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Charlie Hunnam made the role of Jax Teller from the Sons of Anarchy his own.

If it weren’t for him, the show wouldn’t have ever gotten the success it had and might have ended earlier than it did.

Charlie Hunnam was not only the face of the franchise but also the best part of the show which was backed up by thousands of fans.

What made Jax Teller so attractive and desirable was not only his charm, it was also thanks to the Charlie Hunnam beard that he had during the show’s run.

Charlie Hunnam is an attractive guy, and most of us would really like to look like him. You know we’re right.

The best that we can do is to copy his rebellious beard style and incorporate it into our own personal look.

Creating a Charlie Hunnam beard might seem easy at first, but, as the actor confesses, it takes a lot more than a few perfectly positioned nips and cuts.

Fortunately, we decided to take a detailed look at his beard style and came up with an easy-to-follow guide on how to create it.

By following our step-by-step article, the pieces of advice we’ve included and making a few precision cuts here and there, you will end up with a perfect Charlie Hunnam beard that will help you stand out among the rest.

Here is what you need to do.

What Is a Charlie Hunnam Beard

If you have watched Sons of Anarchy before, then you know what a Charlie Hunnam beard looks like. But for those of you who missed out on one of the best motorcycle shows ever created, Charlie Hunnam sports a Ducktail beard.

The beard style combines short sides with a pointy chin part that looks remarkably like a duck’s tail. 

The mustache is also an essential addition as it is grown full and is supposed to connect the rest of the beard.
The sides need to be kept intentionally short, while edges and shapes around the jawline must be angular and sharp.

We assume that he was using a razor for sensitive skin as it indeed looks like he took great care of it for every episode of the show. 

Of course, many elements to grow a perfect Charlie Hunnam beard go into his face features. He has a square face and some very rough but appealing face features.  

Charlie Hunnam Beard Styles

Charlie Hunnam has a few styles that have become as iconic as his roles. During the show, Charlie sported a few variations of his standard beard, depending on the situation.

If you liked some of them, get a stubble trimmer and get to work as we explain the differences and how they work.  

Ducktail Beard

The classic Charlie Hunnam, or Jax Teller, beard involves a Ducktail style beard. The sides are short and the beard on the chin is pointy and long. The edges around the jawline need to be kept sharp and angular. 

There have been a few instances where Charlie allowed his Ducktail beard to grow out. In such a case, it becomes a bit patchy scraggly on the side. But it does look good both on formal wear as well as on a leather jacket.  


Charlie Hunnam mixed things up on a few occasions by adding a full goatee and extending the jawline’s growth a bit.
He also got rid of the pointy chin part. This is what is known as a Hollywoodian beard style.

You might need a special beard brush to take care of it, but it does make you look like a celebrity. 

Classic Goatee

Charlie Hunnam has, from time to time, decided on a groomed goatee look. With a longer but neatly cleaned goatee, it enabled him to slip into some very comfortable formal clothing, something that you were not able to see him clothe as a Son of Anarchy.

He is missing his rebel look but still looks as awesome as ever. 

Heavy Stubble

Charlie Hunnam Beard Styles - Heavy Stubble

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Sometimes you can let yourself go and forget about regular grooming. A Charlie Hunnam with a heavy stubble is still an attractive Charlie Hunnam. Start with his regular beard explained above and give it some 10 days of facial hair growth to get this look.

What you get is a bit of an unkempt Charlie Hunnam beard, but still a sexy one. 

Benefits of Growing Hunnam’s Beard 

Looking like Charlie Hunnam, or better yet, Jax Teller, takes some work. Riding a chopper and having blonde hair is not enough.
Even the
world’s best beard balm is not going to help you if you don’t stylize everything right.

But when you do, there are a lot of benefits that come with it, which are: 

  • Looking like Charlie Hunnam. 
  • Having an appealing and attractive beard style. 
  • Getting mistaken for a celebrity. 
  • Being fashionable. 
  • Getting more attention from both girls and men.  

How Does It Work

Half of the appeal of a Charlie Hunnam beard comes from his face type. He has a square face shape. It has a short vertical height and an almost equal forehead, jawline, and cheekbones. 

How Does Charlie Hunnam Beard Work

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Charlie also has a very defined jawline that has a sharp angle just at the very edges of the connection points of the masseter muscles. The Ducktail beard gives his face some height but preserves his jawline and keeps it visible. 

Pros and Cons 

You don’t need to buy quality beard care products to create a Charlie Hunnam beard. But it does take a lot of investment to stylize it properly. This is why there are some positives as well as negatives surrounding it. 


  • Having an attractive beard style. 
  • Looking like a celebrity. 
  • Getting the attention of the people around you. 
  • Sporting a Hollywood-like look. 


  • One needs a special face shape or type. 
  • Medium grooming needed. 

How to Grow This Style

To grow a nice Charlie Hunnam beard, you should start learning to use beard scissors. To start, you will need to grow quite a decent amount of facial hair around the lower jaw, the chin, and the mustache area.

Since the cheeks and the sides already need to be kept short, it could be favorable if you don’t grow a lot of facial hair in those areas. 
You will need to let the beard grow for a decent amount of time, two or three months at the least.

But in some other cases, more may be needed. Once you achieve the necessary length, you need to start trimming and shaping. 

Step 1 – Use a beard trimmer to create a rough Ducktail 

Clean the rough edges with some beard scissors.

Step 2 – Trimming the sides

Retake the beard trimmer and trim down the sides using a 1/4 guard.

Step 3 – Shaping neck, cheek line and ‘stache

Shave both the neckline and cheek line. Trim the mustache neatly with scissors. For those that want a soft beard, regular maintenance and washing need to follow. 

How to Maintain It

Step 1 – Clean up the edges and shape the chin 

Use a beard shampoo with natural ingredients to keep it clean and itch-free.

Step 2 – Use a beard wax

Use some beard wax if you can’t keep the pointy shape of the beard. Don’t go overboard with the grooming; you still need to look like a rebel.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wash your beard regularly. 
  • Be sure to let it grow as long as needed. Don’t start too early. 
  • You don’t need to trim the beard as often but shave the sides regularly. 


  • Do not overgroom. You are supposed to look like a rebel. 
  • You can combine it with more clothing items and not just a leather jacket. 
  • Don’t force the look if you don’t have the needed face shape type. 


FAQ About Charlie Hunnam Beard

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What face shape does Charlie Hunnam have?

Charlie Hunnam has a defined jawline combined with a square face shape

How to ask your barber for Charlie Hunnam’s beard?

Just show him a picture of Charlie Hunnam or ask him if he has ever watched the Sons of Anarchy show and that you want to look like Jax Teller. 

What is Charlie Hunnam’s hairstyle?

Charlie usually sports a medium undercut paired with a short back and sides. 

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