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Simply put, a goatee is a beard style without sideburns that includes a mustache and hair on the chin. There are usually connecting lines between the mustache and beard. The cheeks, sideburns, and neck are typically clean-shaven or at least trimmed to a short stubble.

23 Hottest Celebrity Goatee Styles

Leonardo DiCaprio

Baby-faced Leo from Titanic is no more. What we have now is a more mature yet still charismatic Leo DiCaprio. You will usually see him now with a medium-length goatee, but that is only one of the many Leonardo DiCaprio beard styles.

Idris Elba

Just like Diego Luna, not that many people can remember when was the last time they saw Idris Elba without his signature goatee.

Brad Pitt

Although most of his fans would rather see Brad Pitt clean-shaven or have thin stubble, he now sports a thin goatee. However, those same fans are now debating whether they like Brad with a goatee vs. a beard.

Johnny Depp Celebrity Goatee Style

Younger fans probably knew and loved Johnny Depp’s goatee, thanks to his character in Pirates of the Caribbean. Note, though, that he has been sporting this style since the 90s.

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Robert Downey Jr

Since his first Iron Man movie, Robert Downey Jr. has always sported his Tony Stark goatee. It looks great on him in person, as it did on the silver screen.

Tom Hardy Celebrity Goatee Style

Although the usual Tom Hardy beard style is a 3-day stubble, there are times when he would let it grow longer. Sometimes, Hardy would sport a full beard, but he would often style it into a rather scruffy goatee.

Steven Yeun

Although he usually goes in public clean-shaven, there are plenty of times when Steven Yeun is spotted wearing a wispy goatee.

Michael Cudlitz

The nice thing about Cudlitz is that he is not afraid of trying different facial hair styles. However, there are times when he would go with a simple goatee.

Christian Bale Celebrity Goatee Style

Between movie projects, you would often see Bale with a long goatee, with a mustache so long that it would curl over his beard.

Chris Pine

Although he is always sporting a smooth face in his movie roles, he can grow a respectable goatee.

Scott Steiner

Big Poppa Pump’s trademark salt-and-pepper goatee is a part of him as his bulging biceps.

Kanye West’s Celebrity Goatee

Kanye West always has clean facial hair. His goatee is always so crisp and clean that you can almost swear it is drawn on his face.

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Frank Zappa

One cannot mistake the Frank Zappa goatee, which was as wild as the man himself. If you want a Zappa goatee, go with a thick walrus mustache and an equally thick soul patch.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix’s goatee is thin and wispy; not many men can make it look fabulous as he did.

Sean Connery’s Celebrity Goatee

Sir Sean Connery’s beard is almost as legendary as the man himself. His silver goatee with a peppering of dark hairs here and there only added to his regal presence.

Common Rapper

Just like Kanye, Common’s signature goatee always looks crisp and stylish.

David Beckham

Although more well-known for his patchy full beard, Becks would sometimes style his facial hair into a goatee, which looks much better on him.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman always looks stunning whether he is sporting Logan’s epic sideburns, a full beard, his trademark medium stubble, or a goatee.

Ryan Gosling’s Celebrity Goatee

Ryan Gosling’s goatee may have removed his babyface looks, but it did add charm to an already charismatic guy.

Andre 3000

Andre 3000 is known for his van Dyck goatee, the usual black men’s goatee style. He usually pairs his with a medium stubble on his cheeks.

Diego Luna

There has never been a known picture of Diego Luna without facial hair. He came closest to being clean-shaven when he sports his signature goatee.

Diego Luna

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Alexi Lalas

Not that many people can pull off Lalas’ ginger beard. Unlike the other goatees on this list, Lalas lets his long goatee grow at least 3 inches long.

George Clooney

George Clooney is the embodiment of the silver fox. Not only did he make grey hair look sexy, but he also sported a silver goatee that surprisingly added to his already copious amounts of sex appeal.

How to Style and Maintain Celebrity Goatee Style

Step 1 – Choose a style

There are many goatee styles for you to try and not all of them would look good on you. Choose a style that suits your face shape and that you can pull off with the amount of facial hair you have.

Step 2 – Gather your weapons

A goatee might look simple, but you will need essential tools, like good beard trimmers, styling combs, a razor, and barber’s scissors. The more extravagant the goatee, like a Van Dyke or an anchor goatee, the more tools you need.

If you are confident with your beard styling skills, you can look for tutorial videos on how to do it yourself.

Step 3 – Maintenance and styling

Although a goatee is relatively low-maintenance, you will still need to take care of it. This means you must use good beard oil to keep the hair moisturized and a beard balm for styling.

There is an ongoing debate about beard oil vs. balm vs. wax, but I find that using all three products is better.

Step 4 – Don’t skimp on beard products

Speaking of products, you should not settle for the cheapest beard oil or balm. If you want your goatee to look good, invest a little more money on good quality beard products.


Who made a goatee famous?

The goatee first became popular in the 17th century, and it is all thanks to Anthony van Dyck, a famous Flemish painter who made a lot of portraits for members of the royal family at the time.

Also, just like many other famous painters, van Dyck made a lot of self-portraits, and in all of them, he sported a trimmed partial beard: a thin mustache and a chin beard. This came to be the goatee as we know it today.

What does a goatee signify?

During the early days of Christianity, they copied a lot of imagery from pagan religions. That is why when they made the first depictions of Satan, they used the Greek god, Pan, as the base, including his signature goatee.

This is the reason why the goatee back then was entirely vilified. In the 1940s, right after WWII, the goatee got quite popular again with the youth, especially the beatniks, who were members of the counterculture group.

The goatee has become quite popular again, thanks to celebrities sporting it.

Does the goatee look attractive?

It depends on the shape of your face. The goatee can look good on people with round faces because it helps frame them much better. Men with square faces can also benefit from a goatee because its round shape helps soften the sharp angles on their faces.

Are goatees out of style?

The goatee is one of the beard styles that does not seem to go out of style. Many men have been sporting this style for centuries and it will not go away soon. The goatee might have suffered from dips in popularity, but it has always been there.

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