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There is nothing truly “weak” about a weak chin. It only means the person does not have a well-defined jaw and chin. It describes the shape of the chin; in this case, it is somewhat rounded or has a soft angle. In many cases, the chin curves back to the neck.

This does not usually affect the person’s ability to talk, eat, or otherwise function, but it makes some people, primarily men, insecure about how they look.

What Causes Weak Chin


It is very likely that if you have a weak chin, one or both of your parents also had it. You now have many physical traits most likely inherited from your parents or grandparents.


Although most children stop sucking on their thumbs before they start their first day of school, some still do it much longer.

The thing about thumb-sucking is that it could deform the jaw if done long enough as a child. If you were a chronic thumb-sucker during your childhood, that might be why you now have a somewhat weak chin.


As a person grows older, the density of the bones also decreases. This includes the jawbone. This causes the jaw to recede, resulting in a weak chin. However, the changes caused by aging are not that extreme. You can also prevent them by supplementing your diet.

Best Weak Chin Beard Styles


Like a Garibaldi beard, a full beard is one of the best facial hair styles for men with weak chins. Aside from adding more dimension to the weak chin, it also adds volume to the jawline. You can also try a chinstrap beard style.


The circle beard is yet another viable option for men with weak chins, significantly if they can only grow a patchy beard. This facial hair style frames the mouth area and gives the illusion of a stronger chin.


A medium to long designer stubble is ideal because, similar to a full beard, you can wear it to frame your face better and give it the shape you want. It also serves as a divide between your chin and neck.

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Chin Curtain

The chin curtain is a goatee with a partially or entirely shaved-off mustache. This helps because it makes your chin more visible by outlining it against the background of your neck.

Side Whiskers

This is one of the most challenging beard styles without mustaches. The main reason is that it is quite a dated style. You need to let your sideburns grow out, but you shave your chin. This style will accentuate your chin and make it not look so weak.

Extended Goatee

This is a goatee style where you let the hair grow considerably long. This essentially hides your chin behind a beard.

How to Style and Maintain Weak Chin Beard Style

Step 1 – Choose the style

You need to consider many things before setting your sights on one facial hair style. The most important is how much facial hair you can grow. If you can only grow a patchy beard, it will limit your choices to short beard styles.

Step 2 – Let your beard grow out

You should not style or trim a beard while you are still in the process of growing it. You need to wait until you have grown a considerable amount, which usually takes 2 to 4 months, depending on your hair growth rate, before you can begin beard shaping and styling.

Step 3 – Don’t shave 

Growing a substantial beard takes time and patience. If you notice your 3-month beard is not looking too good, refrain from touching your razor. You have already come this far. The least you can do is wait a couple more weeks before deciding.

Step 4 – Don’t be cheap with beard products

Your face will get quite itchy after the first week or so of growing a beard, so you need to use quality beard oil to soothe the itch and make the hair grow softer and shinier. Quality beard oils may be costly, but they are worth every cent. Also, you should invest in a good beard comb and brush.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Chin

Jaw Exercises

Some say that they improved the way their chin and jawline look by exercising the jaw. Many people swear by the effectiveness of chin-ups and mewing, but unfortunately, there has not been much scientific evidence to back them up.

Facial Massages

Many people also claim that regular facial massages can help reshape the jawline and push the chin forward. However, take this advice with a grain of salt, as there is still no scientific evidence of this working.

On the other hand, there is no harm in trying since you will only be using your hands.

Plastic Surgery

In most extreme cases, the only option that you can do to help your weak chin is to get cosmetic surgery done. There are implants that surgeons can place into the chin to give it more mass.

Injecting Needle in Man's Beard


Do beards help weak chins?

Yes, growing a beard can help hide the weak chin. What it does is add more volume to it.

How do you shape a beard with a weak chin?

You can try many styles of beards to help with your weak chin. However, it is best to grow your beard as thick as possible.

Does a goatee help a weak chin?

Yes, a goatee accentuates the shape of your face. It can also create a contrast between your chin and the rest of your face.

Does a weak chin make your nose look bigger?

It does a bit because the chin is a bit recessed. This can make the nose extend further out than normal.


A weak chin is not that embarrassing, especially if you have even a bit of self-confidence. Also, you can always grow a beard to help improve the look of your chin, so it is not a big deal.

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