Hairstyles Men With Beards

Whether you prefer a side-swept undercut with a beard or a stubble bubble curly hairstyle with some facial hair flair, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a neat pompadour hairstyle with a beard slit or a skin fade flat top afro hairstyle with some beard action?

No matter what look you choose, these haircuts with a beard will definitely leave you feeling confident and stylish.

24 Hottest Haircuts for Men With Beards

Side Swept Undercut With Beard

This trendy haircut combines the edginess of an undercut with the sophistication of a well-groomed beard.

The side-swept undercut involves shaving the sides and back of your head shorter while leaving the hair on top longer. This creates a stylish contrast that is both modern and versatile. Pairing it with a beard adds more masculinity and ruggedness to your overall look.

The combination of the side-swept undercut with a beard is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with their hair. It’s a hairstyle that exudes confidence and sets you apart from the crowd.

Stubble Bubble Curly Hairstyle With Beard

A stubble bubble curly hairstyle with a beard is a trendy look that combines the rugged charm of a well-groomed beard with the playful and carefree vibe of curly hair. The stubble beard adds a touch of masculinity, while the curly hairstyle adds a touch of personality.

To achieve this look, keep your beard trimmed to a stubble length and let your curly hair flow naturally. The contrast between the short beard and the voluminous curls creates a visually striking effect.

Brush Up on Top Hairstyle and Brush Down Beard Down

To achieve a polished and sleek look, brush up on your top hairstyle and brush down your beard. Start by using a fine-toothed comb to brush your hair upwards, creating volume and height on the top. This style works well for those with medium to long hair lengths.

Next, take a brush and comb your beard downwards to keep it neat and well-groomed. This will help to define the shape of your beard and give it a more streamlined appearance. Remember to use gentle strokes and avoid pulling or tugging on your hair or beard.

By incorporating this brushing technique into your grooming routine, you can easily achieve a stylish and well-maintained look.

Neat Pompadour Hairstyle With Beard Slit

Create a sharp and stylish look by sporting a neat pompadour hairstyle with a sleekly carved beard slit. This will give you a bold and edgy appearance. The pompadour hairstyle is characterized by its voluminous top and neatly slicked back sides, creating a classy and professional look.

To enhance this style, pair it with a well-groomed beard that features a meticulously carved slit. This will add a touch of uniqueness to your overall look. The beard slit adds a modern twist to the classic pompadour, making it a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.

This combination of a neat pompadour hairstyle and a beard slit allows you to showcase your individuality and style, making you leave a lasting impression.

Skin Fade Flat Top Afro Hairstyle With Beard

Sporting a skin fade flat top afro hairstyle with a well-maintained beard adds a hint of modernity to your look. The skin fade on the sides and back creates a clean and sharp contrast, while the flat top adds volume and structure to your hair.

The afro hairstyle, with its natural curls and texture, adds a unique and stylish element. Pairing this hairstyle with a beard completes the look, adding a rugged and masculine touch.

Make sure to keep your beard neatly trimmed and shaped to complement the clean lines of the skin fade and the structured flat top. This combination of a skin fade flat top afro hairstyle with a well-groomed beard is a daring and fashionable choice that will surely leave others in awe.

Side Swept Quiff Hairstyle With Beard

Rocking a side-swept quiff hairstyle with a beard brings a touch of effortless charm and rugged appeal to your overall look. The side-swept quiff hairstyle is a modern take on the classic quiff, where the hair is styled to the side instead of being lifted straight up. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want a versatile and stylish look that can be easily maintained.

Paired with a well-groomed beard, the side-swept quiff adds a touch of sophistication and masculinity. It’s a great choice for those with square or oval face shapes, as it helps to elongate the face and enhance the jawline.

Whether you’re heading to the office or a night out, this combination of side-swept quiff hairstyle and beard will definitely make a statement.

Top Knot Blonde Hairstyle With Beard

Introducing the top knot blonde hairstyle with a beard, a look that exudes confidence and style. This daring hairstyle involves gathering your blonde locks into a sleek and stylish knot on top of your head while allowing your beard to add a rugged touch to the overall appearance.

The top knot adds height and dimension to your look, making it a perfect choice for trying something new and different. Whether you have long or medium-length hair, this hairstyle is flexible and can be tailored to suit your personal style.

Longer Curly Hair With Beard

Embrace a new level of style and confidence with longer, luscious curls that perfectly complement your beard.

Long curly hair paired with a beard creates a dynamic and eye-catching look that showcases your unique personality. The combination of the long, flowing curls with a well-groomed beard adds an air of rugged charm.

With this hairstyle, you can effortlessly achieve a relaxed yet polished appearance that stands out from the norm. The longer length allows for versatile styling options, whether you prefer to let your curls cascade down or tie them back in a stylish bun.

This look shows that you take pride in your appearance.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle With Beard

Achieve a clean and modern look by pairing a slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a well-groomed beard, instantly elevating your style game.

The slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a beard is a trendy choice that exudes class. This haircut features short sides that are shaved or closely cropped, while the top is left longer and styled back using hair products for a smooth and polished finish.

The contrasting lengths create a bold and edgy look that is perfect for any occasion. To complete the look, maintain a well-groomed beard that complements the clean lines of the undercut. Regular trimming and shaping will ensure that your beard remains neat and improves your appearance.

Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply want to make a statement, the slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a beard is a winning combination that will leave a lasting impression.

Pointy Brush-Up Hairstyle With Beard

Get ready to take your style to the next level with the pointy brush-up hairstyle that perfectly complements your beard, leaving you feeling proud and ready to take on the day.

This cool hairstyle is all about creating height and volume at the front, giving you a sharp and edgy look. To achieve this style, start by growing out your hair to a medium length on top and keeping the sides and back short.

Use a strong hold pomade or wax to style your hair upwards and towards the front, creating a pointy and textured finish. This look works best with a well-groomed beard, adding to the overall masculine appeal.

Tossed Top Hairstyle With Thick Beard

Style your hair in a tossed-top hairstyle with a thick beard, giving you a rugged and effortlessly cool look. This haircut is great for those who want to showcase their thick beard while still having a stylish and modern hairstyle.

To achieve this look, ask your barber to cut your hair in a slightly messy and textured way, with longer hair on top that can be easily tousled. This will create a natural and relaxed appearance. Pair this hairstyle with a well-groomed and thick beard to enhance the overall effect.

The combination of the tossed-top hairstyle and the thick beard will add depth and dimension to your face, making you stand out in any crowd.

Tied Hair with a Thick Beard

Welcome a fun and confident look by tying your hair up while sporting a thick beard. The man bun is a trendy hairstyle that perfectly complements a full beard. This combination exudes masculinity and sophistication.

To get this look, start by growing out your hair to a sufficient length. Then, gather your hair at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic band, leaving a few strands loose for a relaxed vibe.

The beard fade is a great addition to this style, as it creates a seamless transition between your hair and facial hair. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, the tied hair with a thick beard combo will leave others wondering how you did it.

Slicked Back Brush Up With Taper Hairstyle With Beard

The slicked-back brush-up with a taper hairstyle and beard look exudes confidence and is perfect for any occasion. To achieve this style, start by applying a high-quality styling product to your hair and combing it back, creating a smooth and clean appearance.

Then, use a brush to lift the front section of your hair, creating a subtle volume and a stylish brush-up effect. The tapered sides and back of the hairstyle add a clean and sharp touch, while the well-groomed beard complements the overall look perfectly.

With this slicked-back brush-up and taper hairstyle with a beard, you’ll definitely turn heads and make a fashionable statement.

Ginger Rugged Thick Look Hairstyle With Beard

The ginger hue adds a touch of uniqueness to your overall style, making you stand out from your peers. This rugged and thick hairstyle exudes masculinity, showcasing your adventurous spirit.

The voluminous hair adds texture and depth to your look, creating a visually appealing contrast with your perfectly sculpted beard. The combination of ginger hair and the beard creates a harmonious blend of warm tones, enhancing your facial features and adding a touch of class.

Quiff Messy Hairstyle With Beard

Rock a messy quiff hairstyle with a perfectly styled beard for an effortlessly cool look. The quiff is a versatile hairstyle that adds volume and height to your hair.

To achieve the messy quiff look, start by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Then, blow dry your hair while using your fingers to create texture and lift at the roots. Use a comb or your fingers to push your hair up and back, creating a quiff shape. Finish off the look by applying a small amount of styling wax to add definition and hold.

Pair this quiff hairstyle with a well-groomed beard for a rugged yet fashionable appearance.

Puffed Slicked Back With Temple Fade Hairstyle With Beard

For a seamlessly stylish and modern look, try the puffed slicked-back hairstyle with a temple fade, perfectly complemented by a well-maintained beard.

This hairstyle is all about sleekness and charm. To achieve the puffed slicked back look, start by applying a good quality pomade or hair gel to damp hair. Comb the product through your hair, pushing it back from the forehead and creating a polished appearance. The temple fade adds an extra touch of style, with the hair gradually getting shorter as it reaches the temples. This creates a clean and sharp look.

To complete the overall aesthetic, don’t forget to maintain a well-groomed beard. Keep it trimmed and neatly shaped, ensuring it enhances the overall appeal of the slicked-back hairstyle. With this combination, you’ll be the face of confidence and modernity.

Buzzed Butch Haircut With Twin Slit and Beard

Achieve a bold and fun look with the buzzed butch haircut. It features a daring twin slit. Complete the look with a perfectly groomed beard to evoke a sense of power.

The buzz cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that is incredibly changeable. It suits a wide range of face shapes. With its ultra-short length, the buzzed butch haircut gives off a cool and refined vibe.

The addition of a twin slit adds a unique and modern twist to this classic style. It creates an eye-catching focal point. Pairing the buzzed butch haircut with a well-maintained beard further enhances the overall appearance. It adds an extra hint of rugged masculinity.

Whether you’re aiming for a rugged and masculine look or simply want to make a fashion statement, the buzzed butch haircut with a twin slit and beard is a winning combination.

Bloated Pompadour Haircut With Temple Fade and Beard

The pompadour is a classic hairstyle that adds volume and height to your hair, creating an impressive look. With the temple fade, the sides of your hair are expertly tapered, creating a clean and polished appearance.

The beard adds a touch of rugged charm, perfectly complementing the pompadour and temple fade. This haircut is all about showcasing your personal style.

Mohawk Style Brush Up With Beard

The Mohawk style brush-up effortlessly combines edgy and sophisticated elements, creating a striking look that demands attention. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to try something out there while maintaining a sense of style.

With a mohawk-style brush-up, you can achieve a clean and sharp look that’s both modern and timeless. Pairing this hairstyle with a beard adds an extra level of ruggedness and masculinity. The beard helps balance out the dramatic height of the mohawk and creates a cohesive and well-groomed appearance.

Whether you have short or long hair, the mohawk style brush-up with a beard is a flexible choice that suits various face shapes and personal styles. Embrace your inner rebel and rock this eye-catching look.

Captain America Hairstyle With Beard

Sporting the iconic Captain America hairstyle with a well-groomed beard exudes a sense of patriotism and strength, embodying the essence of a true hero.

The Captain America hairstyle is characterized by a short, textured cut on the sides and back, with longer hair on top that’s brushed up and styled into a neat, structured look. This style pairs perfectly with a well-maintained beard, adding a rugged and masculine touch to the overall appearance.

The beard helps balance the clean-cut hairstyle, adding depth and dimension to the face. Together, the Captain America hairstyle and beard create a bold and confident look that demands attention.

Textured Skin Fade Hairstyle With Beard

Embodying a rugged aesthetic, the textured skin fade hairstyle easily complements a well-groomed beard. The fade on the sides and back creates a seamless transition from the shorter hair to the longer strands on top, giving it a clean and polished look.

The textured hair adds depth and dimension, creating a new and fresh appearance. This hairstyle works best for those with thicker hair as it allows for more texture and volume.

To maintain this look, regular trims are necessary to keep the fade sharp and the beard well-groomed. Use a high-quality styling product to create the desired texture and hold.

Thick Beard With Fringed Mini French Crop Haircut

Rocking a fringed mini French crop with a thick beard is a surefire way to achieve a suave and daring look. This trendy combination of a thick beard and a fringed mini French crop haircut exudes class and charm.

The thick beard adds a rugged and masculine touch to the overall appearance, while the fringed mini French crop haircut adds a modern and edgy vibe. The fringed style of the haircut adds texture and dimension to your hair, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

This versatile haircut can be styled in various ways, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly. Whether you’re going for a casual or formal occasion, this hairstyle with a thick beard will definitely make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.

Blonde Rough Texture Hairstyle With Beard

To achieve a captivating look, you can easily pull off a blonde rough texture hairstyle with a beard that complements your style effortlessly. A blonde hair color adds a unique and eye-catching element to your overall appearance. Pairing it with a rough texture hairstyle creates a fashionable and daring vibe.

The rough texture adds volume and movement to your hair, giving it a natural and effortless look. This style works well for both short and longer hair lengths.

To complete the look, don’t forget to groom your beard. A well-maintained beard adds masculinity and sophistication to your style. Whether you choose a full beard or a well-trimmed one, it’ll enhance the overall appeal of your blonde rough texture hairstyle, making you the talk of the town.

Thick Mustache wWith Sick Side Part Hairstyle

A thick mustache adds a touch of masculinity and confidence to any man’s appearance. It takes dedication and patience to grow a thick mustache, but the results are worth it.

Pairing it with a sick side part hairstyle creates a perfect balance between classic and modern. The side part adds a touch of professionalism, while the thick mustache adds a rugged edge.

This pairing is a winning choice for any occasion, whether you’re heading to the office or going out for a night on the town. Don’t forget to maintain your beard and haircut to complete the whole look. With a thick mustache and a sick side part hairstyle, you’ll surely make a lasting impression.


How to style a side-swept undercut with a beard?

To style a side-swept undercut with a beard, first, trim your beard to the desired length. Then, use a comb to sweep your hair to one side while blow drying. Apply some styling product for hold, and you’re good to go!

What is the best way to maintain a stubble bubble curly hairstyle with a beard?

To maintain a stubble bubble curly hairstyle with a beard, start by regularly trimming your beard to keep it neat. Use a curl-defining product to enhance your curls and a beard oil to keep your beard soft and moisturized.

Can you provide tips on achieving a neat pompadour hairstyle with a beard slit?

To achieve a neat pompadour hairstyle with a beard slit, start by blow-drying your hair upwards for volume. Apply a styling product and comb your hair back, creating height at the front. Trim your beard to complement the style.

How to style longer curly hair with a beard for a polished look?

Style longer curly hair with a beard for a polished look by using a curl-enhancing product. Apply it to damp hair, scrunching and twisting sections for defined curls. Trim and shape your beard to complement the hairstyle.

What are some techniques to achieve a slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a beard?

To achieve a slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a beard, start by applying a styling product to your damp hair. Use a comb to slick your hair back and then blow dry it for added hold. Finally, trim and groom your beard to complement the look.

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