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Tom Hardy is currently one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

We don’t just mean that from the popularity standpoint, we also view it from the physical perspective and a lot of it has to be credited to his beard.

Tom actually sports a variety of beard styles.

You can see him sporting a long one or a shorter version.

Each one of these looks is a lady killer.

To create an epic Tom Hardy beard, simply follow the instructions that we’ve provided in this article.

As long as you stick to all the steps, you can hope to get a really good Tom Hardy look.

Whether you want a rugged Hardy look or a classic one, we went through all of them and included all the pieces of advice you will need to become the next Venom, or Lethal Protector as he likes to call himself.

Tom Hardy’s Top 5 Beard Styles

Tom Hardy has shown off many beard styles over the years, leaving his fans everywhere absolutely enamored by the versatility of his beard and his incredible ability to be able to pull off various styles.

Regally Rugged

This regal and rugged look suits Tom Hardy excellently. It features a full beard and mustache for a filled out and luxurious look with a touch of ruggedness. The growth on his face is not well defined by razor lines, giving him the unkempt and sexy look.

Regally Rugged

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Classically Distinguished

Here, Tom Hardy shows off a well-groomed and classy look, with a close razor cut hairstyle that he keeps well maintained to make it look and most likely, feel soft.

Leaving a few stray hairs on his chin to complete this look, Hardly looks sophisticated and distinguished at the same time.

Classically Distinguished

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The Bushy Beard

Tom Hardy is obviously busy being an actor and producer, making him favor no-fuss styling techniques. Here, he sports a neatly trimmed beard to display a uniform length, keeping his mustache hugging neatly against his lip. His slicked back hairstyle is the perfect way to top off this look.

The Bushy Beard

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Tom Hardy Goatee

With his bushy beard and accentuated goatee, Tom Hardy can pull off this look seamlessly without the beard coming off as scruffy or scratchy. The key to keeping his beard looking this smooth and soft here is regular conditioning.

Tom Hardy Goatee

Tom Hardy’s Versatile Style

Clearly, there is no singular beard style that Hardy is always associated with. His beard style is constantly changing and evolving, making it easy to find several styles to choose between and maybe add a personal and unique twist to it!

Tom Hardy’s Versatile Style

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How to Grow a Tom Hardy Beard

If you want to pull off the same red carpet look like Tom Hardy and have the ladies swooning after you and your sexy bearded perfection, then why not try to grow a Tom Hardy beard yourself?

There are many Tom Hardy beard styles you could try out, so it should be easy to find the one that suits your face shape and personality, allowing you to perfectly express yourself.

The most compelling part of the Tom Hardy’s beard is the versatility it offers, as the actor himself has been known to go from a full-blown, luxurious beard style to sexy stubble in no time at all.

He is always tweaking his beard style to keep things unique and fresh and if you are looking to imitate his beard style, that means you can too.

To start growing your Tom Hardy beard, you need to let it grow out to the desired length. Keep it short and well-groomed, paired with a significantly thick goatee and mustache.

Let your facial hair grow out until you think it is long enough to achieve this classic Tom Hardy style.

How to Groom It

You’ll want to keep a picture of the Tom Hardy beard that you like the most so you can refer to it in the grooming process.

You are going to want to leave your mustache and goatee reasonably thick, and simply trim your beard to a shorter length that fades as it reaches your cheeks. This classic, regal look is one of the most well-known images of Tom Hardy.

As this actor frequently adjusts the style of his beard, you can too. You can let it grow out for a grizzlier look over time, and then trim it to accentuate the goatee and leave the beard as a light stubble.

This beard style is a favorite of many because of how versatile it is and how easy it is to switch up over time to always keep things fresh and new.

Tools Needed to Grow It

If you are going to attempt to grow a Tom Hardy beard, you are going to want to keep the right tools on hand. The tools of a typical beard arsenal are enough to get the job done.

Some of the things you should always have in your home with you so you are prepared to endeavor any beard style includes a beard trimmer, a beard comb and a beard moisturizer to help keep your facial hair nourished and healthy.

Some products you could try include beard balm and beard oil, both of which are intended to keep your beard manageable, soft and luxurious.

You will also be able to tell the difference in how your beard looks as well when you use these tools in the grooming process because your beard will be much easier to style and result in a much sexier, more manly look.

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