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What Is Beeswax for Hair

Beeswax is a natural material made by honeybees. They use this material to construct the honeycomb where they store honey. Since ancient times, people have used beeswax for its medicinal benefits.

It was also famous for 60s hairstyles, especially when you are going for a greaser style. Today, beeswax is typically used as the main ingredient in many hair styling products mainly because of its many benefits.


Locks In Moisture

Beeswax contains a lot of Vitamin A, which helps keep your hair moisturized. Aside from providing additional moisture, Vitamin A also helps the hair retain it.

This means that beeswax can prevent your hair from drying. If it is already quite frizzy, beeswax can prevent it from worsening.

Helps Tame Unruly Hair

Is your hair frizzy, always flies away, and does not seem to cooperate most of the time? If so, then you need to use hair products that contain beeswax. In the battle between pomade vs. wax vs. gel vs. clay, you might also want to consider beeswax.

Popular hair styling products for a blowout hairstyle usually contain, or are mainly made from, beeswax. It has just the right consistency and holding power that beeswax can easily keep your hairstyle intact.

If you like to brush up your hair, beeswax products ensure that every hair strand is always in place.

Prevents Split Ends

If you have trouble with split ends in your hair, use beeswax. Apply it after trimming off the ends to prevent this hair problem from happening again. The beeswax helps seal the hair’s cuticle, making it stronger and more resistant to breaking.

Scraping Wax From the Tin and Applying It to the Hair

Helps With Scalp Conditions

Aside from moisturizing the hair strands, beeswax can also soothe and treat scalp conditions. If you tend to get dry and itchy scalp, switch your hair products to one that contains beeswax and you will notice that it will not happen again.

Beeswax and Hair Types

Textured Hair

All kinds of textured hair, curly or kinky, will benefit significantly from beeswax. Because of their weight and consistency, hair care products with beeswax are often the only ones that can help style textured or puffy hair.

Dry and Frizzy Hair

You will benefit from beeswax if you have dry and frizzy hair. It provides moisture to your hair but not as much as other moisturizing products.

But where beeswax shines is also how it seals in the moisture in the hair strands. This means you need haircare products that contain moisturizing ingredients and beeswax.

How to Use

Step 1 – Use a tiny amount

Because beeswax is quite heavy, you should use as little of it as possible and a bit more until you are satisfied. Start with half a fingernail’s size dollop and work it into your hair. If you have a faded curly mullet, a small amount will do fine.

Step 2 – Rub it in your palms 

You should not apply beeswax directly to your hair. You have to rub it into your palms first. The heat from your palms will melt the beeswax, making it easier to work into your hair.

Step 3 – Work it into your hair

Use your fingers to massage the beeswax into your hair. Concentrate on getting it up to the ends of the strands. Continue massaging the beeswax into your hair until you do not feel any residue on your hands anymore.

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Step 4 – Style

Once you have applied enough beeswax to your hair, you can proceed to use a comb or brush to style your hair. It is better to use a hair brush because it can help distribute the beeswax more evenly in your hair.

How to Remove 

Step 1 – Apply warm olive oil

If you have long hair, use quite a lot of olive oil. Get a jug of cheap olive oil, put some in a small bowl, and microwave it until it is hot, but not so much that it can burn you. Apply the warm olive oil carefully to your hair and let it soak for a few minutes.

Step 2 – Wash using dish soap

To remove the excess greasiness from the beeswax and olive oil, use a bit of dishwashing soap to wash your hair. It should be just enough to create a lather and then rinse.

Step 3 – Wash using a moisturizing shampoo

After removing all the oil, finish the job using a moisturizing shampoo. You should use a hair conditioner to prevent your hair from drying. You can also use a bit of hair tonic to prevent damage.


Can Clog the Pores of the Scalp

If you are using pure beeswax, avoid getting it on your scalp. Beeswax is quite thick and sticky and can clog the skin’s pores. This can lead to skin irritation.

Hard to Remove

As mentioned above, removing pure beeswax from your hair takes a lot of effort. Unlike some other hair styling products that you can rinse off with water, it is crucial to undergo a tedious process to remove beeswax.


Is beeswax good for hair?

Yes, it contains many vitamins, particularly Vitamin A, which nourishes the hair and locks in moisture.

Is beeswax good for frizzy hair?

Yes. Because of its thick consistency, beeswax is ideal for taming wild and frizzy hair. It is also the go-to for hairstyles for gay men and also if you want to sport surfer’s hair.

Does beeswax wash out of hair?

No. You will need to melt it off using warm olive oil before washing it away using dishwashing soap.

If I am allergic to bees, can I use beeswax?

There is a slim chance that you might be allergic to beeswax if you are allergic to bee stings. However, to be safe, do a small test patch on your skin before using beeswax on your hair.


Beeswax has many different uses, one of which is for styling curly hairstyles. You can go for pure beeswax, which has a lot of different benefits for the hair but notes that it also comes at a price.

Also, keep in mind that beeswax is not water-soluble, so you cannot simply wash it off using just water. If you do not want to hassle yourself with the tedious process of beeswax removal, you can opt for commercial hair products that contain the stuff.

These are easier to use and you will still get the same benefits.

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