Man with Long Wavy Hair

You probably didn’t know this, but girls love a long-haired guy.

Look at Jason Momoa; he seems to be getting all the attention needed.

Of course, there is his brute strength, build and overall sex appeal, but a lot of that is still accredited to his long locks.

So guys, if you want more attention and notice, one option is growing your hair.

However, this is not done as quickly as you would hope.

You might want to not go to a barber and have your hair cut, but it doesn’t work like that.

Luckily, you will need no added advice except the ones we are prepared to give you here.

After you are done with the treatment that we are about to propose, you, too, will be able to rock a hot man bun in no time.

Best Tips

Planning to grow long hair is something that takes time and a specific approach. Many men’s haircuts require you to have a clearly defined schedule before starting. Before you embark on this journey, we would like to highlight some specific facts about doing it.

Check Your Hair Type 

The first step to consider when growing your hair is considering your natural hair type. This is important due to the simple reason as that is the only way you will know which products to use on your hair.

Use Hair Growth Supplements

Consider taking some added supplements to grow your hair. This means taking some, which include the basic building blocks of your hair. You will want more biotin, protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

A healthy diet will help your hair grow more than any other product. If your body is healthy, then so is your hair. So if you eat healthily and get enough protein, your hair will be the same.

Regular Exercise

This one is a mere continuation of the previous. Again, keeping your body healthy and strong will produce great hair. If your body is weak, you are not going to be able to grow your hair as fast and as strong as you are going to like.

Enough Sleep

Stress and fatigue influence the growth of one’s hair more than you think. If you want better hair, then you should get enough sleep. Eight hours per night is a must and you will soon start to notice the results.

Shampooing and Conditioning Hair

Although it is vital to shampoo and condition your hair, there is a small thing about doing it too much. What you are going to want to do is shampoo the hair 2 or 3 times a week.

Also, use the right kind of conditioner and avoid the ones with waxes in them, as they will weigh down your hair. 

Shirtless Man Towel Drying His Hair

Combing Your Hair

Combing your hair regularly will help to detangle it and also get rid of loose or broken strands. You will want to use a boar bristle brush as it is the most suitable one and does not damage your hair.

Choose a Haircut as It Grows

You need to be aware of the awkward phase before you start. This is the part where your hair is neither long nor short. You will have to get a bit strategic with your choices and the treatment at this stage.

Switch Up Your Products

If you are using some products damaging your hair, you should eliminate them immediately. Only use products or hair pomades for men made of natural elements.

Cut or Trim Your Hair

While growing your hair, you still have to cut it a bit. Once you notice split ends, you will have to eliminate them. Also, you might need to trim some parts to allow the desired hairstyle to develop.

Avoid Styling Tools and Hair Treatments

Some people resort to various styling tools that end up hurting them in the long run. Tools and treatments that use heat should be avoided at all costs. Heat has a damaging effect on your hair and may end up creating more damage when growing it out.

Have Patience

The best piece of advice when growing your hair is patience. It does not happen overnight, particularly if you want long hair. So you will have to endure all the awkward stages of hair growth until you get to the desired length.

10 Most Popular Hairstyles for Hair Growing Out

We did some research and came up with a few examples of the most popular long hairstyles for men. Some of them are also great haircuts for men with thin hair and we suggest giving them a shot.

Long and Tousled

Probably the wildest and most powerful long hairstyle for men. It does not take a lot to style it, but it does require you to treat it. The results show shades of Jason Momoa in the air.


This one is an elegant type of hairstyle. You can create one when growing your hair to a specific length until you get to side-swept hairstyles of a specific length.

Man Bun

A man bun is a good option when growing your hair and taking it to the lengths you want. It is also very versatile, as you can choose where and how to create it.

Man With a Man Bun Hairstyle Sitting on a Bridge in Venice

Slicked Back

A slicked-back look is something that David Beckham utilized when he had long hair. You will need some products, like a pomade, to keep it still; if your hair is long, you may need to tie it in a bun at the end.


A good quiff hairstyle for men can really change how a person looks. It improves your appearance tenfold. Just look at Travis Fimmel’s appearance when filming Vikings and how he appeared later with a quiff.

Pompadour for Long Hair

A pompadour and long hair go together much better than you think. Long hair pomp is perhaps more suitable for the growing stage, but you may want to keep it around for longer.

Swept Back Hairstyle

Another way to get over the transition period. Sweep your hair back and keep it steady with a product or hair spray.

Top Knot

Similar to a man, the top knot has a way of giving you added styling options. It is positioned differently and you can let some of the hair looses and allow it to fall to your shoulders.

Long and Curly

If you have curly hair, you immediately get bonus points. Having long curly hairstyles is not easy for anyone and can only work if you have natural curls that you grow.

Long Hair and Beard

Don’t forget about your facial hair. If you can grow long hair, you can also grow a long beard. The two will complement each other and will help your style achieve perfection.

How to Maintain and Style

Now that we know how to grow long hair and our styling options, it is time to learn how to maintain it and keep the style you decided to go for.

Step 1 – Choose the style

Pick the style you want and set a schedule for growing it. You can go through the options we have picked as they are currently the most popular ones.

Step 2 – Style the hair appropriately

Whether you want to slick it back or tie it in a bun, it works as long as you can employ the correct styling techniques.

Step 3 – Use some product

Be sure to trim it from time to time and maintain it using the necessary products. We are talking about conditioners and shampoos, but never overdo them so you don’t dry out your hair too much.

Step 4 – Cut and trim your long hair from time to time

Once you notice that you have split ends, it is time to visit a barber. You will also eliminate some added weight on the roots of your hair.


Should I trim my hair when growing it out?

Yes, you should, but only get rid of the split ends or trim them based on the type of style that you are planning to get.

How long does it take for a guy’s hair to grow?

Your hair grows about one inch per month. Therefore, depending on how long you want it to be, it will take significant time to grow.

How can you speed up hair growth?

You can introduce some healthy habits and switch up your hair maintenance regime, so you get better and faster results.

How do you get through the awkward stage of growing out your hair?

You can restyle it appropriately or if you don’t have a choice, you can wear a hat.

Jay - Barber

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