iron man beard style

Tony Stark aka Iron Man beard styles may be one of the most popular and versatile facial hairs lately.

Every man who wants to be perceived as ultra-cool, a bit tough, stylish and modern sports at least one of the many Robert Downey Jr.’s beards, with Tony Stark style being the favorite.

His goatee, made of a combination of an anchor beard and disconnected mustache, is major beard goals.

If you’re looking for a trending facial hair style that’s well-groomed and will never seize to be popular try the Tony Stark beard.

You don’t need to have Robert’s superb acting skills to wear one of his trademark facial hair styles.

The only thing you need is some time and a few tools and you’re ready to become a style icon, just like Tony Stark.

Explore Robert Downey Jr.’s beards, pick your favorite style and get ready to look like a superstar you already are.

tony stark beard style

Though Iron Man may have superhero skills, Robert Downey Jr. is, after all, just a man – and if he can style the epic beard himself, so can you.

To help you achieve this heroic look, we have compiled this guide to the Tony Stark beard with everything you need to know from how to style this look, to a list of the tools you will need and even a step-by-step guide.

Styling Tips

Whether you are hoping to replicate a Tony Stark beard for a comic con event or a Halloween costume – or even if you are simply inspired by this epic look for everyday wear, there are certain key styling pointers that you need to keep in mind.

For starters, you will need a pretty full beard (or a handy tool that we will talk about later), some skill with a razor and some superhero patience.

What makes this look so distinctive is the clean fine lines, so make sure that you purchase all the necessary tools to make the job as easy possible.

This style is mostly characterized by an anchor beard and a thin mustache that is barely disconnected from the flanks of the goatee.
You will want to keep your beard rather short, to make it look most like Tony Stark’s.

Tools You Need

  • Barber scissors.
  • Brow pencil.
  • Electric beard trimmer.
  • Beard comb.
  • Beard balm/styling gel.

Step by Step Guide to get an Iron Man Beard

Step 1 – Comb

Using a beard comb, comb downward to eliminate any tangles and then comb outwards against the grain to fluff it as much as possible.
This will make it easier to trim.

Step 2 – Trim with Scissors

If your beard is very long, use some barber scissors to trim it down to a manageable length.
If, on the other hand, you are having trouble growing a full beard, try using a natural beard oil for healthier and thicker facial hair growth.

Using a brow pencil to fill in any patchy spots in your beard is also a quick fix that can help you achieve a fuller effect.

Step 3 – Use an Electric Trimmer

Use an electric trimmer to shave down your beard to a short length. The setting of your trimmer will depend on your hair type and how fast it grows, but in general, about 5-7 mm is a good length for this look.

Keep in mind that you can always start with a longer setting and trim it closer as needed.

Step 4 – Shape the Goatee and Hourglass Center

Shaping the goatee is probably the trickiest part of this look, so make sure you have a photo of Tony Stark at your hand once you get to this step. To help make your shaping even easier, you can also use a brow pencil to draw an outline.

Robert Downey Jr.’s beard style

Robert Downey Jr. beard is actually a rather thin goatee with thin flanks on either side that extends upwards and almost touches the mustache.

To get the perfect shape, use your beard shaping tool or brow pencil to trace where the goatee should end by starting at the corners of the mustache and drawing outwards towards the chin. Shave away any hair beyond this outline, while preserving a thin line on either side.

Next, you will want to carve the inside of the goatee while still preserving the hourglass shape in the center.
To accomplish this, start in the middle of the diamond shape, right below where your soul patch would end.

Use the width of your electric trimmer to shave in a downward and outward diagonal motion until you almost reach your jawline.
Be careful not to shave off the thin flanks on either side of your goatee by accident.

The bottom of the goatee is very thin, so make sure you shave in fine and even strokes for a distinctive and symmetrical look.

Step 5: Shape the Moustache

Tony Stark’s mustache is very thin and extends down in a slight handlebar shape.
To get this look, trim the hairs a few mm down from the bottom of the nose and continue shaping the edges so that they are clean.

To help shape your look and keep it in place, lather some beard balm throughout the beard and mustache, especially at the outer edges to help it curve downwards.

Our choice for facial hair balm: Beardoholic Beard Balm

At this point, you can also use a fine trimming tool to make a small disconnect between the mustache and the flanks of the goatee to complete Tony Stark’s signature framing.

Classic Goatee Iron Man

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Goatee Profile

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Grayish Tony Stark beard

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Bushy Tony Stark beard

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Burly Gentleman

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Soul Patch Tony Stark beard

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Mid Goatee Tony Stark beard

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Messy Tony Stark beard

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No Beard

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Van Dyke

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Classy Van Dyke

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Hollywood Style

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Gray Beard

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Salt And Pepper

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Goatee On The Side

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