Young Man With Heavy Stubble and Short Hair

Starting with a number 2 buzz cut is an excellent idea if you plan to switch to short hair. This one does not expose your scalp and is a bit longer than the number 1 buzz cut (by 1/4 inch) and is what’s in style now.

It is one of the military haircuts that guys are going for these days and can look good on almost anyone. Part of the appeal of a number 2 buzz cut comes in its simplicity and low maintenance.

It is subtle yet very masculine and a buzz cut with a beard also looks well. More so, it is a rare hairstyle that you can make by yourself. If you are planning to get one, we suggest learning all about it and our article offers just that.

It helps to read all the important stuff about it before deciding or going into a DIY haircut you are not ready for.

What Is It

A buzz cut is a military hairstyle that made its way into the mainstream. It became popular among men due to its low-maintenance routine and easy styling. You do not need to do anything at all once you create it.

The number 2 buzz cut is one of the short hairstyles 6mm (1/4 inch) in length. The length makes it incredibly easy to wash, dry, and even DIY. Preferred by men who live in hot and humid areas and is very suitable for those that don’t want to go for a zero-grade cut.

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The military cut is also known as an induction cut. This one is a classic and does not require any maintenance at all. But you will have to clip it from time to time once it grows. The length usually goes from grade 0 to 2.

Man Trimming His Hair With Electric Clippers


The burr is slightly longer than the military cut, meaning more touch-ups will be needed. One of the perfect fat guy hairstyles as the long stems from grade 2 to 3.

Butch Cut

The butch cut gains more length from grade 4 to 6. This one gives more room for styling, particularly on the sides.

Brush Cut

The brush cut is a bit more complex than a simple buzz cut. The top must be between 1/2 and 1/4 inch long while the sides are fading. The top is brushed back and looks similar to a french crop, but it is much shorter.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is very similar to a brush cut, which is why the two are often confused. But the crew cut gains a bit more length up top with added leeway for styling.

Buzz Cut With Fade

Combining a number 2 buzz cut with a fade is an excellent idea. This one can be a stellar choice if you are comfortable with fading sideburns. Also, they serve well as hairstyles for men with white hair.

Buzz Cut With Beard

With a number 2 buzz cut, you will have an egghead look. Adding a beard suits the hairstyle massively well. Stubble is the right choice to go with, so avoid longer beards.

Young Guy With Heavy Stubble and Number 2 Buzz Cut

How to Style and Maintain

One of the main advantages of a number 2 buzz cut is its simplicity, meaning that you can create the style by yourself. You don’t need many barbershop tools to do it, just some trusty hair clippers and a grade 2 guard.

Step 1 – Settling on a buzz cut of your choice

Pick the one based on your head shape and popularity or the salt and paper hairstyles you wish to conceal. Wash your hair and get to it.

Step 2 – Secure your surroundings

Since you will need only some clippers and a bathroom mirror, lay down some newspapers. Hair is going to be everywhere and there is an excellent possibility that you might clog up the place.

Step 3 – Trim both the top and the sides 

Be careful around the ears, as it is the tricky part. Check if everything looks even once you are done and there are no patches. After you are done trimming, be sure to wash your hair and brush the scalp. A good shampoo is all you need here; no additional maintenance products are required.


Why is a number 2 buzz cut a great style to choose?

A buzz cut is much better than some blowout hairstyles because it is much easier to maintain and create. It is so easy that people may be able to shave it themselves.

Is the number 2 buzz cut good for balding men?

Yes, it is. It is perfect for people with a receding hairline and those who have started to lose their hair.

Can you fade the number 2 buzz cut?

Yes, you can. You can add a skin fade on the sides and keep the top at up to 1/4 length. Or you can add a regular fade, keep the top a bit longer, and create a brush cut or crew cut.

Is the number 2 haircut too short?

Depending on your personal preference. It will help you create a military look that is masculine and easy to take care of. If you think it is too short for you, there is always a longer version.