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You wake up one day and as you brush your teeth, you notice something entirely different about you in the mirror. Your hair has changed. Not only that, it changed for the worse.

Some signs of receding are there and you also see that your hairline has moved back a bit compared to before. This is where most men will enter panic mode and immediately start googling male pattern baldness and how to get rid of it.

Some would even start looking for hairstyles for balding men and try to face the situation differently. But hold your horses. A few missing strands of hair do not mean you are getting bald.

People lose up to 100 stands a day, which does not indicate losing one’s hair. It simply means that you have transitioned into another stage of your life where you will have to refer to your hair as a mature hairline.

What Is Mature Hairline

The hairline is where your hair is located and usually starts on the forehead. But as we develop and grow older, our bodies change and so will the hair. As far as the hairline goes, it will start to move back a bit, resulting in a mature hairline.

In our teens, we usually have something that is called a juvenile hairline. It is characterized by rounded edges and a straight form across. Most men will experience a movement of the hairline between the ages of 17 and 30 and only 5% will get to keep their juvenile hairline.

It is usual for your hairline to move about an inch or half an inch from where it used to be. This is a natural occurrence among men and it happens for many reasons. It is often even worked into some classic men’s hairstyles.

6 Most Popular Hairstyles

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction Buzz Cut

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You will make the thin area a bit less noticeable with a buzz cut. The most appropriate is the base form or the induction buzz cut, which you can usually see on new army recruits. A buzz cut with a beard is easy to make by yourself with some clippers.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

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A crew cut is a versatile hairstyle that can be shorter or longer. It is shorter on the sides but a bit longer on the top. It does not cover your hairline, but it is a matching style you can work around to fit the thin hairline.

French Crop Cut

French Crop Cut

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French crop haircuts are very fashionable and are currently in trend. Cillian Murphy wears one in the popular show The Peaky Blinders. It helps you to hide the receding hairline by training the hair to go forward.



Photo @jcbarber17

With the pompadour hairstyle, you get a classic look that takes full advantage of your widow’s peak. You can also choose between the modern and the definitive versions. Some hair clay will help you get some shine to your hair and help the hair look thinner.

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut

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You also have a very stylish option for an Ivy League haircut. Not only does it help to hide away the mature hairline, but it will also help you attain a gentlemen’s look. Be sure to add a suit and good shoes as proper attire.

Short to Medium Shaggy Bangs

Short to Medium Shaggy Bangs

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One of the best shaggy hairstyles that help to hide away the mature hairline is the medium-length one paired with shaggy bangs. The messy approach will give you a rugged look that needs to be coupled with some textured bangs.


A mature hairline can be directly linked to our biology. Testosterone plays a vital role in developing a male body and hair growth as we develop. But testosterone also creates something called dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

It usually binds to our hair follicles and causes them to shrink, resulting in hair falling off. The more DHT our body produces, the greater the chance of our hair falling out.

But the difference between male pattern baldness and a mature hairline is the amount of DHT our body churns out. This is all due to genetics and is quite normal and happens at a certain point in life.

Besides genetics, hairline changes can also be written off to some underlying factors, medications, or hormone treatments.

How to Know If My Hair Is Maturing

Zach Efron in a Suit

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There is no specific timetable for a mature hairline. It can happen almost anytime in our lives and can even start as early as 17. But the change does not occur suddenly as it is a gradual process that you will have to deal with one day causing you to change your whiteboy haircuts.

Some of the clear signs of having a mature hairline involve:

  • The hairline usually does not move any higher than the highest wrinkle on your forehead.
  • You will notice a subtle V-shape up front, also called the widow’s peak.
  • No other hair thinning or loss occurs around the scalp.
  • The hairline moves back very evenly, making the changes hard to spot.

Mature Hairline vs Receding

The main difference between a mature hairline and a receding one is mainly based on where the recession stops. However, other factors distinguish the two.

  • Someone with a receding hairline will have added recession at the temple.
  • A recession happens much faster, while a mature hairline develops almost unnoticeably.
  • We are talking about recession if your hairline moves more than an inch.
  • The recession also involves excessive hair shedding.

Man Touching Hair

Mature Hairline vs Balding

Balding is the stage that occurs after receding and is caused due to male pattern baldness. What distinguishes a mature hairline from balding is the following.

  • You will notice your hair thinning on the crown and temples when balding.
  • Having a history of baldness in your family. 
  • The hair starts to recede in an M-shape.
  • Your hair pattern resembles Stage 4 and higher on the Norwood Scale.

How to Deal With It

Noticing that our hair is receding or moving an inch back can be pretty emotional to men. Studies show that many men would rather keep their hair than earn money. An inch back might be an entire mile in someone’s eyes.

Luckily, a few ways can help you deal with this condition.

Step 1 – Get the right hairstyle

One way is to get an appropriate hairstyle that will hide the hairline. But be sure to avoid unprofessional hairstyles, as they will not do you any good in this situation.

Step 2 – Regrowth treatments

Also, you can start applying a certain type of hair regrowth routine. Some products, certain oils, can help you prevent losing your hair or getting a mature hairline early on.

Step 3 – Shave

Finally, there is the ultimate approach and that is shaving your head. It is not as embarrassing as you think and there are a lot of guys that look good bald; just look at Jason Statham.


At what age do you get a mature hairline?

Getting a mature hairline can happen anywhere between 17 and 30 years old.

What does it mean to have a maturing hairline at 20?

It means that a person has elevated levels of DHT that cause their hairline to move early. Various DHT blockers can help or even try out a hair regrowth therapy.

Is a mature hairline normal?

Yes, it is. It is perfectly normal and happens to everyone at a certain point in life. Very few manage to avoid somehow getting a mature hairline naturally.

Can you regrow your mature hairline?

In some situations, you can. However, it can be challenging and it would require using specific products for it. Changing your hairstyle and adapting to it would be far more appropriate.

What lack of vitamins causes hair fall?

According to research, the lack of vitamin D can lead to hair loss. Vitamin D helps to stimulate new hair follicles and the lack of it will not help to create more.


A mature hairline is something that will happen, if it already hasn’t, to all of us. We need to be mentally prepared to deal with it and handle it as best as we can. What we can do is avoid it as much as possible.

Using specific hair-cutting tools, hair regrowth regimes, or growing a different style can help. Only a few lucky ones will be able to escape it entirely and you better hope you are one of them.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

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