Biotin for Beard

A patchy beard or a weak beard can be a direct result of vitamin B deficiency.

Most people are actually unaware of how important this vitamin is for beard growth and usually find out about it at a later stage of life.

By then, you’ve spent most of your life with a patchy beard.

And why would you do that when a full, luxurious beard is within your grasp?

Luckily, there is a way of replenishing it and helping your beard grow nice and strong.

Biotin for beard growth is a supplement that should be incorporated in your daily routine in order to promote beard growth.

It works equally well and effective as Minoxidil. Sometimes even more so.

It’ll help your beard grow strong and allow it to develop faster.

There is a proper way to use biotin and, in order to prevent you from making some pedestrian mistakes right off the bat, we created an article that includes all the necessary ins and outs.

Consider it carefully and once you are done reading, you will know exactly how to use it properly to grow that amazing facial hair you know you can.

What Is Biotin for Beard

Biotin refers to a water-soluble vitamin capable of supporting your body when it comes to performing a wide range of metabolic functions, such as beard growth. By using this B vitamin, you can strengthen your hair follicles. It promotes a higher beard growth rate and makes it healthier.

If you lack in biotin, then even if you aim to get thicker growth with the use of beard oil, you will have a difficult time attaining it. A deficiency in this vitamin can even weaken your facial hair, resulting in patchy or slow beard growth. If you include a biotin supplement in your daily routines, then it will have similar positive effects to when you are using Minoxidil.

Note that Minoxidil improves growth significantly, and you can expect such an effect by reversing biotin deficiency with a supplement based on that vitamin. It even works in stimulating the thick growth of your beard. It is the most highly recommended supplement for anyone who wants to make their facial hair grow fuller and thicker.

Benefits of Using It

If you intend to speed up beard growth with beard vitamins, then taking up or using biotin should be one of your solutions. Here are just some of the benefits that your beard or facial hair can gain from using this B vitamin:

Makes Beard Stronger

One thing that makes biotin so great is that it works in making your hair follicles thick. Such thickness can be expected all the way down to your roots. This is a big help in strengthening your facial hair, thereby preventing them from breaking down right away. It also encourages a stronger beard as it nourishes your skin from the inside and out.

With that, this vitamin should be one of those you have to include in your grooming kit with all the needed tools. It guarantees that your follicles have a strong foundation for beard growth.

Keeps the Skin Beneath Healthy

Keep in mind that the lack of biotin can trigger several skin disorders, like itchiness, acne, dermatitis, and rashes. Using biotin, you can enrich your skin from deep within, thereby preventing harmful effects from manifesting through your nervous system and displaying themselves in the form of skin issues.

This vitamin is essential as it supplies the skin beneath your beard with all the vital nutrients. With that, you can encourage healthy skin that will also lead to healthier facial hair.

Lowers Risk of Hair Loss

Biotin is also a big help if you want to avoid hair loss. Note that you are prone to experiencing hair loss if you lack biotin, triggered by genetic disorders and poor diet. Start using or supplementing with biotin and pair it up with a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. By doing that, you can supply your body with adequate nutrients designed to strengthen your facial hair and make it stronger.

How Does Biotin Work

How Does Biotin for Beard Work

Biotin works effectively in increasing the growth rate of your beard as well as its thickness. Note that a deficiency in this B vitamin may cause the hair on your scalp and face to have a hard time growing. Biotin works once you take and use it. The reason is that it is effective in replenishing this B vitamin in your body.

With that, you can stimulate hair growth. The best beard balm, hair oil, and conditioner enriched with biotin can even help improve the thickness and fullness of your facial hair. The same is true if you are using a premium beard shampoo containing high amounts of biotin.

Pros and Cons


  • Works well with other vitamins and minerals. Biotin also works great when combined with other vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C and zinc. In that case, expect your hair to become stronger. Combining it with other vitamins can also lessen hair fall while speeding up the process of beard growth.
  • Boosts keratin infrastructure. Keratin refers to the protein found naturally in your body, composing your skin, nails, and hair. Using biotin, you can improve this protein’s infrastructure, thereby strengthening your beard and improving its health by fortifying keratin production within your body naturally.
  • Helps you deal with a thin and patchy beard. It is the nutrient that your body needs to handle hair thinning. You can expect it to work like high-quality serums that enhance beard growth.
  • Improves the clarity and health of your skin. It does not only make the skin beneath your beard healthier but also enhances the clarity of your entire body’s skin.
  • Accessible and easy to use. Just like a beard soap that has a mild scent, biotin is also one product designed for facial hair growth that you can easily access and use. You can take it as a supplement or use products that you can apply to your beard to stimulate growth. A softener for beard also soothes itching, and you can find such a softener enriched with such B vitamin to improve its benefits even further.


  • May cause allergic reactions or side effects in some people. It is the reason why you have to find out whether you are allergic to this vitamin before taking it or applying it to your skin. Some side effects and allergic reactions that other people complained about are itchiness, rashes, and acne.

Facts and Myths

Facts and Myths About Biotin for Beard

Biotin Is a Magic Pill

Myth: Note that you can’t expect biotin to work like magic. Yes, it can support hair growth, but it will not happen overnight. It would also be best if you paired it up with the right diet and lifestyle to ensure that you get the most out of its benefits, especially in growing fuller and thicker beard fast.

Alcohol and Antibiotics Will Hamper Biotin Absorption

Fact: Yes, the intake of antibiotics and alcohol may indeed cause your body to have a difficult time absorbing biotin. It may also destroy the B vitamins naturally produced by your body. With that said, you should delay taking a biotin supplement a bit if you are also taking an antibiotic. It is also crucial to moderate your alcohol intake or stop it altogether once you start taking and using biotin.

Biotin Supports Beard Growth

Fact: Of course, this is true. As a matter of fact, this is one of the benefits provided by biotin for men. It can stimulate beard growth, especially if you are presently deficient in this vitamin. Just do not go overboard, though. If you are taking it as a supplement, then a dose of around 5,000 mcg several times per week is already enough.

How to Use Biotin for Beard

Step 1 – Include foods rich in biotin in your diet

Note that the best way to take full advantage of biotin when it comes to improving and speeding up beard growth is by taking a closer look at the way you eat. Make sure that it is part of your daily diet.

Among the foods rich in this vitamin are meat, poultry, whole grains, nuts, almonds, eggs, milk products, mushrooms, cauliflower, and bananas. Make sure to avoid overcooking these foods as it is possible for excessive heat to lessen biotin’s effectiveness.

Step 2 – Take it as a supplement

You may also want to take supplements that mainly contain biotin. Just make sure to stick to the safest dosage based on your age, gender, and overall health. If possible, seek your doctor’s advice first to determine the safest dosage in case you plan to take biotin supplements.

Keep in mind that various people also experienced different results from various dosages. Generally, though, most of them experienced success by taking around 2,000 to 5,000 mcg of biotin daily. Most said that such dosage helped them achieve stronger and thicker facial hair.

Step 3 – Apply biotin topically

This means you can use topical products for beard enriched with the B vitamin. You have to apply it on your facial hair like when you spread your beard butter evenly. One of the best topical biotin products you can use for your facial hair is a biotin cream. Make sure to choose a high-quality biotin beard cream that has already proven to produce excellent results in growing facial hair.

Just massage the product on your beard. It will nourish your facial hair directly, making it longer, thicker, fuller, and darker. Massage the right areas of your beard, particularly the thinning ones, to promote speedy growth. The good thing about massaging this product is that it can stimulate proper blood circulation, making the cream even more effective. It would also help combine the use of a cream with a brush that detangles all knots in facial hair to produce better results in terms of appearance.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Go through a medical assessment first before taking biotin supplements. The assessment must show that you truly have low levels of biotin and it is what’s causing your hair to grow at a slow pace. If that is the case, you can surely maximize the effects of a good biotin supplement in speeding up beard or facial hair growth.
  • Use a comb or brush. A good beard comb will keep your facial hair tidy. Every time you apply a biotin product to your beard, you should also consider combing or brushing it. It is even more significant once your beard starts to thicken up. With a good comb or brush, you can maintain your beard’s tidy look even if it has grown thick and full.
  • Massage a biotin cream on thinning parts. If you decide to use a biotin cream, then make it a point to focus on areas where your beard or facial hair is already thinning. Massage the cream on those areas to stimulate speedy hair growth.


  • Do not forget to pair it up with a balanced diet. Note that you can further maximize biotin’s effects if you also follow a well-balanced and healthy diet. Your diet should contain sufficient amounts of protein and vegetables. Besides that, start increasing your intake of foods rich in B vitamins and Vitamin E as such vitamins promote proper circulation.
  • Do not go beyond the recommended dosage. It is also best to take a biotin supplement with food. Make sure that you research the exact safe dosage needed by your body. It is also highly recommended to invest in a supplement rich in biotin and combine it with other phytonutrients designed for your beard. That way, you can maximize its positive outcome.


FAQ About Using Biotin for Beard

Can I expect faster beard growth if I significantly increase my biotin supplement intake?

One thing to note about biotin is that while it can support beard growth, its promised results can’t come overnight. This means that you do not have to take an extremely high dose of this supplement to speed up its results further. Just stick to the recommended dose for you. Remember that the usual timeframe for those who take it to see significant growth is around 90 to 180 days.

Which biotin is best for hair growth?

You can actually find many biotin supplements currently available in the market that work effectively in encouraging or stimulating beard growth. One supplement that seemed to leave a good reputation in the industry is Beard Boost. It has biotin as part of its scientific formulation, making it one hundred percent effective in growing your beard.

It is also famous for supplying your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs that serve as natural sources of protein for your beard or hair. You may also pair up your chosen biotin supplement with serums, creams, shampoos, and conditioners for a beard that has high amounts of biotin.

Should I try biotin for hair loss?

Yes, you should. It is worth the try, especially if there is proof that you already lack in biotin. Note that an insufficient supply of biotin in the body can cause problems with hair growth. Biotin can be a huge help with that. You may also want to use a biotin serum with extra strength as you can expect it to have adequate support in strengthening and growing your beard fast.

How much biotin can stimulate rapid beard growth?

If your goal is to grow your beard at the quickest possible time, then the recommended dose is usually around 2 to 5 mg. It is equivalent to approximately 2,000 to 5,000 mcg that you have to take every day. This dose is often enough to strengthen your hair shaft, allowing you to optimize the beard or facial hair growth results.

How long does it take for biotin to work on a beard?

This will depend on the product you use. In most cases, you can expect to see dramatic results regarding beard growth within 90 to 180 days. It would also be best to pair up the biotin supplements and products you use with a proper diet to maximize your beard’s positive effects even further.


Biotin is indeed helpful in your attempt to make your beard grow fast. The good news is that it is not that hard to find products and supplements that contain huge amounts of this B vitamin. There are also plenty of foods containing this vitamin that you can easily and quickly incorporate into your diet. It would be best to look for other beard growth methods, too, then pair it up with your biotin intake and application. That way, you can further increase the possibility of having a fuller and thicker beard at a rapid pace. 

Anthony Giannotti

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