Beard Brush vs Beard Comb Compared

Once you’ve grown a great beard, you need to find ways of maintaining it. A well-maintained beard is a source of pride for any man. Beard shampoos, conditioners, and beard vitamins are all essential for a healthy mane, but so are beard tools like a brush and comb.

A beard brush and comb will help keep your beard neat and in top condition all day.

How to Choose


Beard brushes are bulkier and come with a handle, body, and bristles rather than teeth. The body of a beard brush is usually made of wood or synthetic material like plastic. The bristles are made of animal hair like a boar or horse. Some beard brushes come with plastic bristles.

A beard comb is thin and less bulky than a beard brush. They come with teeth in different sizes, with one side of the comb having finer teeth and the other bigger ones.  You can use the smaller teeth for shorter beards, while the wide teeth make brushing a bushy or curly beard much easier.


When it comes to the feel, a beard brush is much stronger, and the design means that it will be in contact with the skin underneath more than a beard comb. A beard comb is more in contact with the beard hair than the skin underneath.

Ideally, a beard comb is the gentler, much smaller version of the beard brush.


While the beard comb and brush help in beard maintenance, their functions are somewhat different. A beard comb helps detangle the beard, while a beard brush is primarily used to tame and style the beard.

When to Use a Comb

A beard comb is best used when there is significant beard growth. A beard comb will not help if you have stubble or a month’s growth. Longer beards require more styling; therefore, a comb will work better on a 3 or 5-month beard.

Use a comb when you want to get rid of knots and detangle the beard. Ideally, a long and bushy beard is more likely to become tangled and knotted, and that’s when you will need a beard comb most. A beard comb is also a great tool to use when you are trimming your beard with scissors.

The comb helps hold the beard for a uniform look. The best time to use a beard comb is when you’ve applied beard oil. Beard oil helps soften the hair making it easy to run the comb through to detangle it and eliminate knots.

Beard Comb

When to Use a Brush

Beard brushes are animal hair that cleans and conditions the beard well. A beard brush helps distribute natural oils throughout the beard and the skin underneath and removes dirt and grime trapped in the whispers.

A beard brush is a great tool when you are just starting to grow your beard and when you want faster beard growth. It will help you tame your whiskers to grow in the direction you want them to, thus preventing ingrown facial hair.

Generally, a beard brush helps give the beard a fuller and thicker look since the bristles lift the hair away from the skin.

When to Use Both

You can both at any stage of your beard growth journey as long as you’re past the stubble stage. When styling your beard, use the comb to remove any tangles and knots and to distribute beard oil, then use the beard brush for the finishing touches and beard shaping.

Benefits of a Beard Comb

Beard Untangling

A beard comb helps remove tangles and knots better than beard brushes for men with thicker and long beard styles. They also do an excellent job of detangling curly beards.

Beard Trimming

If you trim your beard and mustache with scissors, you need a comb to ensure an even trim.

Distribution of Beard Oils

Like beard brushes, beard combs also help redistribute natural oils and beard oil. If, for instance, you use baby oil for your beard, a beard comb will help distribute the oil, thus softening your mane.

Benefits of a Beard Brush

Redistribution of Sebum Oils

A beard brush helps redistribute the natural oils from the hair roots to the tips for a healthy-looking beard.

Removal of Dead Skin Cells

As the brush passes through the beard, it exfoliates the skin underneath, thanks to the stiff bristles.

Distributes Beard Products

A beard brush will help distribute beard oil or balm when styling and shaping your beard.

Brush for Beard


Is a comb or brush better for a beard?

A beard brush and comb are essential in your beard growth journey. It just depends on how you use them. A beard brush is ideal for short to medium beards, while a beard comb works bests for longer and curly beards.

How often should you brush or comb your beard?

Use a beard brush or comb every time you are styling your beard. You can start with the beard comb to untangle the beard and then use the brush to shape it.

Is brushing good for your beard?

Yes, brushing helps “train” your whiskers to grow in the right direction, helps distribute beard oils and shapes the beard.

Are combs bad for beards?

Combs isn’t bad for beards, but over-combing can lead to hair loss.

Does combing the beard stimulate growth?

Combing can stimulate blood flow which can affect your beard growth.


Maintaining a luscious mane requires investing in quality products and tools. A beard brush and comb are a must-have in your grooming kit. The two will come in handy to tame, style, and detangle your beard when you move past the stubble stage.

Michele Antunes

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