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Ryan Gosling is not only one of the best actors in Hollywood, but he is also one of the most attractive ones.

The boyish charm he has combined with his excellent physique is enough to get all the ladies going.

Ryan can turn things up a notch when growing a beard.

By adding facial hair to his baby face he gets a very manly appearance that a lot of guys would like to copy.

Unfortunately, not all of us can look like Ryan Gosling.

What we can do is copy one of his beard styles.

We went through some usual ways he likes to shape his beard and devised an ultimate guide about how to grow and trim your beard like Ryan Gosling.

It is actually a bit more difficult than it looks, but if you follow our pointers things get significantly better.

Without further ado, here is what you need to do to start.

Top 5 Ryan Gosling Beard Styles

Ryan Gosling has been seen sporting many noteworthy beard styles over the years, and his facial hair has a highly versatile quality to it, as he has pulled off such a wide range of styles. Here are some of our favorite Ryan Gosling beard styles:

  1. Medium Stubble

Ryan Gosling showing off his medium stubble look, paired with a well-groomed mustache left disjointed from the rest of the beard.

This look works both with and without the mustache, depending on your preference. Several days’ time is enough to pull off this look, as the stubble is longer than what you would get after a few days but not long enough to justify a long wait for growing time, as many other Ryan Gosling styles are.

  1. The Classy Look

Ryan Gosling looks classy as ever featuring this beard style. It takes a bit of maintenance to keep looking sharp all the time, as you want to keep the edges shaved to maintain a notable razor line. While this look might require a bit more upkeep, it is certainly worth the results.

  1. Trimmed Look

Ryan Gosling’s trimmed beard paired with his handlebar mustache is a fan favorite. In it, he keeps his beard trimmed short and allows it to follow the jawline, and pairs it with a handlebar mustache to top the entire look off. Whether you choose to opt for the mustache, this is a great option to try on your own!

Ryan Gosling mustache style

    1. Soft Neck Beard

This Ryan Gosling beard style is one of our favorites. It’s a casual look that perfectly pairs with absolutely any outfit and has extremely attractive results.

Simply allow the neck hair to grow out along with the rest of your beard and mustache, and add a soft goatee. Keeping this beard nourished with beard oil or beard balm will help it to look soft and sexy.

Tools to Grow This Beard Style

When trying to grow a Ryan Gosling beard, it’s important to have certain tools available in your arsenal to make sure you can groom it properly.

Some of the tools you will need include a pair of trimmers to keep your beard clean cut and at the length that you like it, and a high-quality beard comb that will care for your hair well and make it easy to groom without causing split ends.

In addition, to keep your beard soft to the touch and easy to comfortably run your fingers through without encountering any tangles, you should invest in a quality beard oil or beard balm.

This will help your beard to stay manageable and easy to style, not to mention making it look much neater and well kept.

How to Grow a Ryan Gosling Beard

Ryan Gosling tends to keep his beard shorter, which is great news for anyone trying to grow their own Ryan Gosling beard and show off his same style to the world.

It means that you don’t have to wait as long for your facial hair to grow out to the appropriate length, and fortunately, this is one of the easier celebrity beard styles to imitate as it is a relatively simple style.

The simplicity of the Ryan Gosling beard style is part of the appeal, as It gives a carelessly sexy appearance that should not be overlooked.

To begin growing your Ryan Gosling beard, you should let your facial hair grow out for about a month or two to accomplish the length you need to style the beard properly.

Allow your mustache and sideburns to grow out too so you can style it properly and get the most stunning results.

Once your hair is appropriately grown out to the length that you like, you need to groom the beard to look like Ryan Gosling’s. To do this, allow the mustache to face into the rest of the beard, and trim hair along the jawline so it fades as it reaches the cheeks.

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