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Does It Make You Look Older

Yes, wearing a beard can make you look older, but it also means that people will look at you as someone more aggressive and dominant. Those are usually the perceptions of those around you if you wear a full and thick beard.

Note, though, that there are also several instances when being older or mature is not the only thing people think about you when you have a beard. Other things your beard says about you include being more authoritative, attractive, generous, and sincere.


There are a few reasons why wearing a beard makes you look older. One reason can be linked to societal inclinations. The fact that beards mostly grow once you become older means that people also look at bearded men as older than those who are clean-shaven.

Also, fresh cuts and clean shaves usually imply younger men wearing them. If you wear a beard that is not well-trimmed, you are also likely to look older.

With that, you must ensure that your beards are clean and neatly trimmed so that you will look younger. You can even pair it up with long hairstyles for older men, guaranteed to help bring a more youthful appearance.

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Apart from a couple of reasons mentioned a while ago, other factors can make you look mature once you decide to sport a beard. Among them are the following:

Perceived Age

Sporting some beard styles can make you look more mature because of people’s natural perception of you as someone who is already older. In other words, this perception does not have anything to do with the way your beard looks physically.

Once you already have facial hair, those around you will start believing that you have already reached a particular age, which is the reason behind your ability to grow a beard.

Graying Facial Hair

You will also look older when wearing a beard if your facial hairs are already graying. Note that your facial hair will also be prone to changing its color once you start aging.

If you have white beard styles or a gray beard, then your immediate perception is that you are older. This is not bad at all, though. Some even choose to dye their facial hair using grays or whites to showcase their cooler and more mature status.

Perceived Dominance

You are likely to look more mature when you have a beard because people’s perception of how old you are can also influence how dominant you appear to them.

In several scenarios, bearded males are often perceived as more aggressive and dominant, which is why the Amish beard is also very popular. Such an image of dominance and aggressiveness can immediately make those around you think you are indeed older.

What Women Say About It

The perceived maturity associated with wearing a beard can be linked to being more attractive if we look at it from a lot of women’s points of view. Many women find those who sport full and longer beards more beautiful and perfect for long-term relationships.

The kind of authority that having a beard seems to imbibe is also why women love beards. The right beard style, whether it is the Wolverine beard style or the circle beard style, can surely make you look more masculine and sexually appealing to a lot of women.

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Do you look younger without a beard?

In several cases, yes. So if you prefer to look younger than your actual age, you may want to take advantage of the best electric shavers on the market and have your facial hair shaved off.

With your beard shaved off, you will look younger because the shaving process can remove gray hairs. The clean-shaven face you will get from it will also give your face a smooth surface, making you appear more youthful regardless of your age.

Do beards make you look hotter?

It depends on the style you have chosen. There is a high chance of looking hotter with a beard if your preferred style is compatible with your face, especially the shape.

Look for a beard style that is suitable for your facial shape, like soul patch beard styles, so you will start looking hotter and more appealing.

Do beards look good on older guys?

Yes, but this also depends on the style you have chosen. The ducktail beard style, for instance, combines a full beard and a short box and will look good on anyone older.

Do it correctly so that you can get that result. Make sure to trim the sides, mustache, and neck while leaving your chin long up to a certain point.

Does having a beard make you age faster?

No. The beard you are sporting can keep your skin protected from the harmful heat of the sun, as well as from dust and hair. This means that your beard also aids in wrinkle prevention as it keeps your face covered and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Beards can make you look older, but if you choose the correct style, the maturity you can get from it will be a good thing. Your more mature demeanor brought on by your beard will make you look attractive to the opposite sex.

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