Balbo Beard

Believe it or not, a Balbo beard can look really classy if trimmed correctly.

It is an interesting look and, in some cases, an underrated one.

Styling a Balbo beard correctly might get you the unique and appealing style you’ve always been looking for.

The important word here is “correctly” as timely mistakes will definitely break the overall look.

You don’t have to worry about those if you read our article.

We’ve created it for the purpose of helping the guys that want to try out a Balbo and look good with it.

It all starts here, so keep on reading.

Most Popular Balbo Beard Styles

Jawline Balbo

Jawline Balbo

Photo @mehdi_farahh

This Balbo beard style is perfect for you if your goal is to improve a relatively weak jawline. The style can give you that benefit as it provides an illusion that your jawline is strong.

The jawline Balbo features only a little facial hair on your cheeks, close to the jawline as a means of enhancing it.

Mustache Matches the Beard

Mustache Matches the Beard

Photo @britvabarbershop_

Another Balbo beard style that you may want to try is that which comes with a mustache that matches the beard. You can easily have and maintain this style. You have to make sure that your mustache is different from your facial hair.

It would also be okay for you to wear it at a similar length, thereby creating a smooth and simple style that only requires minimal maintenance every day. Just the simple application of the world’s best beard wax and oil is often enough.

Neat and Clean Balbo

Neat and Clean Balbo

Photo @barbersukraine

Also referred to as the cleanly shaven style, this specific Balbo variation is very popular among men. It allows you to sport a clean and neat look. To sport this style trim all your facial hair short.

You should also make your mustache distinctive rather than letting it blend. This is the key in sporting a Balbo which has a smooth and soft feel, just like when you have applied a premium beard oil.

Long and Fully-Shaped Mustache Balbo

Long and Fully-Shaped Mustache Balbo

Photo @barbersukraine

With this variation of the famous Balbo beard you have to emphasize your mustache, ensuring that you separate it from the remaining part of your face.

It would be best to form a mustache that wears a wax purposefully as it tends to deliver an impressive look when used with an entire mid-length beard.

Office-Friendly Balbo

Office Friendly Balbo

Photo @rogerioaraujobarber

This is the ideal Balbo style for you if you are aiming for a more professional look. You can achieve this style by wearing a carefully trimmed beard and mustache while still ensuring that you separate your mustache from the remaining parts of your beard.

Waxed Mustache Balbo

Waxed Mustache Balbo

Photo @jcbarber17

This is a variation that you can sport if you plan on wearing a rounded mustache together with the Balbo. If that is the case, then consider taking a break from the wax. It would also be a great idea to make your mustache have an incredible handlebar style.

The good thing about this style is that it improves the flexibility of your face without the need for fixing or shaving.

Shaped Mustache Balbo

Shaped Mustache Balbo

Photo @yeganebarber

With the shaped mustache Balbo, you can combine a rounded mustache and a trimmed cheek area. If you want your Balbo to be easily distinguishable from a beard and a full mustache you can use this style. Never think twice about growing this style fuller and longer.

Classic Balbo

Classic Balbo

Photo @carpesbarber

The classic Balbo is, of course, this specific style’s basic variation. It is characterized by a precise floating mustache and a soul patch that extends to your chin, specifically the thick beard there.

An advantage of this style is that it allows you to use your creativity to styling it even further.

Mid-Length Balbo

Mid-Length Balbo

Photo @jacksonbarber8.8

You can also go for the mid-length Balbo if you are one of those who want to make sure that their beard is not too long nor too short. Just stick to a medium length and ensure that you separate the mustache from the beard to pull off this style.

Elegant Balbo

Photo @loonyborz

Patchy Balbo

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Chin Curtain Balbo

Photo @barbersukraine

Stubble Balbo

Photo @barbersukraine

Balbo With Sideburns

Photo @carpesbarber

Curly Balbo

Photo @barberhiroshi

Full Balbo

Photo @ashxlauren

Long And Thick Balbo

Photo @barberhiroshi

Benefits of Growing This Beard Style

Provides a Fiercer and More Masculine Look

One thing that makes the Balbo beard so great to wear is that it is bold and stylish, making you feel confident about yourself. It can also make any man look fierce and masculine which is good when trying to attract women or display good physical attributes.

Just make sure that you also select a well-scented aftershave to complete your look.

Versatile Beard Style

The Balbo beard is one of the most versatile facial hair styles that many men can use. It is so versatile that it comes with a lot of variations. You can also expect it to work on almost all facial shapes.

It is particularly flattering on men who have weak chins, though as the style effectively camouflaging such parts and adding fullness to them.

Easy to Shape and Grow

Another advantage of the Balbo beard is that growing and shaping it is not that complicated. You have to let the hair grow, particularly the mustache.

Allow the hair to grow long enough to gain fullness on the mustache, after which you can trim it based on your preferred length. You can easily do it at home by using a quality beard comb and beard trimmer.

How Does It Work

The Balbo beard works with the help of its many different variations. The Balbo beard has many variations and styles makes it possible for you to find one that perfectly suits you. It appears with a soul patch and floating mustache without sideburns.

This style also works well for men who have weak chins as it tends to camouflage the chin area. Moreover, men with round faces can benefit from this beard style as it has an angled shape capable of balancing the facial shape. With that, the face will look slimmer and more prominent.

Pros and Cons


  • Bold and stylish.
  • Brings out your masculine and fierce look.
  • Easy to shape, grow and maintain.
  • Versatile, making it fit various facial shapes.
  • Comes in many different variations, allowing you to pick one that is perfectly suitable for you.


  • You will have to wait for a minimum of four weeks before you can sport this beard style. The reason is that you will have to let your beard grow within that duration first, which may not be appealing for those who are kind of impatient.

Different Face Shapes

Balbo Beard and Different Face Shapes

The Balbo beard style is mainly suitable for those who have round-shaped faces.

The versatility of this beard style, though, also makes it ideal for those with the following facial shapes:

  • Oval.
  • Diamond.
  • Square.
  • Heart.

Different Balbo beard styles fit the mentioned facial shapes as adding variations of the inverted-T beard can help make angular features. Avoid the Balbo beard, though if your face is triangular. The reason is that this beard style will only emphasize your large jawline.

How to Grow It

Step 1 – Grow a standard beard for 4 weeks

Make sure that there is already enough hair growth before starting to shave.

Step 2 – Shave the facial hair on your cheek

This should equalize both sides of your face.

Step 3 – Shave the part beneath your lower lip

Make sure to leave the one on your jaw. If necessary use an adjustable trimmer to form the remaining hair in the goatee.

How to Trim and Maintain Balbo Beard

Step 1 – Begin the trimming from your ears

The process involves shearing your beard inwards as a means of attaining the right balance on both sides of your face. You should then move on to the actual trimming. When trimming ensure that there is a one-fourth-inch gap left in between your mustache and chin. This will serve as the standard Balbo beard factor.

Step 2 – Clip the hair to make it as short as possible

Use an adjustable trimmer as a means of maintaining any remaining facial hair. It also helps to cut your hair from the goatee or chin downwards so it will get to your hair. Moreover trimming your goatee is a must.

As for the maintenance you can use a few approaches to ensure that this beard style continues to look great. One of these approaches is having your beard wash routine and sticking to it. Also, make sure that you are using a quality beard comb for your facial hair every day.

It also helps to put on hair food jelly, which is known to soften and straighten the Balbo beard. A sea salt spray that makes hair appear shinier is also a fantastic alternative.

Balbo Beard vs Similar Beard Styles

Balbo Beard vs Van Dyke

Often confused with the Van Dyke beard, the Balbo beard seems to be more suitable for those with narrow chins. It is pretty similar to the Van Dyke beard style as it also requires you to spend several weeks growing facial hair.

Note that the Van Dyke usually requires you to set up a fuller beard than what you are used to. You have to do it until the mustache and beard are of similar length.

If you are aiming for a Van Dyke you may also want to give a Balbo beard a try. It is the go-to style of those who wish to have a Van Dyke but experience some issues with trimming.

Balbo Beard vs Anchor Beard

Anchor beard is also another facial hair style that kind of resembles that of the Balbo beard. Note, though that the latter is still quite different because it is a thicker and longer variation of the anchor beard.

You will also notice that the anchor beard is a more well-groomed and trimmed variation of the Balbo beard that has an angular beard and thin mustache.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Balbo Beard


  • Trim your Balbo regularly. Make sure that you make trimming a part of your habit, as it is vital for Balbo beard maintenance.
  • Ensure that the remaining parts of your face are cleanly shaven. However, be gentle when shaving, otherwise you may ruin your supposedly perfect and great-looking beard.
  • Comb the beard every day. You may want to use a portable beard brush for this. Keep the beard clean too.


  • Do not forget to apply quality beard oil. This product is necessary for keeping your Balbo beard as soft as possible.
  • Do not neglect the importance of skin hydration. This is specifically more important before shaving. In that case make sure that you get warm water and use it to rinse your face during your schedule shaving routine. That way you can keep your skin hydrated.


What Balbo’s beard style is most attractive?

All the Balbo beard variations are considered attractive provided you carefully do the trimming, shaving and maintenance. Many of those who wear this style though, say that the classic variation is still the best as it has all the known components of the Balbo beard.

Why is it called a Balbo beard?

The Balbo beard was named after the man who popularized it, Italo Balbo an air marshal in Italy who was also one of the henchmen of Mussolini during World War 2.

Also, during the last 50 years this style transcended its confusing beginnings as more and more celebrities started sporting handsome versions or variations of it.

Who are the celebrities that grow a Balbo beard?

Like what was mentioned a while ago many celebrities started to sport their versions of the Balbo. There is Robert Downey Jr., who is now kind of synonymous with this beard style. Eric Dane also seems to be another celebrity who is capable of rocking the Balbo.


Overall, you can classify the Balbo beard as the fuller and thicker version of the inverted T-beard. You can easily maintain it though.

Styling may require a bit of finesse so you can trim the hair on the chin neatly. Overall it is the perfect beard style for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their masculinity, attractiveness and physical strength. 

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