Bad Men's Haircuts

Are you tired of seeing men with bad haircuts? Plenty of hair disasters are out there, from the dreaded reverse mohawk to the cringe-worthy bowl cut.

This article will look at some of the worst men’s haircuts that have ever graced the red carpet. Prepare to cringe as we dissect the baby bang bad haircut, where short bangs take center stage and leave you wondering what they were thinking. And let’s not forget about the two braids’ bad haircut, which is a questionable choice for any man.

We’ll also delve into celebrity bad haircuts, including Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Robert Pattinson, and Jared Leto.

So, if you need a good laugh or some inspiration on what not to do with your hair, keep reading. It’s time to explore the realm of bad men’s haircuts and learn from their mistakes.

13 Horrible Men’s Haircuts and Hair Ideas

Bad Reverse Mohawk Hair for Men

The bad reverse mohawk hair for men has proven to be a regrettable choice for those seeking a sophisticated and refined appearance. This particular men’s haircut is characterized by shaved sides and a strip of hair in the middle, running from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

While it may seem edgy and rebellious, it often falls short of delivering the desired effect. The reverse mohawk hair is often associated with a lack of professionalism and maturity, making it a poor choice for those in formal or corporate settings.

Additionally, the maintenance required to keep this style looking presentable can be time-consuming and tedious. Overall, when it comes to men’s haircuts, the bad reverse mohawk should be avoided if a polished and professional appearance is desired.

Baby Bang Bad Haircut for Men

From the moment you look at it, you can’t help but cringe at the unfortunate choice of the baby bang haircut. It’s the epitome of an ugly men’s hairstyle. The hair is cut too short at the front, leaving a thin fringe that sits awkwardly on the forehead.

It’s a terrible look that screams fashion disaster. It’s the worst kind of haircut that a man could possibly choose. The baby bangs make the face look rounder and less defined, highlighting imperfections.

It’s a horrible choice for anyone who wants to present themselves as stylish and put-together. It’s a hairstyle that should be avoided at all costs to avoid ridicule and embarrassment.

Short Bowl Cut Bad Haircut for Men

With its short length and bowl-like shape, the bowl cut is a bad haircut for men that screams fashion disaster and should be avoided by anyone seeking a fashionable and put-together look.

This haircut gained popularity in the 90s but became a symbol of outdated fashion. The short length of the bowl cut can be unflattering and make the face appear rounder than it is. It lacks versatility and can be difficult to style, resulting in a lackluster appearance.

The bowl cut is often associated with a lack of effort and can give off a childish or nerdy vibe. In today’s modern and fashion-forward world, countless better options for men’s hairstyles can enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

Bad Yellow Hair Color for Men

Steer clear of the disastrous choice of yellow hair color for a look that’ll leave you cringing and regretful. Opting for this dreadful hue is an abysmal decision that’ll only draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Picture yourself with a pitiful yellow shade that clashes with your skin tone and makes you look like a walking caution sign. It’s a disgraceful style that screams poor judgment and lack of taste.

Not only will you stand out badly, but you’ll also be the center of unwanted attention and ridicule. Spare yourself the embarrassment and choose a more flattering hair color that enhances your features instead of detracting from them.

Don’t let a bad yellow hair color permanently remind you of a regrettable decision.

Two Braids Bad Haircut for Men

Avoiding the two braids haircut is crucial to maintain a stylish and polished look. This bad men’s haircut trend has been gaining popularity recently, but it’s important to remember that not all trends are meant to be followed.

Sporting two braids may seem cool in certain subcultures or contexts, but it can easily be perceived as a fashion faux pas in a mainstream setting.

Two braids can give off a juvenile and unkempt vibe, making you appear less professional and put together. Opt for a more classic and timeless haircut that’ll better suit your personal style and the context in which you find yourself.

Baldness Top of the Head Bad Haircut for Men

Rocking a bald spot on top of your head might not be the style statement you hoped for. Baldness at the crown can be a challenging haircut to pull off. It can constantly remind you of your thinning hair and make you self-conscious.

The top of the head is a prominent area that attracts attention, and a bad haircut here can attract attention. Dealing with a bald spot can be frustrating whether it’s due to genetics, age, or other factors. However, there are ways to accept and make it work for you.

Consider going for a buzz cut or a shaved head to create a sleek and clean look. Embrace the baldness and rock it confidently, turning what could be seen as a bad haircut into a bold and proud choice.

Liberty Spikes Bad Haircut for Men

Embrace your edgy side with liberty spikes, a daring hairstyle choice for guys. Liberty spikes are a classic punk look that involves spiking up your hair into tall, vertical spikes all over your head.

This bad haircut style is not for the faint of heart and requires serious commitment and styling products to achieve the desired effect. It’s a statement hairstyle that screams rebellion and individuality. Men who opt for liberty spikes aren’t afraid to make a bold fashion statement.

So if you want to break free from the norm and express your wild side, try liberty spikes. Just be prepared for the attention and stares that come with this unconventional bad haircut choice.

Bad Skullet Haircut for Men

To achieve a sophisticated and refined look, consider exploring the Skullet haircut, which adds a special and distinctive touch to your personal style. However, be warned that this hairstyle has gained a reputation for being utterly pathetic, poor, awful, and even shameful.

The Skullet is a combination of a mullet and a shaved head, with long hair at the back and a bald crown. It is undoubtedly a bold choice that may not be well-received by others.

The Skullet has been deemed a fashion disaster by many, and it’s not difficult to see why. It is a hairstyle that screams bad taste and lack of style awareness.

Emo Hair Bad Haircut for Men

Feeling the raw intensity of an Emo haircut, you can’t help but be drawn into its captivating and edgy allure. This haircut, popular among men, is a bold expression of individuality and rebellion.

The emo style is characterized by its long, asymmetrical bangs partially covering one eye, creating an air of mystery. However, the emo haircut can veer into bad territory when done poorly. Some common mistakes include uneven layers, overly thinning the hair, or not properly shaping the bangs.

These missteps can result in an unkempt and messy appearance, detracting from the intended coolness factor. It’s crucial to find a skilled stylist who understands the nuances of the emo haircut to avoid falling victim to a bad hair day.

Bad Rat Tail Haircut for Men

Beware the cringe-worthy disaster that’s the rat tail haircut, a regrettable style that can elicit strong reactions. This unfortunate hairstyle is characterized by a long, thin strand of hair left dangling at the back of the head. It is unbecoming and unseemly, a relic of the past that should remain there. It’s inappropriate for any modern man.

The rat tail haircut not only looks unkempt and messy, but it also gives off a childish and immature vibe. It’s a style that lacks professionalism, making it unsuitable for any formal or professional setting.

If you want to avoid being the subject of ridicule, it’s best to stay away from this outdated and unflattering haircut choice.

Bad Skittles Hair

Picture yourself with a mullet that screams business in the front and party in the back. Add a rat tail to the mix, dangling like a rebellious statement of nonconformity.

On top, a flat top haircut adds an edgy touch to your overall look, making you stand out from the crowd. And let’s not forget about the emo fringe, framing your face with mystery and angst.

With this combination of hairstyles, you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go. But be warned, this unconventional look might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Bad Angular Flat Top Hairstyle

The angular flat top hairstyle is bold and modern, adding a sharp and sophisticated edge to your overall look, commanding attention wherever you go. However, the bad angular flat-top hairstyle should be avoided when it comes to bad men’s haircuts.

This haircut, when done poorly, can result in a disastrous outcome. The key to achieving a good angular flat top is precision. Unfortunately, some hair stylists lack the skill and attention to detail required for this hairstyle, resulting in an unbalanced and uneven look. The angles may be crooked, the top may be too long or too short, and the overall effect can be unflattering.

If you’re considering an angular flat top, find a skilled stylist who can execute it perfectly, or else you might end up with a bad men’s haircut.

Awkward Undercut Bad Hairstyle for Men

Avoiding the awkward undercut hairstyle will ensure you maintain a stylish and confident look that keeps heads turning in admiration.

The undercut has become a popular choice among men, but certain variations can be unsuitable and inadmissible for many individuals. The awkward undercut, in particular, is a hairstyle that should be avoided at all costs.

This hairstyle typically features an uneven and unflattering length contrast between the longer hair on top and the shaved sides. It can create an unbalanced and messy appearance that is far from stylish.

While the undercut can be a versatile and trendy option, choosing a more suitable variation that complements your face shape and hair type is essential. By avoiding the awkward undercut, you can maintain a sleek and polished look that will leave others wondering how you did it.

11 Bad Celebrities Haircuts

Try not to cringe when you see celebrities with questionable hairstyle choices. It’s surprising how even the most famous and stylish men can end up with bad haircuts. From bizarre mullets to uneven bangs, these celebrities have made some regrettable choices regarding their hair.

It’s almost as if they hired a stylist determined to make them look as ridiculous as possible. But hey, at least they can afford to experiment and take risks with their hair.

For us regular guys, it’s a reminder to always do our research and choose a reliable hairstylist. Because no one wants to end up on a list of bad men’s haircuts like these celebrities.

Justin Timberlake Bad Haircut

Justin Timberlake’s questionable haircut left fans scratching their heads as if a rogue stylist had taken a pair of scissors to his iconic locks. Known for his suave style, Timberlake’s recent hair mishap disappointed many.

The usually well-groomed singer opted for a drastic change that didn’t quite hit the mark. His once cool and trendy hair now seemed messy and unkempt. Fans couldn’t help but wonder what went wrong.

Justin Timberlake’s bad haircut is a cautionary tale for men looking to experiment with their hairstyles. It reminds us that even celebrities can make hair mistakes. So, before you try something bold and daring, do your research and consult a professional stylist who understands the intricacies of men’s haircuts.

Brad Pitt Bad Haircut

With his disheveled locks and uneven strands, Brad Pitt’s bad haircut left fans wondering if a blindfolded stylist had taken a wild stab at his iconic mane.

Known for his suave and unforgettable appearance, Pitt’s unfortunate haircut choice disappointed many. The usually polished actor seemed to have fallen victim to a less-than-stellar trim.

The internet had comments and memes mocking his untamed and unruly hair. While Pitt’s bad haircut may have been a one-time mishap, it serves as a reminder that even the most attractive celebrities can make questionable choices regarding their hair. It’s a good reminder for men everywhere to choose their haircuts wisely and avoid the pitfalls of bad haircuts.

Shia LaBeouf Bad Haircut

Imagine yourself cringing in disbelief as you witness Shia LaBeouf’s wild and unruly hairstyle that leaves you questioning his sanity and taste in grooming.

In bad haircuts, Shia stands out like a sore thumb. It’s as if he took inspiration from a bird’s nest and decided to replicate it on his head. The unkempt mess of hair seems to defy gravity, with strands flying in every direction. It’s a complete disregard for any semblance of style or decency.

One can’t help but wonder if Shia intentionally chose this bad haircut as an artistic expression or if he lost a bet. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that this hairstyle should serve as a cautionary tale for men’s haircuts everywhere.

Jonah Hill Bad Haircut

Prepare to be shocked by Jonah Hill’s unconventional and daring hairstyle that will make you question everything you thought you knew about grooming.

Jonah Hill’s name often comes up in the conversation when it comes to bad haircuts. It’s no secret that he’s had his fair share of questionable hairstyles over the years. From buzz cuts gone wrong to awkwardly long locks, he’s tried it all.

But what sets his bad haircuts apart is the confidence he rocks them. Jonah Hill embraces his unique style and doesn’t let a bad haircut define him, whether it’s a disheveled mess or an asymmetrical disaster.

David Beckham Bad Haircut

David Beckham’s daring and unexpected hairstyle will transport you to a realm of creativity and individuality, leaving a lasting impression on your style. Known for his impeccable fashion choices, Beckham’s bad haircut is a rare misstep in his flawless reputation.

In an attempt to push boundaries, he opted for a style that left many scratching their heads in confusion. The once-iconic soccer star, a trendsetter in men’s haircuts, seemed to have missed the mark with this choice.

While it’s commendable to experiment and take risks, this particular bad haircut has become a cautionary tale for those looking to make a statement with their hair. Beckham’s reputation may remain untarnished, but his choice of hairstyles serves as a reminder that even the most stylish individuals can have an off day.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bad Haircut

Ronaldo, known for his exceptional skills on the football field, also knows how to make a statement with his hair. One of his most memorable bad haircuts was the mohawk with a fringe. This bold choice showcased Ronaldo’s fearless attitude and willingness to push boundaries.

The mohawk, a strip of hair down the center of the head, combined with the fringe, created a unique and edgy look. While this haircut may not be for everyone, it undeniably demonstrated Ronaldo’s confidence and ability to not go unnoticed.

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo’s bad haircuts always leave a lasting impact.

Ryan Gosling Bad Haircut

When it comes to men’s hair, there are plenty of examples of bad haircuts, and Ryan Gosling has had his fair share. From questionable mullets to awkward bangs, he’s experimented with various looks that may not have always hit the mark. However, what sets him apart is his ability to embrace these bold choices with confidence, making them appear effortlessly cool.

Despite some questionable choices, Gosling’s hair has become a topic of conversation and even inspiration for those looking to push the boundaries of their own style.

While he may have had some bad haircuts over the years, Ryan Gosling turns them into statements that showcase his individuality and fearlessness.

Johnny Depp Bad Haircut

Known for his versatile acting skills and unique style, Depp has experimented with various hairstyles throughout his career. However, not all of them have been winners.

From eccentric fringes to unkempt locks, Depp has had his fair share of questionable choices regarding his hair. Whether it was for a movie role or his personal preference, there’s no denying that some of his haircuts have missed the mark.

Colin Farrell Bad Haircut

When you glimpse Colin Farrell’s unfortunate hairstyle, it’s hard not to cringe and wonder what he was thinking. The actor, known for his rugged good looks, has had his fair share of questionable haircuts throughout his career.

Perhaps none were as cringe-worthy as the one he sported with an unkempt mess of long, greasy locks.

The style was far from Farrell’s usual polished appearance, leaving many wondering if he had lost a bet or forgotten to visit a barber. With his usually handsome face hidden behind a curtain of unruly hair, it’s safe to say that the Colin Farrell bad haircut will go down in history as one of the most regrettable celebrity hair moments.

Robert Pattison Bad Haircut

Now, let’s turn our attention to another Hollywood heartthrob who unfortunately fell victim to a less-than-flattering hairstyle: Robert Pattinson. Known for his role as the brooding vampire in the Twilight series, Pattinson’s bad haircut was hard to miss.

It seemed like he had taken a trip to the barber and asked for the ”I just rolled out of bed” look but ended up with something more akin to a messy bird’s nest. His usually tousled and charming locks were replaced with an unruly mop that did him no favors.

Fans and critics alike were left scratching their heads, wondering why such a handsome actor would choose such a disastrous hairstyle. Hopefully, Pattinson has since learned from this hair mishap and will stick to more flattering choices in the future.

Jared Leto Bad Haircut

Imagine yourself in the shoes of Jared Leto as he took a daring leap of faith with his hair, only to be met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Leto, known for his eclectic style choices, shocked the world when he debuted a questionable haircut that left many scratching their heads.

The Jared Leto bad haircut is a prime example of how even the most fashionable celebrities can make questionable grooming decisions. Leto’s unconventional style and willingness to take risks may have driven his choice, but it ultimately landed him on the list of bad men’s haircuts.

While some may argue that Leto’s haircut was a bold statement, it failed to resonate with most of his fan base. It shows that even the most talented individuals can have an off day regarding their personal style.


What are some alternative hairstyles for men with a bad reverse mohawk haircut?

If you have a bad reverse mohawk haircut, don’t worry! You can try alternative hairstyles like a classic crew cut, textured pompadour, or a sleek undercut to transform your look and regain confidence.

How can I fix a baby bang bad haircut for men without shaving my head?

To fix a baby bang bad haircut without shaving your entire head, consider growing out the bangs and styling them to blend with the rest of your hair. Use hair products like gel or wax to tame and shape them for a more cohesive look.

Are there any styling tips for men with a short bowl-cut bad haircut to make it look more modern?

To make a short bowl cut look more modern, start by adding texture with a matte hair product. Use a comb or your fingers to create a tousled, bedhead look. Finish with a light-hold hairspray for added definition.

What are some ways to correct a bad yellow hair color for men without damaging the hair further?

To correct a bad yellow hair color without causing more damage, try toning it with a purple shampoo or using a color-correcting product. Consult a professional hairstylist for the best advice.

How can I style my hair if I have a bad skullet haircut for men to make it look more presentable?

Style your hair after a bad skullet haircut using a comb to create volume on top and blend the longer hair with the shorter sides. Apply a styling product to add texture and hold.

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