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Braids for men are versatile and protective. Rakim Athelaston Mayers, popularly known by his stage name ASAP Rocky, is an American singer, rapper, record producer, and the man behind the famous ASAP Rocky hairstyle. ASAP Rocky’s signature hairstyle is boxed braids. Being in the hip-hop industry since 2007, ASAP Rocky has a unique style.

Most of the time, though, his hairstyle features a topknot with two long plaited braids hanging down from each side. The braids are knotless box braids and can work on hair of any length or texture. But you are better off doing the style on natural hair since relaxed or permed hair can get damaged.

Besides the knotless box braids, ASAP Rocky is also seen with his hair in cornrows, but most of the time, his hair is always in a protective style.

7 Top Hairstyles

Box Braids

Box braids are an iconic 90s style and have become a signature ASAP Rocky hairstyle. The braids feature spaces between the braids creating a triangular illusion. Some hairstylists and barbers refer to them as dreads or cornrows. You can pair the braids with goatees for black men to create an iconic and modern look.

Box Braids With Beads

Sometimes, ASAP Rock has worn his box braids with accessories like beads at the end. The braids make the hairstyle stand out more. If you want to spot box braids with beads, go for beads in a color that matches your skin or outfit. The beads also look great when they are close to the ends of the braids.

French Braids

The French braid hairstyle features two braids that fall towards the back, with the rest of the head clean-shaven.  To get this ASAP Rocky-inspired braid style, go to a professional. When it comes to maintaining cornrows like these, reinstall the braids when you notice the hair frizzing and use the best electric shavers for black men to clean-shave the rest of the hair. 

Also, cover your head with a fine cloth or handkerchief when sleeping to prevent any friction.  You can pair your French braids with a beard, but remember to use the world’s best beard oil for black men to maintain your mane. 

Braided Bun

Braided buns for men are some of the most versatile and stylish hairstyles. ASAP Rock sometimes wears his braids in a bun, which looks dashing. If you want to stand out even more, why not wear the braids as a bun? You can form the man bun by weaving the braids at the back and tying them with a ribbon. 

To add style, you can leave two braids hanging freely at the sides. You can also weave the braids into a mini bun and highlight the hairdo with a matching outfit. Remember to keep the braids short but still long enough to create a man bun.


Sometimes, ASAP Rocky wears his braids in different cornrow styles, including cornrows with middle parting and center-parted cornrows. 

The middle-parted cornrows feature a few thick braids parted in the middle in two halves, with each half of four to five braids falling to each side. This is an ideal hairdo for men who don’t like spending too much time styling their hair.  The center-parted cornrows feature braids that extend towards the back right with a distinctly visible center parting.

Spider Braids

The braids hang down from either side of the forehead, while the rest of the head is cropped with a spider web design look. Finish off the look by tying a small ponytail at the back. 

Braids With a Bandana

Wearing a bandana works well with ASAP Rocky braids, especially if you pair it with a matching outfit like Rocky.

ASAP Rocky Singer Wearing Braided Hairstyle

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How to Get 

Step 1 – Part down hair in the middle

Start by parting down the hair in the middle and then clip each side away using sectioning clips.

Step 2 – Begin creating box braids

Using a rat-tailed comb, begin creating box braids at the back. Divide the hair into four sections and cross-braid them. Once you’ve done your back, do the same on the sides. 

Step 3 – Create the side braids

Take the two plaits in front of your ears and tie them together to create one long braid. Do the same on the other side.

Step 4 – Wrap the braids around the top of the head

Take the two long braids and wrap them around the top of the head, creating ASAP Rock’s signature knotless box braid hairstyle. ASAP Rocky wears his box braids with a high bun, but you can also wear them in other styles like flat twists and cornrows.

How to Maintain 

Step 1 – Protect while sleeping

Braids are prone to friction, so to prevent that, ensure that you cover your head with a satin handkerchief while sleeping. This leaves the edges of your hair fresh and prevents the roots from drying.

Step 2 – Keep moisturized

When spotting ASAP Rock’s signature hairdo, keep the scalp and the braids moisturized. You can use water or an appropriate scalp moisturizer that doesn’t contain heavy gel. Don’t use moisturizers and lotions for beard or products that don’t have natural ingredients.

Step 3 – Wash twice a week

Wash your box braids at least twice a week. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. The best way to wash the braids is to dry-wash them with shampoo and water and then use a microfiber towel to dry them. To prevent itching, castor oil soothes the scalp under braids.

Step 4 – Don’t style too much

Styling box braids too much could damage your hairline in the long run. Good-looking hair comes down to the products you use, especially in the styling process hence the never-ending pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay debate.

Pomade remains the go-to styling product for most men, so consider using premium wave grease and pomades to style your box braids.

Step 5 – Reinstall every few weeks

To maintain the look, reinstall the braids every couple of weeks. For protective styling, keep the braids on for a short period.


Is ASAP Rocky’s hair relaxed?

Since high school, ASAP Rocky has worn his hair long and relaxed. Often, he ties it in perfect jaw-length and face-framing braids.

Does ASAP Rocky have knotless braids?

ASAP Rocky’s signature hairstyle features knotless box braids.

How often does ASAP Rocky wash his hair?

ASAP Rocky had to say how often he washes his hair, “For my hair, I don’t have to wash it as often because it’s just like easy. I can tie it down and wake up and grease it and make sure it’s still moist, and that’s it. For black people, dirt makes our hair grow. I know you probably don’t believe it, but it’s true. I wash my hair once a week.”

How long do box braids last?

Box braids typically last four to six weeks without any touchback as long as you maintain them well. Maintenance involves:

  • Trimming away flyaways.
  • Keeping the edges hydrated and smooth.
  • Ensuring that your scalp is always moisturized.

What product is best for maintaining braids?

Boxed braids are easy to maintain since it means fewer washes consisting of sectioning, detangling and deep conditioning. Use a creamy shampoo to clean your braids and a lightweight spray since traditional conditioners can weigh down the braids.

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