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Choosing an appropriate beard style is almost impossible these days. With so many possible picks, you can easily get lost and go for a style that does not suit you. You have to consider a variety of things, so the choice you make favors your look.

Two of the currently most popular styles are the jawline beard and the neckline beard. These are two distinctive looks, but people still mix them or can’t tell them apart.

We want to put all your doubts to rest and explain how a beard neckline looks and what the jawline beard is all about. We also throw in specific tips on how to shave both of them to perfection.


There are apparent differences between a jawline beard and a neckline beard. If you can’t tell them apart, here is what you need to look for. Firstly, a jawline beard is much easier to create.

You don’t have to go along any specific edges, as you are required to go along your natural jawline as you shave. The jawline beard helps to accentuate your chin, which you might not want to do if you have a weak chin.

Definitely a good option for beards for triangle faces. A jawline beard also requires more maintenance than other types of beard. There are many grooming mistakes to avoid here as you try to keep it as perfect as possible.

On the other hand, a neckbeard is the perfect solution if you want to hide your chin and is very suitable for an oval face shape. It can be challenging to manage as it grows, but it becomes much more manageable once it achieves a certain length.

The outline of the beard should coincide with the top of your neckline. You can grow this one thicker than the jawline beard but have to maintain it at that point, so it does not become too wild.


Pitting the jawline beard and a neckline beard one against the other comes with some clear and distinguishable differences.

  • A jawline beard will highlight your double chin, while a neckline beard helps to hide it.
  • Like boxed beard styles, you can freely shave your neckline when growing a longer jawline beard. However, you cannot shave your neckline if you plan to grow a longer neckline beard.
  • A jawline beard is much more common as it is much easier to shave. On the other hand, a neckline beard allows more versatility and is a type of beard that you don’t see too often. Also, it is much harder to shave and style.
  • A jawline beard demands frequent and careful grooming, while a neckline beard may irritate you because of the neck hairs.

How to Get a Jawline Beard

Step 1 – Get a trimming comb

Trimming a jawline beard is much easier as you already have a clear line to go along with – your jaw. Get a good trimming comb and start shaving off the beard underneath your jawline.

Step 2 – Trim beneath the jawline

Since you don’t have to imagine anything, you can shave all of the hairs beneath your jawline. You get a thinner beard that is easier to grow but hard to maintain.

Step 3 – Touch-ups

You will have to do frequent touch-ups depending on the rate your beard grows. Since it highlights your chin, it can also help you get a glorious anchor beard.

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How to Get a Neckline Beard

Step 1 – Find the natural pointer

A neckline beard is harder to attain as there is no natural line you can use as a pointer. You must imagine a line, draw one with the shaver, and go along. 

Step 2 – Choose the sweet spot to trim

The challenging part is choosing the right sweet spot to shave off the beard. Choose what works and looks good for you.

But, if you do everything correctly, it becomes one of the best fat guy beard styles that hide both your chin and double chin rather than accentuating it. The beard may be more challenging to grow, but what you end up with in the end is a much fuller beard.

Quick Grooming Tips

Whether you’ve decided to go with one of the long beard styles or a shorter one, you must abide by the rules to keep everything tight.

  • Maintaining your beard often is the key to preserving it. Always have some beard scissors close by, especially for shorter beard styles.
  • If you have a longer beard, wash it and use beard oils to nurture it properly.
  • When shaving your neck, be sure to do it in the same direction the hair grows.
  • Get a quality shaving cream that allows the razor to glide and cut simultaneously.
  • Be sure to trim after a warm shower or dampen your face with a warm towel.


Should your beard follow your jawline?

It should only follow your jawline if it suits your style and your face shape. If you have a rounded face or a weak chin, your beard should follow your neckline instead of your jawline.

Does a beard need a neckline?

Shorter beards do not need a neckline, like when you are growing stubble. But if you want to emphasize your jaw, you should shave it.

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What is a good jawline?

A good or strong jawline is supposed to have more symmetrical and angular lines. People with a good jawline are described as having a chiseled chin or the appearance of a Greek God statue.

How do I know what my beard neckline is?

Usually, your beard neckline starts at your Adam’s apple. The best way to determine and shave off your neckline is to start shaving everything downward from Adam’s apple. You can move up if you notice that it is possible.

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Vinnie is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team. He’s also a barber and hairstylist for 15 years now and he has a kick-ass beard of his own, so he surely knows what makes a magnificent beard and hair and how to achieve them. He’s our go-to guy for all the latest beard and hairstyle trends and he always has a tip or two on how to grow and style a thick beard fast.

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