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Written by Jack T.

The secret is out guys! Women love beards! Now for some guys, this is old news, in fact, this is the reason they grew their facial hair in the first place.

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For the ladies, you have been lied to all these years by guys without beards filling your head with all these ideas about how it is an illusion, and the beards have zero effect on women.

Today you are finally going to hear it from the women’s perspective and find out the truth behind why women love beards.

Those tingly feelings you get when you see a guy with a beard walk in a room is not your imagination, in fact, just the thought of a guy with a beard can be enough to send women to the fire exits.

Now that we have let the cat out of the bag, it is time to answer all those burning questions you have about why women love beards and why guys with facial hair are irresistible.

What Are Women Saying About Beards?

Forget all about those surveys and polls you have read about that claim that women have no more feelings for a clean-shaven guy than a stud with a face full of hair.

Chances are pretty good that these results are skewed, conducted by jealous guys who can’t grow a beard, so they try to diminish the power of the beard in guys who can grow them easily.

The truth of the matter, guys with beards are sexy. If there is a room full of guys and one has a beard, the female species can sense his presence without looking.

These bearded studs are like the cherry on top of a whip cream sundae, and these ladies will make any excuse to get as close as possible to the alpha-male by striking up conversations, bumping into them accidentally, or making eye contact until he notices her.

Women are saying these guys are hot, sexy, powerful, dominant, and their unable to focus elsewhere once he comes up on their radar.

What Attracts Women to Beards?

The answer to this question might appear complicated because many guys without beards try to paint a picture of a dirty, unkempt, reckless guy, while women and too busy trying to clear the fog in their brains and thinking about how dominant this guy must be behind closed doors.

Most guys don’t know this, no matter how strong a woman appears, she wants a guy to grab hold and take charge, especially in the bedroom.

Girls might pretend they want a soft, caring, delicate, kind, and gentle loving man, but strip away all her defenses, she wants a guy to grab her hand and show her what comes next.

A guy with no facial hair wants to ask a million times is everything fine, is it okay to try this, are you comfortable with that, whereas in her mind the guy with the beard takes charge.

Women may say they want things equal, but a bearded guy changes all the rules.

woman kissing guy with beard

What is Sexy in Beards?

If you still think the ladies are not into beards, take a walk to the bookstore or go visit Amazon books today.

Those romance novels are the absolute best-selling books, women can not buy and read them fast enough.

There is a good reason the majority of the shirtless guys have beards on those book covers, women have had enough of guys being boring in the bedroom.

The beard establishes this guy is an alpha-male, he takes off his clothes, then he takes off her clothes, then he does whatever he wants.

He pleasures her his way, not asking if she likes things, he knows she loves them.

A bearded guy is telling the world he is confident about his looks, and the ladies pick up on that signal and get weak in the knees at the thought of letting him dominate without trying to be sensitive and caring.

Is Every Guy with a Beard Hot?

The potential answer is yes, the trouble is guys don’t use the power of the beard in most cases. Guys who grow beards and then still act overly caring and sensitive water down the power.

Less is more when it comes to the beard, and what I mean by that is any guy can grow a beard, then just stop talking when you see a hot woman.

By not talking, not trying to cater to her ever whim, her wires get crossed and she can not understand why she is being ignored.

She then goes on the offensive and moves in, and all he has to is play it cool, and the beard does the rest.

She then imagines how dominant in bed he is, how reckless he is, how he doesn’t have a care in the world, and how other women must be drawn to his mystique.

Any guy can utilize the power of the beard if they simply stop with the chatter.

smiling woman touches man's beard

Who is Keeping This Huge Secret?

Everyone is keeping this secret, and they all have their own unique reasons why. To begin, hairless guys want to keep this a secret or they will never get another woman again.

They create surveys and polls, then skew the results by saying women are not really attracted to guys with beards.

Ladies try to downplay the fact that guys with beards make them all weak inside, otherwise, their boyfriends, husbands, or friends will always be jealous and questioning her motives every time she tries to get close to these studs.

The bearded male wants this kept a secret too, otherwise, every guy in town will grow their beards out and the huge never-ending flow of submission women will dry up and no longer can they have their choice of any lady they want.

Are you beginning to see why no one really talks about how sexy a bearded man is? You can feel the pressure in the room, though, you know it.

Women Love Beards! Period!

It isn’t so much about the guy with the beard as it is what that beard represents that has women around the world flustered like school girls.

For centuries, the beard has been a representation of power, dominance, strength, all the qualities women dream about in the bedroom.

beard meme funny quotes2

The beard represents freedom, rebellion, uniqueness, something that appeals to the female species, just look a the top rated movies in history and look for those trends.

The beard may be a symbol for all these things, but the way a female is wired, she instantly associates these positive qualities with the guy under the beard, and he gets to reap all the rewards.

The female brain connects a beard with dozens of appealing qualities, and she becomes helpless to fighting it within herself.

Now you know why she has to do a double-take when a guy with a beard walks by, why she loses her mind when celebrities grow out facial hair, and why she seems preoccupied when a hot guy with a beard is in a room talking to several sexy women.

She knows what they are attracted to, and she knows she is missing out. The beard calls to the female like sports, hot dogs, and tools call to the guy.

beard humor funny meme quote

The writing is on the wall and if you read between the lines, you will see more clearly that women love beards despite what they may tell you.

Next time, watch their actions rather than listening to their words, the beard is like truth serum and no woman can escape its power.

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