Skater with Long Hair

All skaters are cool. Cruising on a skateboard, doing tricks, grinding…

Even the words they use sound awesome.

But much is still owed to their unique style, especially to their hair.

Skater haircuts are really unique.

They stem from long to short and make you look confident and chill.

For these reasons, a lot of guys are interested in shaping a really cool skater hairstyle.

19 Most Popular Skater Hairstyles

To help you pick and start styling your hair like Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen we’ve excluded some of the most popular skater hairdos you can see today:

Long Textured Fringe

Probably a favorite among many skaters is the long textured fringe style. It is not only popular among skaters but has also made its way into the mainstream as many celebrities are copying it. The hair is supposed to cover your forehead and go up to your eyebrows.

This one looks best when worn without any facial hair. So consider getting the help of the world’s best electric razor for teenagers to get a close shave.

Short and Clean

The opposite to the fringe is a short style. Actually, there is not much work needed to create this one. The point is to be as laid back as possible and do your thing with it.

Keep it short and don’t let it go overboard, but you basically don’t have to style it so much and just let it loose.

Layered Skater Haircut

The layered skater style works best for those with long but thin hair. The layered approach adds volume, which will make your hair seem fuller.

Your hair will remain cool even after a whole day of skating and you will be ready to hit the skate park tomorrow with the same energy.
This one works best for those with lighter hair.

Young Guy with Layered Hair

90’s Style Skater Haircut

Believe it or not, ’90s hairstyles are still cool, particularly for skaters and those who feel like skaters. The best way to get this style is to try and copy Ryan Sheckler who both popularized and revolutionized the style.

If he hadn’t worn it during the 90s and if he hadn’t been so good on the board we wouldn’t have it today. The style itself is rather simple.
You must have long hair that falls onto your eyebrows on the front and covers the top of your ears on the sides.

You don’t have to go too long for this one.

Side Swept Bangs

This is an excellent haircut for a pretty boy. You see a lot of youngsters wearing this one today. It is preferably for those with thick or straight hair or for those that have lighter eyes.

The swept bangs that fall just till your eyebrows draw attention to your eyes. The girls are massive fans of this one.

Straight Sleek

The sleek and straight style is a bit of an unorthodox skater but worth trying. It works especially well for those that have thinner hair.
It requires a lot of attention and maintenance.

You need to grow your hair and keep it straight and sleek as it falls to the sides. Daily touch-ups are necessary for it to work and is definitely not an option for people with curly hair.

Angular Fringe

Compared to skater haircuts of the 90s contemporary ones include shorter hair. One of such modern examples is the angular fringe style.
It is a variation of a traditional bowl cut with the addition of the added fringe.

Conditioner for men is a key when making this one and it will require regular maintenance as well.

Messy Skater Haircut

The messy hairstyle is the ambivalence of a skater’s haircut. It draws comparisons from a surfer cut but has been adopted by laidback people alike. Celebrities like Zac Efron sport it from time to time and it looks good on them.

The secret is not to take so much effort into styling everything perfectly. The hair should be long and needs to have a messy look.
Similarly, if you just got out of bed grabbed a skateboard and went to the local park.

Thick and Shaggy

Another skater hairdo that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or styling. It is excellent for people with thick and long hair as they only need to keep it shaggy and unkempt.

The bangs should go up to your eyes while the sides can cover half of your ear. You can utilize the help of the best hair clippers for any haircut to add some touch-ups when needed.

Buzz Cut

Short hair is a rarity among skater haircuts, but it does happen. Some call this one military-style which may go against skater principles, but it can look exceptionally well.

Long hours of skating can get you all sweaty and you don’t want hair going into your eyes when doing it. So a buzz cut is a great solution on the skate and in everyday life.

Man with Crew Cut Hairstyle


A style that draws its roots from emo hairdos. You can go to town on this one as the idea behind it is to get the sides of the parts of the hair uneven. The Asymmetrical style works wonders for those with darker hair and allows you to experiment with the hair as much as you want.

Spikey Skater Haircut

A very punk rock-inspired skater style is the one with spiky hair. It is a way for one to express themselves and can also be kept at different lengths. Not only that, but it offers more ways to be paired with your clothes and your overall style.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a military type of haircut, but it can be a very nice-looking skater. It is an easy one to make and even easier to maintain.
Since you don’t need to invest much time in creating and taking care of it you are left with more time for other stuff.

Choppy Skater Haircut

The choppy hairstyle is a very careless and involves laid-back hair that can go everywhere. If you are not particularly set on what most people think about you then this one is the perfect one to rock.

It may even pair well with a beard, so you should consider some tips on growing a thicker beard when growing this type of hairstyle.

Medium Length Undercut

Sweep the sides and add a disconnected undercut. The medium-length hair is kept on the top while the sides and the back are shaved up to the hairline. It looks cool and careless at the same time.

Adding some product for this hair type is also a good idea, so you should think about pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay.


Dreadlocks have made their way to the skater culture as well. But in this case it is better to keep things short and not go with those long and messy locks.

Make a few of them on the top of your head and make sure they get out of the way or out of your eyes when you are cruising down the street on your board.

Long Waves Skater Haircut

Waves may not be something that characterizes a skater look. But if styled correctly and kept long they can do the trick.
But don’t go too long with them as that will mess up the whole thing.

Mohawk Mullet

A mohawk and a mullet go hand in hand together. These two are perfect pairings that match together like peanut butter and jelly.
Be sure to keep the back part of the mohawk along your neck, long and let it fall on the side.

Sweep back the hair on your forehead and you have an excellent hairstyle.

Middle Part Medium Length

Those of you with long hair can consider adding a middle part. A middle part will put into perspective a person’s eyes.
Making them more prominent to see and your look more appealing.

Those with a side-swept bang look can easily create a middle part and this very cool style in mere minutes.

What Is Skater Haircut

When you picture a skater’s haircut you immediately picture long bangs swept on the side of your head. But the same as there are different riding styles and techniques there are many different approaches to a skater’s hairstyle.

They mostly look laid back and feature longer hair but don’t necessarily have to be that way. Many people will confuse the skater’s hairstyle with a surfer one.

There are some similarities but the main differences are key. Skater haircuts may sometimes resemble or draw inspiration from emo or punk haircuts. But have grown to do their own thing over time.

A skater haircut for each person will differ as it will mostly depend on their natural hair type. Sometimes you might like a goatee and go with it. Other days you might go for something else.

Not only that, but skaters do like to accessorize so wearing a cap or a beanie is something that goes with the hair.
Sometimes it is basically working with what you got, but even that allows you to create a very cool-looking style that fits you personally.

Things to Consider Before Going for Skater Hairstyle

Creating your super cool skater look will come with a few considerations. Even though most of these styles are somewhat messy and laid back some order still exists and there are several factors for you to keep in mind first.

Your Style

The main product should be the first thing on your mind. How you perceive yourself should also be determined by the style you want.
Of course this does not only mean the hair but the overall appearance, clothing and accessories.

Choose your next hairstyle based on your style. If your style also includes having facial hair then you should also consider beard growth tips for teenagers as they can also be of help to pair everything correctly.

Hair Type

Your hair type will greatly affect the way you style your hair. No matter which way you choose the natural hair you end up with will determine the path of your surfer style.

Your hair might be sleek or wavey, long or short, curly or straight, dark or light. Whatever the case you must choose a hairstyle that matches your hair type. Having curly hair might eliminate you from some specific styles.

But there are ones that are specific for people with curly hair. In that case you should adapt and go for the one that will benefit your hair the most.

Young Guy with Curly Hair

Styling Options

Sometimes picking the hairstyle comes with the ease of maintaining and create it. Going for a fairly difficult hair to make could be a bad idea. Things can go even more sideways if you pick a style that is hard to maintain.

You should go with the one that will serve your time and needs. If you don’t want to spend added time in setting or maintaining your hair you should avoid ones that are too demanding. In that case it is best suited to go for the laid-back version that does not include many hardships.

How to Style Skater Haircut

Step 1 – Keep it messy

The secret to styling a skater haircut is quite simple. The general idea is to keep it laidback and messy. You initially need to determine whether you want a longer or a shorter haircut. You don’t have to go for a bedhead every time, but the idea behind it is quite similar.

Step 2 – Add some products

If your hair is too long you may aim to add some product to keep it set. This won’t be needed for shorter hair unless you want a spiky look.

Step 3 – Groom and style

If you decide to pair it with a beard consider how to groom and style a scruffy beard. Messy hair goes well with a scruffy beard and the length of the facial hair will also depend on the length of your hair.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • You still need to wash your hair regularly no matter how messy you decide to keep it.
  • Be sure to groom it but not take things overboard.
  • Use products, but only the necessary ones.Premium skin care products are still a good idea.


  • Consider a skater haircut the same as a bed head.
  • Over style it.
  • Use too many different products at once.


How to get a skater haircut?

You need to grow your hair to a specific length based on the style you previously decided on. Cut the hair accordingly and make sure to keep it messy. Add some product if needed but don’t use too much of it.

Which haircut is most popular among skaters?

Actually there are many of them that skaters like to sport. But some 90s-style haircuts are still very much popular as well as the layered ones and the varieties of messy styles.

Man with Messy Hair

Can skaters have long hair?

Yes, they can. There are several types of long hair but are not so popular. The most suitable skater hairstyles involve medium hair.


If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain style that looks cool and can go on everyday occasions then a skater style is the one to consider.
It may not be suitable for formal situations or people of a certain age.

Still, if you are youthful and energetic the charisma this style brings will easily transfer to your everyday demeanor.

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