Man With Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles

The reverse mohawk is the opposite of the regular mohawk. Instead of having a full hair top the reverse mohawk thrives on shaving off the hair at the top of the head and leaving hair on the sides.

14 Most Popular Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles

If you’re tired of blowout haircuts or hipster haircuts, you can try the reverse mohawk. There are different ways to wear your reverse mohawk.

Bleached Reverse Mohawk

Bleach your hair in your favorite color before getting the reverse mohawk. This helps to create a sense of uniqueness.

Reverse Mohawk With Long Sides

Another way to make your reverse mohawk stand out is to leave the side hair longer than normal. However, this is for men who don’t mind drawing attention.

Reverse Mohawk Wing Style

Spike out your side hair to form wings. Use a good hair comb and wax for this style.

Reverse Mohawk Buzz Cut

You can still sport a reverse mohawk with a buzz cut. Get your barber to make a clean cut or fade at the middle of your head, going downwards after the buzz cut.

High Top Reverse Mohawk

Leave the side air long and manage it with good products. Rub hair pomade or wax into the thicker patches of hair to increase volume and definition.

Long and Shiny Reverse Mohawk

If the side hair is long, make it shiny by applying natural hair oils such as argan and coconut. Always keep the hair moisturized so it doesn’t break or get damaged.

Two Colored Reverse Mohawk

Why stick with one color when you can rock your reverse mohawk with two colors? Choose two complementary colors and dye your hair before getting the reverse mohawk.

Reverse Mohawk Skullet

Go extra with this design. Instead of only shaving the middle hair shave the sides and leave a thin line of hair on each side.
Use wax and a comb to maintain this look. You can also look up other spiky hairstyles you can copy.

Reverse Mohawk Crew Cut Sides

This design will make you look smart and polished if you cut your side hair short. Theentrqal patch will be neatly cleared off to give a well-kempt, decent and sophisticated look.

Messy Reverse Mohawk

There‘s no rule of how neat a reverse mohawk should be. Strip down the middle of the hair but keep the sides long enough to face upwards like the original mohawk. If you like shaggy and unprofessional hairstyles, then this is your look.

Man With Messy Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles

Afro Reverse Mohawk

Puff your afro, then shave the middle of the hair. Use a good serum to puff the remaining hair to add detail to the shaved area. 
Look up braid hairstyles for black men if you want to go extra with your reversed mohawk.

Reverse Mohawk Side Design

You can shave your mohawk nicely on the middle part of the hair, then leave more hair hanging on one side of the head.

Middle Design Reverse Mohawk Hair

You can accentuate the reverse mohawk. Tattoo a design on the shaved area. Not only is this unique but it will also show off your love for art. You can also use skater and v-shaped haircuts to accentuate this design.

Reverse Mohawk Diagonally Shaved

For this reverse mohawk shave a line about an inch and a half diagonally from the hairline to the neckline.
Leave the sides about an inch or two long.

How to Do and Maintain Reverse Mohawk Hairstyle

Step 1 – Choose a style

The style you choose should match your personality. It should also check the shape of your face to look good on you.

Step 2 – Styling

Talk to your barber about the style you want to wear. Ensure you explain it adequately, so they don’t get it wrong.
A reverse mohawk is an intricate hair design and should be done right.

Step 3 – Maintenance

Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and deep conditioner and apply a good pomade or wax to keep it healthy.
You should also use natural oils to moisturize your hair and scalp. Remember to bald your mohawk with balding clippers to retain the design.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Some products you should use on your reversed mohawk include wax, natural oils, shampoo and deep conditioner.


When did mohawks become popular?

Mohawks became popular with the growth of the rock music industry. It’s a trademark among many rock musicians.

Is there another name for a reversed mohawk?

A reverse mohawk is also called a punk hairstyle.

How do I get my mohawk to stay up?

Use wax or gel to keep the mohawk up.

Are mohawks and reverse mohawks hard to maintain?

No. The hairstyles should be easy to maintain if you use the right products.

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