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Indian men have several distinct characteristics regarding their hair, although it is hard to define or divide hair types into certain specific boxes that work for everyone. Due to the numerous kinds of hair textures, styles and requirements, picking the correct type of hairstyle can get confusing.

To help you out, we have compiled some of the most popular hairstyles of Indian men that you can try out if you fall into that category or wish to know more. You can also learn more about styling and maintaining your hair through this guide. Let’s begin!

20 Most Popular Hairstyles for Indian Men

There are several options for you to try out. Bleached hairstyles are highly fashionable now, as are swept and parted styles. Trying a classic slicked-back hairstyle can also serve you well. You can go through some popular hairstyles below if you need some inspiration.

Indian Fringe Haircut

Thick and wavy hair can help you create a front fringe that can bring style and texture to your hair.

Side Swept Indian Hairstyle

Sweeping the hair from the top to the side while cutting the sides short can create a casual yet impactful and influential look.

Short Quiff

If you have short but thick hair, you can pull the hair in front up and to the side or back to form a quiff.

Tall Quiff Indian Hairstyle

Thick and medium-length hair on the top can allow you to make a taller quiff and slick it back for a stylish look.

Side Part

The essentials of side part haircuts are to have full hair and a clean part. Versatile, neat, casual, professional—you name it!

Textured Brush Up

Since Indian men have thick and textured hair, go a bit crazy and brush your hair in different ways to create a textured brush-up.

Asymmetrical Side Swept

If you have long hair, swipe the top to the side and add a fade to the sides for an asymmetrical and fun look.

Indian Curls Haircut

Many Indian men have natural curls, so leave them loose and slightly add volume by styling them up. Pair with a thin beard!

Indian Man With Curly Hair

Indian Man Bun Hairstyle

Thick, long, textured hair can be perfect for a bun, especially if you combine it with a groomed beard.

Straight Shag

Style your medium-length hair into a straight shag with the hair falling loose and down with layers in between for texture.

Long Wavy Mop Indian Hairstyle

One way to style long and wavy hair is to sweep it to the side and let it be loose and a bit tousled.

Natural Wave With Ponytail

Make a short ponytail while letting your naturally wavy hair hang loose at the top.

Indian Gelled Up Hairstyle

Ideal for short hair, gelling your hair up can give you a neat and stylish appearance. Add a fade to enhance it.

Indian Buzz Cut

There is nothing like a buzz cut to add some tidiness yet a sense of intrigue to your appearance. It can be professional and casual.

Razor Crop

Smooth and straight hair can let you add some texture to your hair by adding a slight messy fringe to the front.

Indian Crew Cut Haircut

Add a fade to the sides for long faces and professional requirements and keep your top short and styled back.

Slick Back

Slick your hair back with a product and pair it with a beard for a stylish appearance.

Spiky Crop

Spike your short or long hair up and maintain it with gel or mousse.

indian men's hairstyles

Indian Pompadour Hairstyle

Crop the hair at the back and sides, keep the top long, and push it back.

Layered Middle Length

If you have middle-length hair, layer it up and keep it loose.

What Is Indian Hairstyle For Men

Indian men generally tend to have dark shades of hair. How thick or thin this hair is and the kind of texture that the hair has can depend and differ according to the genetic and environmental conditions that each man lives in.

Indian men’s hairstyles, therefore, are often those that are reflective of such styles and conditions. Several other factors also define such hairstyles, including one’s face shape, length of hair, features, skin tone, etc.

Several external influences can shape these kinds of hairstyles. For instance, the influence of celebrities and sportspersons can often create trends.

Essentially, numerous hairstyles can work depending on the context and quality of hair. You can go through some of these in detail in the following section.

How to Get Indian Haircut

Choose a style

Choosing the best short haircut for you or even a long and unique one can take time, so make sure you know what you want. Carry a picture if required.

Prepare your hair

You can prepare your hair in advance by shampooing and conditioning it when you want to get the style done. Dry it a bit but keep it moist if you’re going to trim it.

Use hair products

Hair products can help you style your hair better. Wax, gel, pomade, or cream can keep your hairstyle in place.

Brush and style

Brush your hair properly and start styling it up or to the side with a fine comb depending on the outcome you want.

Ask your barber for advice

If you are not too confident doing it yourself, you can visit your barber or hairstylist and ask them for advice. They can also use the world’s best hair clippers to give your hair a nice trim and style it for you in the way you want.

How to Maintain Indian Hairstyle

Just as trimming Asian beards requires proper steps, so does maintain an Indian man’s hairstyle.

Shampoo and conditioner

You will need to shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep it healthy, but don’t do this every day; otherwise, it might damage your hair.

Natural products

Try using natural and organic hairstyling and maintenance products to improve the condition of your hair so that you can maintain the style for longer.

Indian Man Applying Hair Styling Product

Maintain cleanliness

If there is lots of pollution where you live, try cleaning your hair every time you come back home. Go out with protective measures in place.

Apply oil

You can apply premium hair oil for men to keep your hair nourished, prevent hair fall and keep it thick enough so that your hairstyle lasts longer.

Visit a professional

A simple solution is to ask a stylist to do your hair. The products they apply will last you the entire day.

Best Styling Products

Make sure you choose hair products based on your hair requirements, texture, style, condition, and length. Choose a reliable brand and check the cost as well.

Hair pomades that provide a good hold day long can be a good solution. Other options include hair wax, gel, hair cleanser, mousse, beer shampoo, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

Just as there are unique beard shaping tips, there are also several do’s and don’ts for Indian men’s hairstyles. For instance:


  • Apply oil regularly.
  • Be gentle while combing or brushing your hair.


  • Do not use too much heat in the form of hair irons and blow dryers.
  • Do not overdo it with synthetic hair products.
  • Do not wear hair covers (like hats) too often unless you must.
  • Wash your hair regularly but do not do it every day.


What is the most attractive Indian men’s hairstyle?

Keeping hair long or tying them up in a bun can help, although it depends on how it suits you and how you carry the style.

What haircut should an Indian man get with curly hair?

You can keep your hair long, style it back, or even mop it up. Curly peaks swept to the side can work as well.

What do Indian men do with their hair?

One thing that can make some Indian men’s hair appear attractive and complete is the application of coconut oil regularly. Regular healthy meals help as well.

Does long hair suit Indian men?

Yes, as long as it suits their hair texture and face shape.

What hair products should Indian men use?

Oil, gel, pomade, mousse and wax are some excellent options.


You have now seen all the popular hairstyles for Indian men. You can now pick one that you think will suit you the most and figure out how to style and maintain it. Remember to care for your hair and eat well to improve its condition.