Chris Evans as Captain America With a Crew Cut Hairstyle

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8 Most Popular Captain America Hairstyles

Short Spikes

One of the signature looks of Chris Evans, Captain America himself, is the short spikes. It is a good choice if you do not have time to spend on grooming.

Just keep the haircut short and add spikes around one to two inches. Match it with a Chris Evans beard for an utterly gorgeous look.

Medium Length Quiff Hairstyle

Many are also fond of modern quiff hairstyles and one version of it is this medium-length quiff as gorgeously showcased by Chris Evans. His haircut was when he promoted the movie Captain America: Civil War.

Combined with a nice beard, this style speaks of confidence and a more defined jawline.

Captain America’s Side Part

If you are a fan of Chris Evans, you may have noticed that once he grows his hair, it is usually slicked back and comes with a part. You can achieve this elegant look if you brush your hair to the right. Increase volume with the aid of a pre-styling hair spray.

Buzz Cut With Beard

This buzz cut with beard style is also worth giving a try. The buzz cut is more on being laid-back, but you can toughen it up with the scruffy beard.

Textured Comb-Over Haircut

If you are looking for popular comb-over hairstyles, you should consider this textured combover inspired by Chris Evans. It is perfect for business and formal occasions. It features hair that is long enough that combing it to the side and back is easy.

Captain America’s Crew Cut Hairstyle

Before his debut on Broadway, Chris Evans did promotions for his work by wearing a fresh crew cut; the same haircut attributed to Captain America. It is cut short with a bit of an undercut found on both sides. It looks fuller as it has top spikes pushed outwards.

Thick Cut With a Stylish Side Swept

You can also integrate side-swept hairstyles into your thick haircut if you want to wear a Captain America haircut. In this style, you can see the front having a funky twist.

You can get this look by washing your hair and then blow-drying it outwards for more volume. Brush the hair to the side before putting on some hair serum.

Side-Swept With Shiny Finish

This style somewhat goes back to the classic pomp. Here, you can mimic Chris Evans’ long hair in the front and the back that is tapered short. Comb the hair starting from the middle to the back to create an illusion of a mid-length cut.

Bearded Chris Evans With Side Swept Haircut

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How to Get and Maintain Captain America Haircuts

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose a Captain America hairstyle that fits your personality and the structure and shape of your face first. It also helps to ask the opinion of a barber to ensure that you will be getting a good cut.

Step 2 – Style it

When styling your Captain America haircut, remember that proper timing is critical. One styling tip is never to let your hair completely dry, which means you have to style it when damp.

Apply a styling product with a subtle finish, like a cream or matte paste known for having a medium hold.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Keep your Captain America haircut intact by applying hair spray regularly. It should be part of your pre-styling routine. This helps moisturize your hair.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

Another essential product to use for your hairstyle is matte paste. Go for one with a solid hold to keep the style intact the entire day. If you prefer your Captain America haircut to look shinier, apply a medium-shine hair pomade in place of the paste.


What do you call Captain America’s haircut?

It is known as the traditional mid-length haircut with a swept-back style.

What haircut does Chris Evans have?

The low-key, low-maintenance haircut often gives him a boyish charm. He often chooses between the mid-length cut with a straight and smooth style or the buzz cut with short trims.

Chris Evans With a Full Beard and Messy Hair

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How does Chris Evans style his hair?

The naturally thick and silky hair of Chris Evans is the main reason why his styling routines stay simple. What he does mainly is put on some matte wax for proper styling. There are also instances when he uses water-based pomades to make his hair shinier.

How to get a haircut similar to Captain America in Infinity War?

Wash hair, then blow dry it. Rub some pomade (medium hold type) between your palms, then work it evenly into your hair. Your hair on top should then be pushed back. Rack your fingers through each strand for a more defined texture.

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