Fat Guy Beard Styles

A beard style can make or break your overall appearance.

One of the most important parts of choosing the correct style is minding the shape of your face, and this goes double for the fat guys.

An unsuitable beard style can make a chubby face look even bigger.

Making your face larger than it actually is should be absolutely avoided.

And with a suitable fat guy beard style, it most certainly can.

What you need to do is shape facial hair in a manner that will make your face thinner.

But not all beard styles can help you achieve that kind of a look.

For that reason, we have gathered a bunch of top fat guy facial hair styles.

Besides suitable examples, you will find out how to trim, shave, and maintain a beard for a chubby face once you get it going.

10 Best Beard Styles for Fat Guys

Tapered Full Beard 

Tapered Full Beard

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The full tapered beard comes with short-shaven sides, while the beard hairs increase gradually in length towards the jawline. How you decide to shape the bottom of your beard is totally up to you; however, sticking to sharp and well-defined angles is recommended for chubby guys.

The short tapered sides will create that illusion of an oblong face shape and the more the chin grows out, the thinner your face will appear.

Short Boxed Fat Guy Beard Style

Short Boxed Beard

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It is popularly known for its evenly trimmed length and squared shape, which is neatly trimmed to give a box frame to your face. This is a great beard style for fat guys as it makes a face looks more square and less round.

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard

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Want a big, bold and daring beard style that will make your face look less round? Go for the ducktail beard.

This beard style has a pointy angular chin that looks like a duck’s tail. The sides are kept very short and the length is kept upwards; the jawline is shaped like a square to form a 90-degree connection at the point where the jawline of the beard ends.

This style is perfect for guys with a chubby face because it:

  • Conceals the soft features and the roundness
  • Thanks to the short sides, it adds no width
  • Adds a vertical height to the face with the pointy chin
  • Has a jawline that is modeled into a sharp square.

This style takes a while to grow and it is perfect for men who love to grow their beard thicker. To achieve a ducktail beard takes at most around 8 months. Shaping it can also be difficult if you’ve never tried it before. Therefore, it is advisable for the first time to get it shaped by a professional barber.

Hollywoodian Beard

Hollywoodian Beard

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It is a classic beard style and difficult to see these days. It resembles a short full beard, but it is mainly around the jawline; the sides and the upper cheeks are clean-shaven.

Even though it looks like a chinstrap, it is longer at the bottom and goes up the cheeks. This style is perfect for a fat face since it adds some length and a well-defined jawline.

Van Dyke Fat Guy Beard Style

Van Dyke

Photo @dladybarberr

This style is suitable for those with lighter beard growth. It is the best beard style for fat guys as it needs just a clean cheek for accentuating. Just allow the chin beard and the mustache to grow to the fullest, and keep shaving the chin beard. Trim into a pointed and sloppy chin beard. 

Goatee Fat Guy Beard Style


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Goatee styles boost confidence and give a daring look. To wear a goatee beard style, you need a mustache and a chin beard. The rest of the face needs to be clean-shaven to highlight the goatee. It is trendy among men with round faces. It is undoubtedly a fancy beard for fat men.

Verdi Beard

Verdi Beard

Photo @guyfashioned

This is just a full beard with slight modifications. Growing a Verdi style includes curls at the end of the mustache dusky growth on the jawline and short sides.


Garibaldi Fat Guy Beard Style

Garibaldi Fat Guy Beard Style

Photo @alitheebarber

This beard style is a full-face beard that consists of a mustache, short sides and a big wide rounded jawline.


The beard style is a long one between 2 and 6 inches. This adds some vertical height to your face to give it that thinning effect. The sides are kept short, so the style can accentuate the jawline without making a face look wider. 

Pointed Beard Style for Chubby Men


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This style is also known as the devil’s beard. It can be achieved in two ways. 


The first way is by growing a long beard in a triangular shape, while the second way is by drawing a cut in the middle of the triangular beard on the chin.

This style has become one of the most preferred styles for fat guys.

Horseshoe Mustache Style

Horseshoe Mustache Style for big guys

Photo @anthonythebarber916

This beard style is one of the best for men who want to go clean-shaven with only a mustache. There will be no facial hair except the mustache. A fat guy and a horseshoe mustache create a perfect combo, which is why most fat men opt for this style. 


Bald And Fully Bearded style for big men

Photo @alitheebarber

Boxed Beard

Photo @alitheebarber

Black And White Garibaldi Beard

Photo @alitheebarber

The Harden

Photo @dladybarberr

Six Month Long Beard

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Garibaldi Beard Long Mustache

Photo @alitheebarber

Fat Face Characteristics

Simply put, a fat face is characterized by having shorter, puffier and rounder face features. Someone who has a fat face usually has an equal or a close vertical and horizontal length of the face. They also possess a similar width of the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline’s outer part.

A fat face can easily be spotted on the cheeks, neck, jowls and under the chin. It occurs when excess weight accumulated in the body gets deposited around these sides, causing the face to become puffier, fuller gradually, and rounder. If you want to know whether you’ve got a fat face, check underneath your chin, neck or chin for any extra fat. 

Can a Beard Make Face Look Thinner

Red Full Beard

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A fat face can look thinner with the help of an appropriate beard style that grows vertically. Although choosing the right beard style can be a difficult task, once you can find the right beard style that works for your chubby face, you will see an improvement in your overall look.

You can begin by experimenting with different beard styles until you find the one that perfectly suits your face. While at it, it is also crucial to opt for various techniques that will help in thinning your fat face. You can also opt for a short beard style of your choice to see what works for you.

Try not to go for a style that grows horizontally. You should stick to a beard style that will make your face thinner and longer.

Pros and Cons of a Beard on a Fat Face


  • Enhances your looks.
  • Boosts your self-confidence.
  • Makes your fat face thinner and more attractive.


  • May make your face fatter than usual if the wrong style is chosen.
  • Will leave you unsatisfied.
  • Requires a high maintenance

Methods to Make Your Face Look Thinner

Trimming Beard

Trimming your beard is essential in slimming down your face. This is achievable with a premium beard trimmer. Always remember that a lot of hair on your whiskers makes your face fuller and rounder. Therefore, make sure you keep your beard well-trimmed whenever you choose a beard style. 

Avoid trimming the chin, jawline and bottom part of your face. Allowing the hair on these parts to grow will give your beard an angular shape.

Learning how to use a beard trimmer isn’t as difficult as you think. Trimming in the comfort of your home is a lot easier than depending on your barber. This is because you know what you want and you go for it.

Trimming Sideburns

Getting your sideburns trimmed is also essential if you want to thin your fat face. Well-trimmed sideburns will make your face seem narrower. 

However, they must always be trimmed and it is advisable to keep them as light and short as possible for a thinner face. Do not wear mutton chops if you have a fat face, as they can worsen your overall look. 

Trimming Neckline

Methods to Make Your Face Look Thinner

When wearing a beard, it is advisable to keep it slightly longer under the jawline and make sure it is well trimmed and uniform. This can be done when you fade your jaw from the shorter point down to the jaw chin where it is longer.

At the same time, to avoid looking shaggy, the neckline should be trimmed. Always use the trimmer when shaving around the neckline and keep the hair below the hairline longer to extend the face length. 


A curly, unruly and coarse beard enhances the wideness of the face. This is sometimes due to the sideburns and the beard on the cheekbones. It is always good to trim with professional barber scissors to get the desired result. 

Now, three products are required to straighten the beard: beard wax, straightener, and brush. The heat from the curly beard straightener will make the hair flat and straight.

Beard Care Products

While checking on the unruly beard, you must also prioritize your beard health. No matter the style you choose, it is vital to nourish your beard to keep it healthy. You can use beard oil to nourish your beard. When you have good beard growth, you can wear any beard style.

Along with keeping a check on the unruly beard, you must also prioritize beard health, irrespective of the style you choose to wear. Nourishing your beard is one of the vital things to keep your beard healthy and growing.  Applying beard balm every day is recommended. 

How to Grow a Beard on a Fat Face

How to Grow a Beard on a big man Face

Step 1- Grow your beard

Get the facial hair on your cheeks trimmed, make a clean cut and shave excess hair on your cheeks and neckline.

Step 2- Allow it to grow longer and trim only when necessary

Connect the beard with your chops and ensure they are thin and nice. If you have a double stubble chin, make sure your beard doesn’t get bushy. Trim when necessary.

How to Style It

Step 1- Keep your cheeks less bushy

Grow your beard long and cut in straight lines.

Step 2 – Shape the chops nicely

Explore various beard styles.

Do’s and Don’ts



  • Trim your mustache too short.
  • Ignore your sideburns.


Does a beard add weight?

A beard does increase the profile of the face. Wearing the proper beard on a fat face gives the illusion of a thinner face. However, there’s no proof yet that shows that a beard adds weight. However, growing a beard that does not suit your face may make you look fatter than you are.

Which beard looks best on a fat face?

Mutton chops are one of the best beards for a fat face. At the same time, a long beard with a mustache or goatee usually look best on a chubby face.

Can a fat guy wear a stubble style beard?

Yes, a fat guy can wear a stubble style beard. All that matters is the shape of your face. Go for styles that will create that slimming effect.

How do I trim my beard to look less chubby?

  • Taper the beard to make it very short on the sides, but with plenty of hair around the jawline and bottom parts of your face. This gives an immediate thinning illusion.
  • Ensure that the neckline is low enough to conceal the soft fat underneath the chin. 
  • When defining the beard’s shape, use sharp angles to create a visual impression of a defined jawline and chin. 


So you’ve got some chubby cheeks and face fat? That’s alright. You can easily make your face look slimmer and reduce its roundness with some nice trimming and shaping.

Going for the right beard style can enhance your overall look and, while it makes your face look thinner, it creates a visual impression of a slimmer face, which is something you should be proud of.

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