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The anchor beard belongs to the disconnected beard style family defined by a high chin grown and a floating mustache. The beard is common among older gentlemen because it gives them a mature and distinguished vibe.

However, it is also worn by some younger men, especially those dealing with a patchy beard. If you are thinking about growing your facial hair into an anchor beard style, below is everything you need to know about this beard style.

What Is It Anchor Beard Style

An anchor beard belongs to the inverted-T beard family. The beard features a soul patch connected to some chin hair, a thin mustache, and a chin strap beard along the jawline.

The anchor beard is sometimes classified under goatee beard styles, but the mustache doesn’t fully connect to the beard like in a standard goatee.

Check out this ultimate guide to goatee beards to learn about goatee beard styles. What are the different variations of the anchor beard?

While this beard style is well-defined, it still leaves room for some creativity. The signature part of the beard is an anchor-shaped chin beard.

The mustache is kept thin and neat. But you can also try another variation of a much bushier mustache.

You can play around with different styles but ensure that the anchor shape is maintained. Experiment with smaller and larger soul patches, providing the soul patch connects with the chin beard.

5 Most Anchor Beard Styles

Robert Downey Jr

The anchor beard might as well be called Tony Stark’s beard. Robert Downey Jr has often rocked a beautiful anchor beard, especially during his role in Marvel’s Avengers.

His anchor beard features two points that rise up the chin side, a style you can achieve with modest facial hair growth.

The chin hair can have an angular finish or intersect along the soul patch but ensure the growth doesn’t extend beyond the cheek width.

David Beckham

David Beckham has previously sported an anchor beard with light stubble.

The beard featured a thick mustache that didn’t connect to the chin hair, a pointy chin strap beard, and a soul patch that extended to the chin beard.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner sports a solid anchor beard that almost turns into a Van Dyke. The beard features a light mustache, a small soul patch, and a light chin strap.

Hugh Jackman

When Hugh Jackman is not sporting his classic wolverine beard, he rocks a mean anchor beard. The beard is much thicker and longer, with a mustache almost connected to the chin strap.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s anchor beard almost tips over to a Van Dyke. The beard combines a soul patch, a chevron mustache, and a chin beard.

That, combined with his slick back and hair strands that fall over the forehead, makes an elegant statement.

Anchor Beard and Different Face Shapes

The anchor beard can suit almost all face shapes. It is ideal for oval, square, diamond, heart, and round face shapes. The beard style softens the otherwise angular features of such face shapes.

Black Man in a Suit With Afro Hair and Anchor Beard

It is an acceptable match for an oblong face shape. Oblong face shapes would do with a short-trimmed anchor beard as it provides some definition that widens the face and flattens the chin.

An anchor beard is not an ideal match for triangular face shapes. Why? Sporting an anchor beard with a face shape will only highlight and draw attention to the prominent jawline.

How to Get Anchor Beard Style

Trimming an anchor beard or any other beard in the inverted-T family is challenging, and that’s why most men opt to do it at the barbershop.

However, if you have the best beard grooming kit with the right tools – a premium beard trimmer, safety razor, or a shavette, you can trim the beard at home.

Step 1 – Allow your beard to grow

You first must allow your beard to grow untrimmed for a week or two. If your bread grows slowly, biotin promotes growth and is worth trying.

Step 2 – Shave the cheeks and sideburns

Since an anchor beard features a soul patch, chin strap, and mustache, you need to shave the rest of the face. Use shaving cream or gel, creating a neat line along the jawline.

Step 3 – Trim the mustache 

If you are going for the classic anchor beard, trim the mustache into a thin and neat line.

Step 4 – Disconnect the mustache

Shave a few inches between the beard and the mustache to create a disconnect.

Step 5 – Shave under the lower lip

This is the most crucial step, as the prominent part that remains is the actual anchor. Trim along the soul patch in an outward motion to create an upward arch.

Step 6 – Clean the neck area

Shave the neck, ensuring the neckline remains high. You want your anchor beard to sit on the chin and extend to the jawline but not down your neck.

A classic anchor beard ensures that the neck and cheeks are clean to provide that contrast typical with anchor beards or a Van Dyke.

How to Maintain Anchor Beard

Step 1 – Wash 

You always want to ensure that your facial hair is clean. If you are sporting an anchor beard, wash it with beard wash rather than hair shampoo, body wash, or soap. Why?

These products contain harsh chemicals that might strip your beard of natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

After washing your beard, follow that up with a beard conditioner to replenish any moisture lost, and then apply beard oil.

You might also want to invest in aftershave balms for when you want to style your anchor beard, especially the chin strap.

Step 2 – Trimming

The anchor beard is characterized by a prominent chin strap, soul patch, and mustache. You don’t want any hair on the cheeks or neck.

However, you can leave your cheeks with light stubble, but ensure you trim the areas. Likewise, as your anchor beard grows, use scissors to trim it to an appropriate length.

Balbo vs Anchor vs Van Dyke

The anchor beard, Balbo and Van Dyke are often confusing because, to an untrained eye, the three beards look similar.

Anchor Beard

Photo @alan_beak

The Balbo is a similar style to the anchor beard since a separate beard and mustache define it. The beard extends along the jawline with a small soul patch and a mustache.

The Balbo beard style emphasizes volume and can therefore take about four weeks to achieve proper growth for styling.

You can achieve the anchor beard with modest growth and, in most cases, requires about two weeks of growth.

The anchor beard has a triangular or pointed shape that follows along the jawline and chin, with a mustache that doesn’t connect to the lower region of the beard.

The length of an anchor beard is usually tight and requires more maintenance since you have to trim the cheeks and neck for a clean look.

The anchor beard, in some way, is similar to a Van Dyke, except that the Van Dyke is longer when it comes to the length of the goatee and the mustache completion. Learn more about how to get a Van Dyke beard.

Best Product to Use


Beard oil is a must-have as it helps address most beard concerns like itchiness and dryness. The oil also helps condition the facial hair and the skin underneath.


Even though an anchor beard isn’t as thick as other beard styles, you still need to ensure that you wash your beard with the right products.

Beard shampoo contains ingredients that leave your beard soft, nourished, and healthy.


You need to invest in quality beard balm to style your anchor beard. Beard balm helps maintain the shape throughout the day while providing the moisture your beard needs to remain healthy.


How long does it take to grow an anchor beard?

Usually an anchor beard requires only a short stubble to achieve. Because of that, two weeks of growth is more than enough.

How long should an anchor beard be?

The anchor beard should be about half an inch long.

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