Hungarian Mustache and Beard

A Hungarian beard and mustache is a specific combination that not a lot of men can pull off.

First of all, don’t think that the style is only native to people from Hungary, everyone can rock it.

It just takes more effort than some other styles.

Combining a beard with a mustache perfectly is what all of us want to do.

If you happen to mismatch things, you’ll end up with a really awkward-looking combo.

In order to help you not mix apples and oranges, it is always best to get the hang of it from the start.

For that reason, we have created a list of some nice Hungarian mustaches and beards that go well together.

We’ve also added a quick guide that will help you style and maintain them as well.

What Is a Hungarian Mustache

A Hungarian mustache and beard is a big, bushy mustache style covering the upper lips and curling to the sides.

The corners of the mustache curl up, making it resemble a perfect handlebar mustache. The only difference is that the Hungarian mustache is bigger and thicker.

The Hungarian mustache has no definitive length. However, you at least need 1.5 inches of facial hair growth for the mustache to take the shape of a Hungarian mustache.

Different Beard Styles

Thick Mustache With a Boxed Beard

Thick Mustache With a Boxed Beard


A boxed beard goes well with all types of mustaches. You can therefore combine a boxed beard with a thick Hungarian mustache and you will still look good.

Big Mustache Without a Beard

Big Mustache Without a Beard

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If you want to grow a Hungarian mustache but have little to no facial hair on the cheeks or chin, you can do with a thick and big Hungarian mustache.

Small Mustache With a Beard

Small Mustache With a Beard

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A Hungarian mustache doesn’t have to be too big. You can grow a small mustache and couple that with a full beard.

Unkempt Mustache With a Bushy Beard

Unkempt Mustache With a Bushy Beard

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If you can’t grow lots of hair on your upper lip, a patchy unkempt Hungarian mustache will go well with a bushy beard.

Huge Mustache Sitting Lower on the Face

Huge Mustache Sitting Lower on the Face

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If you want to go all the way, allow your Hungarian mustache to grow long. It should droop lower on your cheeks to resemble a horseshoe mustache but curling to the sides. You can combine such a mustache with light stubble and a clean-shaven neck.

Big Mustache and Beard Combination

Big Mustache and Beard Combination

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This style is known as “the Bandholz.” It involves combining a big Hungarian mustache with a ducktail beard.

Well-Groomed Mustache With a Beard

Well-Groomed Mustache With a Beard

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You can still rock a Hungarian mustache if you have a short beard. The only thing you need to ensure is that the mustache is trimmed and styled nicely.

Patchy Chin Beard With a Hungarian Mustache

Patchy Chin Beard With a Hungarian Mustache

Some men can’t grow full and thick beards. If your beard grows in patches, you can still rock the Hungarian mustache look by combining the mustache with a chin beard.

Hungarian Beardstache

Hungarian Beardstache

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If you are rocking the Hungarian beardstache, your mustache should not connect fully with the rest of your beard. Most of the time, the facial hair should be a heavy stubble.

Hingarian Extended Valrus

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Hungarian Chevron

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Hungarian Petit Handlebar


Hingarian Verdi


Benefits of Growing One

A majority of men are not so keen on growing mustaches for fear of how they would look. Yes, a horseshoe mustache may not suit you well, but there are so many other mustache styles you can try. The Hungarian mustache is one such mustache. Here are a few benefits of growing this kind of mustache and beard.


The good thing about a Hungarian mustache is that it goes with anything. It will look good on a clean-shaven face and maybe even better on a full-bearded face. 


The Hungarian mustache is best suited for men who aren’t afraid to turn a few heads. The mustache style is daring and is an excellent choice if you are not afraid to experiment with different beard styles.

Very Attractive

Benefits of Growing a Hungarian Mustache and Beard

Some women like their men shaved, while some prefer a full-bearded face. The same goes for mustaches.

The Hungarian mustache, as mentioned earlier, is very bold and daring and is not a common beard style. A Hungarian mustache makes for a very attractive, manly look when groomed well.


Mustaches are unique iconic and enhance a man’s masculinity. But no mustaches are as iconic as those that fall in the Handlebar mustache family, like the Hungarian mustache and beard.

How Does It Work

The Hungarian mustache is big and bushy and looks amazing when paired with a beard or a clean-shaven face.

The mustache takes time to grow and looks well-defined when it reaches about 1.5 inches which should take you about three to four months to achieve.

This type of mustache looks terrific but requires a lot of styling. It can look messy when it’s not styled since the hairs can drop over the upper lip and into your mouth.

The Hungarian mustache is styled to the sides, with the sides curling up a bit. It’s just like defining a Mexican mustache or a handlebar mustache, except that the Hungarian mustache is bigger and thicker.

Short History of This Beard Style

Hungarian Mustaches and Different Beard Styles

There are so many theories that explain the growth in popularity of the Hungarian mustache. The first theory is that when the Hapsburg monarchy collapsed in the mid-19th century, Hungary experienced a strong cultural and pluralistic phenomenon.

During that time, a strong nationalist sentiment would rise to unite the people. Mustaches symbolized military manliness and inclusivity that represented the anti-monarchist liberalism sweeping across the entire country.

The movement represented male privilege and it was during this time the Hungarian mustache grew in popularity.

The second theory is that in the mid-19th century, a strong dislike towards beards grew across the Habsburg monarchy.

Beards were so disliked that the monarchy imposed a fine on any man who insisted on growing a beard. Passive resistance would rise among a few men.

These men began growing massive mustaches and neckbeards that would be paired with clean-shaven chins and cheeks. And the Hungarian mustache was born.

Pros and Cons


  • The Hungarian mustache is enough to turn a few heads when styled well. The mustache style is unique, and not many men can pull it off.
  • The mustache is classy and stylish.
  • It is versatile since you can wear it with a beard or a clean-shaven face.

Pros and Cons of Hungarian Mustaches and Beards


  • It can take up to four months to grow a proper Hungarian mustache, something that might not sit well with many men.
  • The mustache style takes a lot of time to style and maintain and you, therefore, need to be dedicated to caring for it.
  • Usually, eating and drinking with a mustache and beard can be a nuisance and the Hungarian beard is no different. Such a mustache can get into your food and drinks, which can be rather annoying.

How to Grow It

Step 1 – Give it time to grow

A Hungarian mustache takes a lot of time to grow. Usually, most men transition from a traditional Handlebar mustache to a Hungarian mustache. Ideally, growing a proper Hungarian mustache takes about three to four months if you are growing one from scratch.

Step 2 – Allow the hair to grow on the upper lip

The Hungarian mustache is defined by sides that curl upwards. Therefore allow the hair on your upper lip to grow out a bit to about a centimeter long. A Hungarian mustache is different from a Handlebar mustache due to its size and thickness. So while at it, allow the hair’s width to grow as wide as possible.

Step 3 – Keep the rest of your face clean-shaven

While a Hungarian beard looks good with a full beard, it looks better if your face is clean-shaven.

When growing this type of mustache, keep the chin, neck, and cheeks clean-shaven to enhance the mustache and the overall look.

Step 4 – Invest in the right shaving tools and products

Like with every beard and mustache style, you will do so much better if you have the proper shaving and trimming tools and beard products.

The world’s best stubble trimmer, scissors, and a compact mustache comb will go a long way in helping trim and style your Hungarian mustache.

While at it, you might want to invest in a good quality shaving cream to reduce irritation. Also, consider including beard oil in your daily routine for styling your mustache.

How to Shape and Trim It

How to Shape and Trim a Hungarian Mustache and Beard

Your Hungarian mustache will look good if you trim and shape it regularly. To achieve that, consider the following guide to beardstache trimming and shaping.

Step 1 – Trim with mustache scissors

Like with a Mexican or classic Handlebar mustache, trim your Hungarian mustache using a good pair of mustache scissors.

Trim the mustache outline such that the widest part will be the middle while the outermost edges are narrow.

You can even trim a little gap in the middle underneath the nose to help define the mustache even more.

Step 2 – Invest in good quality beard wax

Premium mustache wax is the first thing you need to grow a Hungarian mustache. The ends of a Hungarian mustache should curl upwards and that can only be achieved if you use beard wax.

How to Maintain One

Step 1 – Trim the mustache regularly

When you start growing a Hungarian mustache, you won’t need to trim it as much. You only need to do the trimming at least once a week.

To trim the mustache with ease, use a pair of mustache scissors to remove any growth that goes over the upper lip.

Step 2 – Clean-shave the rest of your face

If you don’t want to grow a full beard or can only grow a patchy beard, keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven will help enhance the mustache. Use a stubble trimmer to clean your cheeks, chin, and neck hair.

Step 3 – Use beard shampoo

With a Hungarian mustache, you will need to use many beard products, especially beard wax, to style it.

All these products will remain in your beard. Use a good quality beard shampoo every morning to remove any styling products in the beard before you style it again.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With a Hungarian Mustache and Beard


  • Do ensure that you have the patience to grow and maintain such a mustache because it doesn’t come easy.
  • Do give your mustache time to grow, about three to four months, to achieve the right growth length and thickness.
  • Keep the rest of your face clean-shaven to help enhance your Hungarian mustache.
  • Do use beard shaving cream when shaving to reduce irritation.
  • Do combine the mustache with an appropriate beard style.
  • Do invest in a quality beard comb because you will need it to style your Hungarian mustache.


  • Don’t give up on growing a Hungarian mustache even if your facial hair grows in patches.


How long does it take to grow a Hungarian mustache?

It takes about three to four months to grow a Hungarian mustache. This is unless you are going for a small Hungarian mustache.

Are Hungarian mustaches and beards attractive?

A Hungarian mustache and beard are unique and attractive if you know how to groom them well.

What is the difference between Hungarian and handlebar mustaches?

The Hungarian mustache curls to the sides just like a Handlebar mustache. The only difference is that the Hungarian mustache is bigger and thicker than a typical Handlebar mustache.

How to choose the best Hungarian mustache style?

Consider your face shape, plus the thickness and length of your Hungarian mustache when choosing an appropriate style.

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