Man With Long Straight Hair in a Suit With Bowtie

21 Most Popular Hairstyles


If you have medium hair, go for the pompadour, which comes with longer center hair and an undercut on both sides. It goes perfectly with a formal suit, specifically in blue or black, making it look great for the groom.


Go for the flow hairstyle if you have neck-length hair. It adds texture to your hair while looking attractive when loosely combed and paired with your formal attire.

Curly Short 

If you have curls, you don’t have to worry about them during your wedding. You can even embrace a short curly hairstyle during your special day, making you stand out.

Side Parted Hair With Undercut

This is one of the most impressive side part hairstyles for men. It is suitable for you if you have fine hair. You should make one part longer while the other should be styled in an undercut.

Note, though, that this style is high-maintenance and requires several hair products to look even better, like hair pomade and hair relaxers.

Short Spikes

This is one of those spiky hairstyles designed to bring out your unique and rugged personality. Emphasize the spikes even more by having tapered or faded sides.

Undercut Skin Fade

You may come across the undercut skin fade when searching for elegant but still cute hairstyles for weddings. It suits those with short hair and comes in various cuts, such as the low bald fade and the mid-fade. It also looks good on a formal suit.

Elegant Bearded Man in a Tux

Vintage Hairstyle for Wedding

Several vintage and retro hairstyles also work well for a wedding. You can even go for those popular 50s hairstyles. You can get a vintage hairstyle in several ways, including the low comb, high comb-over, chic, and side sleek.

Combining this style with a mustache, a clean-shaven look, or a beard is also possible.

Clean and Elegant Look

Of course, you can also go for the classic clean and elegant look. With a tidy hairstyle, you can show how solemn and unique the event is. Make the look even more refined and elegant by wearing the traditional tuxedo.

Short and Classic Curly

Whether you go for the modern or the old-school haircut, a shorter length can leave a good impression on various special occasions, including weddings. Integrate some curls and you will indeed look good.

For this style, you will be wearing tousled and textured hair with the help of certain products that can give it volume. Use hair cream to highlight your curls, too.

Voluminous at the Center 

This wedding hairstyle is not only classic and trendy but also clean and easy and quick to style. Focus on adding a bit of volume and texture at your crown’s center. Comb all hair from both sides and the center backward, too.

Knotted Hair With Braids

Are you wondering whether braids styles are perfect for weddings? Well, the answer is yes. It adds more fun and excitement to your overall appeal, plus it can help you show your individuality during one of the most special moments of your life.

Sleek Bun and Ponytail

If you have long hair, you can pull it back, part it dramatically, or add texture to it to make it edgy and distinguishable on various occasions. This style requires you to wear your long hair in a bun. You can also wear it in a ponytail.

Blonde Man With Man Bun in a Suit With Red Bowtie


Another way to make your look distinctive and memorable during your wedding is to wear a funky hairstyle. It combines funky and classic styles with spikes appearing over your entire crown.

Met Gala 

Nick Jonas, who looked so good when he sported this hairstyle, is the reason behind the popularity of this style at weddings and other special events. It is a clean style that blends well with almost all outfits. It has an edgy look and comes with a fringe that has to be styled on your forehead.

Spikes In the Center

Get this quick and easy hairstyle by cutting your hair short and then integrating some spikes along the center. Pair it up with a fresh and clean shave and a clean-cut look, too.

Elegant Fringe

Perfect for special and formal occasions, like weddings, the elegant fringe features sophisticated bangs designed to frame a side or part of your face while retaining your formal and professional appeal.

It allows you to leave your fringe as is. If you have straight hair, add texture and shape at the ends using a matte pomade or wax.

Highlighted Braids and Top Knot

Braids can boost your confidence as this style makes you feel like you have power and strength. Make your braids more fun and exciting to look at by highlighting them. End the highlighted braids with a top knot, which works well for those with short hair.


You can sport this casual hairstyle with long-layered hair. Add some even layers to the length, which is an excellent way to make it hold a natural wave.


Of course, you need to be as stylish and trendy as possible during weddings. You can achieve that through this style, which features slicked-back hair at the center and short sides.

Clean Look

As the name suggests, this style requires you to keep your hairstyle as clean and polished as possible. Pair it up with a clean and perfect shave and you will look dashing at any formal event.

Center Parted Long 

Part the center of your long hair when planning to have a symmetrical look or if your hair is either wavy or straight. You can get this style by making a sharp line starting from your hairline’s center before you apply some serum and run your fingers through the ends.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Pick a wedding hairstyle for men that suits your personality the most. Ensure that it also fits your outfit, the motif of the wedding, and the atmosphere you intend to imbibe during the occasion.

Step 2 – Style 

Style your wedding hair so that you also keep in mind that less is best. In most cases, you must stick with the styles that work best for your unique personality and features while integrating some fun into them.

Avoid fading the sides to your skin, too, and ensure that there is a bit of hair left to make the entire look timeless and softer.

Step 3 – Prepare in advance

Consult your barber or hairstylist, as the wedding is a significant event. Decide on your style two weeks in advance and ensure that you have already prepared everything you need to maintain the style for the whole duration of the event, like the pomade or wax that will hold the style.

Step 4 – Apply products designed to hold the shape

To retain your chosen wedding hairstyle up to the end of the event, apply some pomade, gel or wax. Just make sure you put on just enough so it won’t turn into an excessive greaser hairstyle.


How long before the wedding should a man cut his hair?

One week before your scheduled wedding, ensure that you get a trim. You also need to have a fresh cut 2 to 3 days before the wedding date if you prefer a short haircut, such as a buzz cut.

Can you wear a man bun for your wedding?

Yes. The man bun is an excellent style for you, especially if your hair is long and you want your look to be more polished at your wedding.

What men’s wedding hairstyle can conceal thinning hair?

Choose a shorter cut if you want to hide your thinning hair or receding hairline during your wedding. Some examples are the buzz cut or the crew cut. Avoid longer hairstyles, as they may only make your thinning hair look more visible.

What can men do with long wedding hair?

For long hair, the man bun is one of the best options as it is versatile and trendy and looks elegant.