Men With Widows Peak Hairstyles

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It happens to the best of us. Most of us don’t even see it coming. Others wish they instead went bald than getting it. But the widow’s peak is one of the most dreaded looks and hairstyles a man can experience.

The triangular-shaped patch of hair starts forming on the top of our head as our hair recedes. But there is not a lot that most of us can do about it. It is created due to genetics mainly and we can either hide it or highlight it.

Since wearing a hat for the resort of your life is not an ideal pick, we suggest highlighting the widow’s peak with a stylish hairstyle. Many comb-over hairstyles and various others can help you style your widow’s peak into beautiful hair.

60 Most Popular Widows Peak Hairstyles

Buzz Cut Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widows Peak Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut is a perfect haircut to hide away your receding hairline. The idea is to avert the attention from the widow’s peak and move it back to your face. Just look at how Aaron Paul is enjoying his style and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Crew Cut Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widows Peak Crew Cut

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A crew cut is a perfect short hairstyle that creates the illusion of normal hair. The upwards strands of hair do an ideal job of hiding away your widow’s peak. Just ask Matt Damon; he seems to be enjoying his.

Comb Over Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widows Peak Comb Over

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The comb-over is a stylish choice for hiding the widow’s peak. It disguises a part of your hairline and drives attention from the receding part. You might need to add a few spritzes of hair spray to hold it still.

Faux Hawk Widows Peak Haircut

Widows Peak Faux Hawk

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A faux hawk is not as cool as a mohawk, but it will serve the purpose you need. The hair on top is kept at mid-length while the sides are shaved a bit shorter than the top. The longer hair up top will conceal the widow’s peak like it was never there, to begin with.

Widows Peak Slick Back

Widows Peak Slick Back

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If you opt for a slick back, you are not hiding your widow’s peak but using it to your advantage. This is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle that helps to accentuate the hair for a very attractive look. Suitable also for hairstyles for men with straight hair

Ivy League Widows Peak Hairstyle

Bearded Ryan Gosling Smiling

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A neat haircut provides enough cover for your widow’s peak every day. The hair is clipped close to the head and back but left slightly longer on top. One of the hairstyles for men with thick hair due to the volume required, but also a very low-maintenance option.

Widows Peak Brushed Back Hairstyle

Widows Peak Brushed Back

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A brushed-back hairstyle offers a polished appearance and allows for a very appealing look in a man. What you need to do is to brush the hair back to the scalp. What the brushed back does for your widow’s peak is to make it a part of the style, not hide it.

Widows Peak Messy Fringe

Widows Peak Messy Fringe

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You can balance things out with a messy fringe if you have curly hair and a widow’s peak. Messing things up will balance things out, as a widow’s peak usually makes a person look older. Messy hair looks youthful and perfect for the occasion.

Widows Peak Short Disheveled

Short Disheveled Widows Peak

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Adding texture to your hair and making it a bit sexy is entirely doable with some short disheveled hair. The messy tone of this hair will create a relaxed appearance and make it a lot easier to maintain.

Hard Part Widows Peak Haircut

Hard Part

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With a hard part, you will get a structured haircut that is stylish and that looks very neat. A barber will create a line with a razor or a trimmer on one side, which can then be worked in all kinds of manners.

The hard part will not conceal your widow’s peak but will make it a part of your chosen style.

Mop Widows Peak Hairstyle

Mop Hairstyle Widows Peak

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One of the popular styles from the 60s, the mop hairstyle, is something The Beatles used to wear. The hair is longer on the top and shorter on the sides, but with very little contrast between the two. It also needs to cover both your ears and forehead.

Comb Back Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widows Peak Comb Back

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With the comb back, you will have to brush all of your hair backward and to the sides. The style itself adds volume to the hair and makes it appear fuller. Perfect for every occasion, the comb back adds masculinity to your overall appearance.

Undercut Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widows Peak Undercut

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With the undercut, the contrast between the top and the sides is so great that it turns the attention away from your widow’s peak. You can even style the top any way you like and create one of the fuckboy hairstyles.

Widows Peak With Short Natural Curls

Widows Peak and Short Natural Curls

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Curls work best if you keep them shorter, even though leaving them at any length is not a mistake. Curly hairstyles allow you to take your hair in different directions.

You can style a fringe if you wish, but the widow’s peak will be disguised with the curls falling on your forehead.

Widows Peak Butch Cut

Widows Peak Butch Cut

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A butch cut is a simple yet very masculine choice to go with. It requires a quarter-inch long hair around the head and back. You will get a modern look that draws away from the widow’s peak, which does not make it but puts it in the forefront of the style.

Side Part Widows Peak Hairstyle

Chris Hemsworth With a Stubble Beard

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A side part not only looks attractive and sexy but is also suitable for all face shape types and perfect for various hair textures. The side part will also soften your appearance and draw more attention to the bone structure of your face.

It does not conceal the hairline but balances it perfectly.

Widows Peak Curly Fringe

Widows Peak and Curly Fringe

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One of the popular twist hairstyles is the curly fringe. The style highlights the texture of the hair and draws attention away from the font. The fringe is paired with a short haircut, making things more manageable in the maintenance department.

French Crop Widows Peak Haircut

French Crop Widow's Peak

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Going for a classic hairstyle, like the French crop, is an excellent idea. This one keeps the length between the top, sides, and back relatively at the same length. You can even experiment with it by adding a fade, as the fringe will conceal the part you don’t want to be seen.

Widows Peak Long Parted 

Long Parted Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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If you have long hair, it becomes a perfect tool to hide away the hairline. Parting it in the middle makes it much more flattering as well. Not to mention that long hair is versatile and allows you to style it in various ways.

Quiff Widows Peak Haircut

Widows Peak Quiff

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Embracing the widow’s peak is an excellent option; you can do so with a quiff. It adds volume to the hair and makes the forelock the main focus of the hairstyle. As far as the rest of the hair goes, you can adapt it as you wish.

Widows Peak And Shag

Shag Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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The shag is a style that comes to us straight from the 70s. It has lots of texture and volume due to various choppy layers. The hair seems fuller and comes with a fringe that hides away the widow’s peak.

Widows Peak Caesar Cut

Ceasar Cut Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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If you want to keep your hair on the shorter side, go for a classic hairstyle like the Caesar cut. The style should be styled short and forward with some hair clippers alongside horizontal bangs. You have the option to experiment with lengths and can also adapt to a variety of hair textures.

Widows Peak Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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A fringe is a perfect way to work the widow’s peak into your hairstyle. A textured one will help to cover the forehead and allow you to look younger. It also adds a messy vibe with added volume to your hair.

Widows Peak Buzz Cut With Hair Design

Buzz Cut With Hair Design

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Adding a modern twist to the traditional buzz cut with some hair design is a great idea to solve your widow’s peak problem. It may be on the side of unprofessional hairstyles, but it plays its part perfectly.

The design that you add can be anything from sharp lines to detailed images, your choice.

Swooping Fringe Widows Peak Hairstyle

Swooping Fringe Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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A swooping fringe will add a bit of drama to your entire look. You can exaggerate the parts you wish and have fun with the length and proportions of your hair. But be sure to seep the fringe to the side, so it covers a part of your eyes.

Fingered Quiff Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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Buzz Cut Top Widows Peak Hairstyle

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Bounded Braids

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Zero Fade Widow's Peak Hairstyle

Photo @barbeariachoice

Slick Back Top Widows Peak Hairstyle

Photo @kingsbarbershop604

Widows Peak Blow Back

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

Blow And Slick

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

Side Pomp Widows Peak Hairstyle

Photo @jayblendedit

Widows Peak Side Swept Wavy

Photo @christinathebarber__

Brushed Up Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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Widow's Peak Hairstyle Blow Back Mid Top

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Mid Blow Back Widows Peak Hairstyle

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Widows Peak Slick Back And Shine

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Widows Peak Bangs Slick Back

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Mid Hair Undercut

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Classic Zero

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Wavy And Slick Back

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Comb Over Bangs Widow's Peak Hairstyle

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Widow's Peak Hairstyle Zero Cut

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Casual Blow Back Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Retro Pompadour

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Dried Top Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Silver Hair Blow Back

Photo @alan_beak

Faux Hawk Bangs

Photo @alan_beak

Wing Bangs Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Ginger Fringe Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Sharp Fringe Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @urbankutzbarbershop

Widow's Peak Haircut Fringe Top And Messy

Photo @urbankutzbarbershop

Widow's Peak Haircut Black Men Buzz Cut

Photo @urbankutzbarbershop

Longer And Casual Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @mittsky

Two Side Curly Bangs

Photo @alitheebarber

Messy Top

Photo @ffalfoul

Wavy Blow Up

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Messy And Fringe Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @enzo_m3

Messy Bangs Widow's Peak Haircut

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Widow's Peak Haircut Mullet

Photo @alitheebarber

Fringe And Long Bangs

Photo @britvabarbershop_

How to Style and Maintain Widows Peak

Since there are not many ways to fix the V-shaped hairline you ended up with, the best way remains to mask it with a suitable hairstyle. And don’t even think of shaving everything off, as it will make things weirder for you.

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

You will first have to consider making a suitable choice for a good hairstyle. Think of one that matches you and is good enough to hide the widow’s peak you are dealing with. Also, you need to pick one your hair will support and match.

Step 2 – Pick between buzz and crew cut

If you are going for a shorter look, then a buzz cut or a crew cut is in order. But if you would rather have long hair, think of styles like the slicked-back or the comb-over. Depending on your widow’s peak size, you must style it correctly so it covers it entirely without shaving it off.

Step 3 – Style according to your age

A widow’s peak is also considered a mature hairline style. This means that you should style it to reflect your age and how you dress. Also, you will have to adapt the hair maintenance routine to the chosen style. If your hair is longer, more products will be needed than a shorter choice.

Step 4 – Use premium styling products

Be sure to incorporate some quality products when styling the hair. You will want your hair to look exquisite so it can hide away from the front. So consider either clay, cream, pomade, or wax. How much and which you will use will ultimately depend on your chosen style.

FAQ about Widows Peak Hairstyle

What do I do with a widow’s peak?

The gravest mistake would be to shave it off. It is best to adapt to it with a suitable hairstyle. A variety of really suitable ones can make it look like you don’t have a widow’s peak at all.

Is a widow’s peak a sign of beauty?

A lot of people do not consider it a sign of beauty. Some think that it is a sign of getting old or starting to lose your hair. But it does not have to be, as you can still wear it with pride if you style your hair correctly.

How do I get rid of my widow’s peak permanently?

You can’t get rid of it. You can try some hair growth routines to add a bit of volume to your hair. But the best way is to create a hairstyle that will work together with your widow’s peak as you make it a part of your look. 

What does a widow’s peak mean spiritually?

A widow’s peak can spiritually refer to a person losing one’s strength and becoming weaker.

What is the opposite of a widow’s peak?

The opposite of the widow’s peak is a triangular hairline. It is a reversed V-shaped pattern that grows in the opposite direction.

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