If you like to look like a clown fresh out of a circus this is your look. You can use as many colors on your head and beard and get away with it. You could also try this on a curly mullet.

Purple Spiky Mohawk

This haircut is for gothic-oriented men. Shave all the hair from your head, and leave a  few long spikes.
Dye the spikes in purple and wow away in your neighborhood.

Pooping Guy on A Head

Ew! Yes, ew! But, as weird as this haircut sounds and looks, some extreme men would love to wear it.
Just make sure your stylist understands the assignment.

Messy Fringe Haircut EMO Inspired

Another amazing fringe haircut with long shaggy locks covering both sides of the guy’s face and forehead.

Long Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle combines an undercut with a ponytail in the back and a messy top, resulting in a cross between women’s and homeless haircuts. However, it is mainly seen in men on a quest to try out new haircuts outside their comfort zones.

Hairy Hat

This haircut has been tried on by many African American men from across the country in recent years.
It’s a ridiculous hairstyle that originated in Africa. It may appear amusing, but it is also thoughtful.

The hat on the front side shields the wearer from the sun’s rays. Isn’t that clever?

Colorful Chameleon Mohawk

This is one of those funny and creative haircuts. Your barber must be extremely good at his work to pull off this look so you don’t look like a bad paint job.

Dual Face Hairstyle

This is the most imaginative of all face-focused haircuts. That being said, it also implies that it will be the most difficult to achieve, and only an expert barber with a long history in the industry can pull it off.

Cool Black Reverse Mohawk

Both sides of your hair are black in this excellent, impressive, amusing reverse Mohawk haircut.
It will bestow a mysterious, cool and appealing style that is difficult to match.

Spider Haircut

Another scary or fascinating haircut depending on how you look at it. Talk to your hairstylist and explain the type of spider cut you want.

Spider Hairstyle

Diagonal Parting

Leave two diagonal strips of short hair on both sides, and shave off all the middle part hair. Weird but creative.
And that’s all we’re about.

Fiery Red Mohawk

This haircut will make you look like a mortal combat character. It’s a strange haircut, but it’s understandable when you see it on an older adult’s head.

Barely Sported Line

This is a lazy haircut. If you have a huge mane you could make it unique by shaving off a line downwards to the back of your head.
The shaved part doesn’t even have to b neat.

Adorable Mohawk

This haircut appears to be a millennial method of punishing their children nowadays.
You should try it on your mischievous child to see if it helps with the bad behavior.

Cool Purple Reverse Mohawk 

Aren’t reverse Mohawks supposed to be cool and fun? They can be more entertaining if you decide to add a splash of color to your hair.

Spiky Reverse Mohawk

So, why stop removing a patch of hair from your head when you can make the rest of your hair stand up in spikes and look more fun?

Red and Black Split Haircut

This fun twin-colored haircut reflects your sense of style and personality. The sides are red and black, contrasting with one another.

Crazy and All Blue

If you opt for a crazy haircut, why not go for a crazy color? And blue screams all kinds of crazy.

Viking Warrior

Viking warriors and warriors from a few other communities in the Middle East and Asia were known to have distinctive sports haircuts.
You can try it on your head, which might look more fantastic than funny.

White Spiky Afro

Here’s a great way to style your long afro or spiky hair. Dye it all white, and then use any product to make it stand out.

Flamed Up Top

This hairstyle is specifically designed to make you look like a flame. Nobody will doubt that it looks exactly like a flame, from the shape the haircut takes to its color.

Braided Locks

This haircut isn’t too crazy or funny, but it’s not like the typical haircuts we’re used to.


The dazzling green color with maroon and red patches makes this haircut funny and crazy. You can also try red hairstyles.

Man With Green and Red Hairstyle

Extra-High Top

The extra high top, like the highly spiky Mohawk, may require a lot of work and holding the product to achieve the desired look. 
However, if you want a simple but funny and crazy haircut, this is well worth your time and money.

Himba Dreadlocks

This unusual haircut was inspired by the traditional culture of the Himba people of Namibia, Africa. 
They are simply dreadlocks for men done differently than traditional and well-known locks.

Wavy Pomp

This hairstyle is for any man who wants to break from normalcy.

Double Decks Faux

If you were thinking about getting the famous faux hair and adding something to it to make it look as funny as possible try this haircut that will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Choose the most appropriate haircut depending on the look you want to achieve.
You also want to go for a haircut that complements your face shape.

Lastly, don’t be too extreme when choosing funny hairstyles; you want to look good, not ridiculous.

Step 2 – Style it

Use the right products and tools to style your hair. Also, invest in the right haircare products.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Keep your hair clean, moisturized and hydrated for easy styling. Also, ensure that you style your hair appropriately.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

If you are going for a funny hairstyle, you want to ensure that you have the right products.
Consider investing in hair pomade, wax, gel, hair shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re going to stand out even more, consider getting quality hair dye.


Why do men get funny haircuts?

Because sometimes it’s fun to break away from normalcy.

What is the funniest man’s haircut?

The gecko haircut has to be the funniest one.

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