Patchy Mustache

There is nothing worse than a patchy mustache.

A lot of guys are facing the problem of having a really thin mustache and feel really anxious about it.

No wonder, since being able to grow a big, bushy mustache is considered manly, which creates tension for people that can’t.

Constantly thinking about your patchy mustache will reduce your confidence and there’s no need for that. 

Especially not since there is a way for you to grow a thicker mustache.

Actually, there is more way than one and we here have the ultimate guide you need to revive your patchy mustache.

There are no tips here, just pure and simple pieces of advice that work.

If you follow this step-by-step guide, you will start getting results quicker than you thought possible.

Shall we?

What Are Some Common Causes of Patchy Mustache


Your age can contribute to your patchy mustache. Note that it is not true that only aging men will experience having a patchy mustache. It can also happen even to young boys, particularly those who have just reached puberty since their facial hair is still at the early growth phase.

It is also possible to see a patchy mustache during the first phase of growing your mustache. This problem does not also have to do with hair loss. It is just that a patchy mustache is highly likely during the first time you decide to grow one.

If that happens, you can deal with it with the help of mustache grooming products containing plenty of minerals and nutrients, like the world’s best mustache wax. Beard oil will work perfectly, too. These products can make your mustache grow thicker regardless of how young or old you are when you experience patchiness in the area.


Your genes also have a say in whether you will have thick beard/facial hair or a patchy and thin mustache. If your father, brothers, and other close relatives sport full mustaches or beards, then there is a high chance for you to grow a thick one, too. Genetics can, therefore, contribute a lot when it comes to your facial hair growth.

Gap in the Middle

Your patchy beard may also be caused by the hair gap you can find in the mid-part of your mustache. The specific area where you can find the gap is the philtrum. It refers to the particular spot where you can see your nose starting to bend down.

Note that if you have this gap, you do not have to worry as it is entirely normal. Your mustache may look patchy or irregular in that area, but it should not be a cause of concern as it is normal for your hair not to grow in that specific facial part. The reason is that it has a different set of genes.

Improper Care

Improperly caring for your mustache or beard can also lead to it becoming patchy. This means that your mustache lacks the maintenance that it desperately needs. Remember that similar to the need to care for the hair on your scalp correctly, it is also crucial to provide the mustache with the same level of care.

Growing a thin beard so that it becomes fuller eventually requires the use of high-quality grooming products regularly. Ensure that you use products with zero or only minimal synthetic materials. It is also necessary to include moisturizing facial hair and skin beneath as part of your regular beard care routine.

Trimming Your Patchy Mustache

Common Causes of Patchy Mustache - Trimming

Trimming inappropriately and at the wrong time may also trigger the development of a patchy beard. Note that the hair found on the upper part of your lip often grows slower than the remaining hair on your face. Aside from that, upper lip hair also comes with a shorter terminal length.

This causes some men, whose mustache growth can be considered weak, to trim it too early. This is a mistake you should avoid making. Remember that it would even take months for a mustache to grow the right way. It may even surprise you to know that thick and attractive mustaches often cover your upper lip completely and overlap it. You may not see it as it is often waxed to the side.

With that in mind, avoid trimming your mustache immediately once you notice that it begins overlapping into your mouth. What you should do, instead, is apply a mustache wax with the help of a premium mustache comb and style the hair to the sides. Wait a bit before trimming to make your mustache get your desired thickness and fullness.


Shaving to make your beard or mustache grow thicker is not also a good idea. You won’t even discover a suitable mechanism to encourage your facial hair to grow thicker after shaving. Some who did it even reported the opposite. This means that their mustache became patchy, instead of getting fuller and thicker, after a shave.

Light Color

If your mustache has a light color, it is also a high chance of looking patchy. This means that light-colored ones appear patchier compared to darker mustaches. The reason is that the darker ones tend to absorb a higher amount of visible light. They are also capable of building a sharper contrast with most skin colors or tones.

If you want to stop your mustache from looking patchy despite it being light-colored naturally, you can dye it using a darker color. Just avoid jumping into an extremely dark one. Do it slowly to look natural while you also continue following the steps to grow your beard faster.

Mustache Products Quality

The quality of the grooming products you use for your mustache also says whether or not you will have a patchy beard. If you use low-quality products, expect your mustache to show some baldness or patches. There are also instances when these products react negatively with your follicles, leading to patchiness. In that case, you may want to change the ones you are using and choose those known for their top-notch quality. Using Minoxidil, a hair-thickening product can also help.

How to Grow a Thicker Mustache Naturally

How to Grow a Thicker Mustache Naturally

Step 1 – Let it grow naturally for several months

Note that the mustache may grow slower compared to your remaining facial hair. It may be slow, but be patient and avoid trimming it just yet.

Step 2 – Trim only after 4 to 6 months

As mentioned earlier, you should not trim your mustache right away if you want it to grow thicker. In most cases, it takes up to four months of growing your beard before you will notice your mustache beginning to look good. It would also take up to six months before your upper lip will have sufficient bulk so you can trim a nice-looking shape for your mustache that’s also thick enough.

Step 3 – Stick to a balanced and healthy diet

Your diet plan should consist of foods that can supply your mustache or facial hair with the nutrients it needs to grow fuller and thicker. Remember that growing a mustache or facial hair requires plenty of calories and the appropriate minerals and vitamins.

Your hormones also need to be involved in the process of making thicker hair appear over your lip. This is why you have to take in foods with crucial beard nutrients, like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, selenium, magnesium, copper, iodine, and zinc.

Step 4 – Stimulate with a beard roller

This product contains several tiny needles that can stimulate your mustache if you roll it over the area. The recommended needle size for this purpose is 0.5 to 0.75 mm. If you choose that size, it is necessary to use the roller on your facial hair twice or thrice weekly instead of daily.

Step 5 – Use a beard brush

Use this brush along with other mustache styling products. One example is a mustache wax that is useful in making you look more polished.

How to Style Patchy Mustache Perfectly

Step 1 – Choose the perfect style for you

Since you have a patchy mustache, it helps to ask your barber for opinions about the best way to style it. You may also want to straighten your curly beard if you have one to make the area look better.

Step 2 – Style using mustache wax

The use of this wax will promote ease in styling your patchy mustache so that it will appear thicker. The reason is that the wax will help the hair go in a single direction instead of multiple ones, making it look fuller. Just make sure to apply a mustache wax explicitly made for styling your beard and mustache.

Step 3 – Apply the wax using your beard brush

A wise tip in styling your mustache correctly once you reach this step is to begin from its middle part. After that, use the beard brush to comb the strands to the side.

Best Tools

You don’t have to worry if you have a patchy mustache, as there are still ways to make them look more presentable. Aside from learning about various mustache styles that stood the test of time, it also helps to invest in the following grooming products designed specifically for a patchy mustache.

  • Biotin cream. You can use this one to support the growth of your facial hair and mustache naturally. It contains a lot of B-vitamins that give your hair follicles adequate support.
  • Beard oils and balms. These oils and balms are also good for your patchy mustache as they help in conditioning and moisturizing your mustache hair. They also do the same for the skin beneath your beard.
  • Hair growth shampoo. Make sure to choose a gentle and safe daily medicated shampoo. It should contain hair growth ingredients like zinc, keratin, and biotin.
  • Beard brush or comb. You can use this brush or comb to apply the wax for styling your patchy mustache.
  • Mustache wax. High-quality mustache wax is also an incredible grooming product for a patchy mustache, as it can make an illusion that it is thicker and fuller. It also provides an excellent shape to your mustache while still in its growth stage.

Best Patchy Mustache Styles

Best Patchy Mustache Styles

Hungarian Patchy Mustache

The Hungarian style requires growing your facial hair or mustache for several months, no matter how thin or patchy it is. The goal of having this look is to make your mustache cover your upper lip completely. With its thick and prominent nature, the Hungarian mustache will appear bushy regardless of the thinness of each strand.

Chevron Patchy Mustache

If you prefer a neat patchy mustache style that you can easily and quickly do, you can go for the Chevron. It also works perfectly for you in case you have straight facial hair.

Pencil Patchy Mustache

The pencil style is also worthwhile to try if you have a patchy mustache. It is the style that celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Erroll Flynn, sport. The style takes pride in its vintage appeal but is prepared to care for it as it needs more maintenance than the others.

Scruffy Patchy Mustache

This style for your patchy mustache often comes along with stubble. It is an excellent choice if you prefer one style easily. It also works for anyone still at the beginning or early stage of mustache growth.

Lando Patchy Mustache

Another style for a patchy mustache that is famous because of being easy and quick to maintain and style is the Lando. Compared to the others, this style allows your mustache to appear a bit larger and swagger. You can expect this mustache to be styled in a way that it will never cross your upper lip. You also have to taper it from all sides.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Let it grow naturally. Be patient when dealing with a patchy mustache. No matter how tempting it is to trim it, wait for a few months before finally doing it. Allow it to grow naturally to its full potential first.
  • Invest in high-quality beard grooming kits. Remember that your patchy beard will appear uneven and sometimes unsightly. You need to use the right grooming products: quality beard conditioner and beard oil. These products are necessary for making your mustache more manageable.
  • Provide your beard or facial hair with proper nourishment. Note that a lack of nutrients may bring on patchiness. Aside from applying quality beard oil, take supplements that support beard growth. Ensure that you are also eating foods containing vitamins and minerals capable of supporting the thick growth of your beard and mustache.


  • Do not use chemical treatments and procedures. Keep in mind how sensitive the skin around your face is. Constant exposure to chemicals may only cause your skin to get inflamed and irritated, which can also affect the growth of your mustache.
  • Do not shave or trim. Until the required number of months for full mustache and beard growth is attained.
    FAQ About Patchy Mustaches

Quick Tips to Grow a Thicker Mustache

  • Let your beard ultimately develop. Note that mustache and whiskers have a strong relationship, which means that you will have a hard time growing one without the other. With that said, allow the full development of your facial hair to lead to a well-developed mustache. Avoid shaving or trimming it too quickly if you focus on having a thick mustache.
  • Adhere to your preferred mustache pattern. Keep in mind that your mustache is prone to growing out of pattern if uncontrolled. It is also possible for the growth rate to go down if you allow the growth of your mustache without any pattern. Fortunately, you can pick from a wide range of patterns, but it is highly recommended to go for that style, which supports the growth of a full mustache.
  • Brush regularly. Once you have chosen your pattern, it is advisable to brush in the appropriate direction for proper styling periodically. This should help in enhancing faster mustache growth. Make it a point to use a fine-toothed comb, too – one that perfectly suits the exact thickness of your facial growth.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. It can also benefit you if you put on a facial wash based on herbs. Good hygiene is necessary for preventing clogged pores and weak growth.
  • Supplement with protein. Remember how important protein is in your diet if you want your hair and mustache to thrive. The good thing about protein is that it supplies your hair with keratin that supports thick and quick growth. Some of the best food sources of protein are cereals, dairy products, and eggs.


Why is my mustache becoming patchy?

Several factors could cause your mustache to become patchy. It could be your age, genetics, lack of proper nourishment, poor hygiene and lifestyle, specific skin and hair conditions, and hormonal imbalance.

Another possible reason is wrong facial hair or beard grooming products. This is why you have to examine the products you use and apply to your beard and ensure that you are using the safest and most appropriate ones.

Is a patchy mustache unattractive?

It could become unattractive if you do not style it appropriately. Fortunately, you can now style your mustache in various ways to make the patchiness less visible or to make the area look more appealing. Just pick a mustache style that perfectly fits you.

How do I fix my mustache patch?

There are several ways to fix a mustache patch – one of which is to brush your beard regularly to give it the best style. Brushing should form part of your regular beard and mustache care as it can contribute to making the area look healthier and fuller.

Regular brushing can also promote blood flow in patchy and bald spots. Moreover, it can volumize the area, stimulate your follicles, and eventually lead to proper growth. Combine this tip with the use of beard wax, as well as nourishing your body with appropriate nutrients that support hair growth to maximize its effects.

Should I let my mustache grow if it is patchy?

Yes, you should. Note that your mustache hair has a slower growth pace than your remaining facial hair. This means that it is natural for your mustache to appear patchy as your remaining beard also grows. Allow your mustache to grow for several months before modifying its length or shape.

Which beard oil fills in patches?

Anyone knows how beneficial beard oil is when caring for your mustache or facial hair. It contains essential oils that aid in resolving patchy spots. The oils are also good for your skin. The best beard oil that you can use has antimicrobial properties as they aid in removing bacteria from the skin that halt the growth of your hair.

A beard oil-primarily based on castor oil, can also greatly benefit patchy mustache and beard. The reason is that castor oil is effective in resolving dryness and split ends because of its hydrating and moisturizing properties.

How can I stimulate my mustache to grow?

One way to stimulate the growth of your mustache is by combing or brushing it every day. It should help in making your mustache grow denser and fuller. Avoid trimming or shaving your mustache, too. This should stimulate the growth of a full mustache soon.

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