Baby Oil for Beard

Grooming facial hair is a routine for guys as they want to get it looking as best as possible.

Allowing your beard to get all wrinkly and thin means that you have done all of the grooming and growing for nothing.

You’ll probably also question yourself if you’ve been using the appropriate products.

One example of a product that you can use to improve your beard’s growth is baby oil.

In fact, there are a lot of scientific studies that show the connection between the usage of baby oil and increased beard growth.

In order to convince you about the positives of using baby oil we did some digging around and found very interesting facts.

We present them here so you can decide whether using baby oil is something for you or not.

What Is Baby Oil for Beard

Baby oil is an oil that is derived from plants. It is a light, clear oil that helps to moisturize the skin and hair. When used on the beard, it can help to make it softer, smoother, and shinier. It can also help to reduce itching and flaking.

However, baby oil is initially used for infants. It is used for babies and not adults because its light texture makes it easier to apply on a baby’s skin. This same quality of lightness can also be quite beneficial for a beard and the skin underneath it.

Using the best beard oil regularly can help you eliminate all kinds of irritating beard problems. Dryness, split ends, and dandruff are just a few of the problems that beard oil can help you fight!

Benefits of Using Baby Oil for Beard

Moisturizing Abilities

One of the biggest benefits of baby oil is that it helps moisturize the skin and hair. When used on a beard, it can help to make it softer, smoother and shinier. Many people don’t need to use any other product when they have a beard and use baby oil regularly.

On top of that, baby oil also helps to reduce itching and flaking of the beard. This is due to its soothing properties, which help make the skin calmer and more relaxed.

Finally, it can also be used as a pre-shave product. It helps soften up the hair so that you don’t have any problems while shaving.

Softens the Beard

In addition to moisturizing the beard, baby oil can also help to soften it. This is especially beneficial for men who have a coarse and curly beard. When the beard is softer, it becomes easier to style and groom.

More ever, using baby oil regularly can help make the beard less prickly and more comfortable to touch. This is because baby oil makes the hair softer and more pliable.

Benefits of Using Baby Oil for Beard

Helps Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem that can occur in the beard area. It is caused by several factors, such as dry skin, oily skin, stress, and even yeast infections.

Baby oil helps prevent dandruff from occurring by moisturizing the skin and hair. It becomes less likely to flake and form dandruff when the skin is hydrated. Also, the oil can help to clean out any impurities from the skin, thereby preventing them from causing infections or irritation.

Also, it’s important to note that baby oil helps to lock in moisture for longer periods than other products do. This means that you won’t have to apply it often, which is a huge plus.

Easier Combing

It can be pretty tricky to comb through a thick beard. Baby oil helps make this process easier by softening the hair and making it more pliable. Also, it makes detangling tangles easier, which is always a plus!

Adds Shine

Baby oil can add a natural sheen to the beard. This is because it helps to give the hair more body and volume, thereby adding an extra dimension of texture and movement.

It also makes you look younger! Some men have found baby oil to make their facial hair appear less gray, which is a huge bonus.

How Does Baby Oil for Beard Work

Now that you know all the benefits of using baby oil for your beard. Let’s take a look at how it works.

The key to its success is in its light texture. Baby oil can be absorbed quickly by the skin and hair, which means that you don’t have to wait long for it to take effect. This is in stark contrast with other products, which often leave behind a greasy residue that takes time to absorb the skin and hair.

The light texture of baby oil also means that it won’t clog up your pores or leave behind any oily patches on your face or neck area!

All in all, baby oil for your beard is a great product that can help to keep your facial hair looking healthy and attractive.

Pros and Cons of Using Baby Oil for Beard


  • Moisturizes the skin and hair. This is especially important for men who have a dry or itchy beard.
  • Soothes the skin. The oil’s soothing properties can help to reduce itching and flaking of the beard. Baby oil eliminates beard itchiness in no time.
  • Pre-shave product. Baby oil helps soften the hair so that you don’t have any problems while shaving.
  • Adds shine. The oil can add a natural sheen to the beard.
  • Makes your skin and beard look younger. Some men have found baby oil to make their facial hair appear less gray.


  • Not especially good when it comes to hair growth. Baby oil is not made to improve the growth of facial hair.
  • Can make your face oily. This is especially true if you have naturally oily skin.

Overall, though, baby oil is a great product that can help to keep your facial hair looking healthy and attractive and there’s no need for applying beard moisturizer anymore.

Types of Baby Oils for Beard

Types of Baby Oils for Beard

Plant-Based Oils

When it comes to plant-based oils, the best ones usually come from a single plant.

The most common plant-based oils include olive, coconut and jojoba oil. These all have their benefits and drawbacks, which we will discuss below.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the oldest forms of baby oil used for the beard. It’s also one of the most popular, especially for those who want to soften their facial hair without drying out their skin too much. The main reason why olive oil is so popular is that it contains fatty acids that help moisturize your face and beard while preventing dryness at the same time!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent choice for men who have oily skin, as it helps regulate sebum production. It also contains lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties that can help fight off any bacteria or fungus that may be causing problems with your beard.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is often used as an alternative to coconut oil, as it has similar properties but is not as thick. This means that jojoba oil won’t leave behind any greasy residue on your face or beard like other types of plant-based oils can do!

On top of that, plant-based oils are the best option for sensitive skin and are prone to allergies.

Petroleum or Mineral-Based Oil

On the other hand, we have petroleum or mineral-based oils. Namely, these oils are made up of chemicals from either crude oil or natural gas. While it’s true that they do a great job at moisturizing your skin and beard, they can also be quite harmful to your health in the long run!

That’s why we highly recommend sticking to using plant-based oils for beard care instead.


Besides all-natural and petroleum baby oils, there is a mixed type. This is not as good as natural or petroleum-based oils, but it does have its benefits.

The main benefit of mixed baby oil for the beard is that it contains natural and synthetic ingredients. This means that you get the best of both worlds – the moisturizing properties of a plant-based oil combined with the strength of a petroleum-based oil!

That’s why it’s important to know what type of baby oil you’re using and choose the one that will work best for your specific needs.

Most Common Ingredients in Baby Oils for Beard

Most Common Ingredients in Baby Oils for Beard

Coconut and Mineral Oil

Baby oils made out of coconut and mineral oil are possibly the best for moisturizing.

Not only do these ingredients soften and hydrate your beard, but they also help to prevent breakage by strengthening the hair follicles. Therefore, if you want a soft and healthy-looking beard with minimal maintenance required – this is one of the best options on the market!

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is an excellent choice for men with acne-prone skin, as it helps to regulate the production of sebum and prevent breakouts. It’s also rich in vitamins A, D and E, which help to nourish your beard and keep it healthy!

On top of that, it’s an excellent source of omega fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation in your face, so this is one ingredient that should not be missed out on if you’re looking for a good beard oil formula!

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is a light and non-greasy oil perfect for men with normal to oily skin. It helps to regulate sebum production while also providing your beard with all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and look its best!

Overall, any of these ingredients can make a great addition to a baby oil for beard formula, so it’s essential to pay attention to what each one can offer.

How to Use Baby Oil for Beard

Using baby oil to nourish your beard is not hard at all. There are a few simple beard shaping tools and techniques you should consider and that’s it.

Step 1 – Choose the best baby oil for beard care

You know what they say – if you want something done right, do it yourself! This is why we strongly recommend getting a bottle of baby oil that contains all-natural ingredients only.

It’s much better for your health in the long run, as there are no harmful chemicals that you should be worried about.

Step 2 – Wash your beard with beard shampoo

Before applying baby oil, you should wash your beard thoroughly with a good quality shampoo and rinse it clean under running water. This is important because otherwise, the oil will sit on top of dirt and dust particles accumulated throughout the day!

Also, you can use some of the best beard shampoos to clean your facial hair and grow your beard faster.

Step 3 – Towel-dry your beard

After you’ve shampooed and rinsed your beard, make sure to towel dry it gently. This will help remove excess water so that the baby oil can better absorb into your skin and hair follicles.

If you have a long beard, you can always use an air dryer to help speed up the process.

Step 4 – Comb your beard

It’s super important to comb your beard right before applying baby oil. Namely, using the world’s best beard comb will get the job done here.

Also, it’s crucial not to skip this step, especially if you have a long beard. And, using a beard softener will make the process much easier.

Step 5 – Apply a small amount of baby oil

How to Use Baby Oil for Beard

Now that your beard is clean and dry, it’s time to apply the baby oil! Just put a small amount of oil into your hands (about the size of a dime) and rub them together.

After that, use your hands to massage the oil into your beard and skin, making sure to cover every area. Be gentle – you don’t want to damage those precious hair follicles!

Step 6 – Wait for the oil to absorb

After applying oil, it’s best if you wait at least 15 minutes before rinsing off any excess. This will give time for all those natural ingredients like coconut & sunflower oils to sink deep down into your beard roots and nourish them from within!

Step 7 – Rinse your beard with cold water

After about 15 minutes, you can rinse any excess baby oil with cold water.

This is important because it will help keep your beard from getting greasy or dirty again too quickly by locking in all those nutrients and moisturizing properties!

As you can see, the whole process is not that hard at all. You will get it right on the first try; that’s guaranteed.

How to Make Baby Oil for Beard at Home (DIY)

Step 1 – Choose the ingredients

The first thing you need to do is choose what kind of oils you want to use in your baby oil formula. Many options are available, like coconut, sunflower seed, jojoba, or even grapeseed!

And if none of those sound appealing enough for whatever reason – don’t worry! You can always mix and match any two or three different ones together until they smell just right.

Step 2 – Combine the oils in a small saucepan

Once you’ve chosen your ingredients, it’s time to mix them in a small saucepan.

Just put all of the oils in and heat them on low-medium heat until they’re all combined. Make sure to stir occasionally so that the oil doesn’t start smoking or burning!

Step 3 – Cool down the mixture and pour into a bottle

After heating your oils, it’s time to cool them down. To do this, transfer them into another container (such as an empty glass jar) and leave them overnight at room temperature or in the fridge for about six hours.

After that, all you have left to do is pour the mixture into a small bottle or container with a tight lid. This will help keep it fresh and free from bacteria!

There you go – your very own baby oil for beard, made with all-natural ingredients only! Now that you know how to make baby oil for your beard at home, there’s no excuse not to! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a well-groomed, healthy beard in no time.

Beard Oil vs Baby Oil

Beard Oil vs Baby Oil

We all know that premium beard oil is specially designed to nourish and enhance facial hair for men. However, baby oil also has its benefits for growing out a beard or mustache.

Therefore, it’s common to ask yourself which oil product is better. Let us help you get the best picture and expose all these beard myths you believe in.

Namely, you need to understand that beard oils are designed for a specific purpose, which is to nourish and enhance facial hair.

And since baby oil does not have those ingredients, it cannot be compared with beard oil. However, this doesn’t mean that baby oil is useless when grooming your face or body hair.

Baby oil is excellent for moisturizing the skin underneath your beard and mustache. Therefore, it can be used as a substitute for beard oil to keep those hairs hydrated.

Moreover, you should also know that using baby oil on your beard will not make it softer or shinier than other products on the market.

It will just keep it more moisturized and you’ll feel that your beard is not as dry or brittle anymore when using this product regularly. So, when it comes to beard oil vs vax vs balm, the obvious answer is to go for something specifically designed for men’s hair on their face.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Many people think that spending more money on products will get better quality. However, this is not necessarily true when it comes to beard oil or baby oil for a beard.

Although some of the most expensive brands might have added certain ingredients to their products, which significantly increase their price (such as essential oils).

However, you should know that these ingredients are not necessary to grow a beard. And if you’d like to keep your spending under control, then baby oil is the way to go!

It will get the job done just as well as any other product on the market and it costs next to nothing compared with other products.

So don’t waste money on expensive brands when you can use baby oil instead!

Also, when it comes to baby oil brands, you can rest assured knowing that most of them offer the same quality.

But if you’re looking for something specific or have a particular need in mind, then it might be worth checking out some user reviews to determine which product is best suited for your needs.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Baby Oil for Beard


  • Do start by washing your beard with a quality shampoo and conditioner. This will remove any dirt or debris in your hair, which could clog pores or cause irritation when applying oil.
  • Always apply a small amount of baby oil to your beard and mustache with your fingertips (not directly from the bottle). This allows for better distribution throughout all strands without leaving any oily residue behind on clothing or furniture!
  • Massage gently into skin until absorbed entirely before going out in public or sleeping at night. You can even use it as an after-shave lotion if you want to save some time during your daily routine!
  • Apply every morning before work or school so that your skin stays hydrated throughout the day. If using a beard brush, make sure not to overdo it – too much brushing can cause breakage in some cases.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Baby Oil for Beard


  • Do not use more than once per day because this can clog pores and irritate sensitive skin types such as eczema or rosacea sufferers! If using baby oil for beard, make sure it is unscented so that there are no added fragrances that may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Do not rub into your beard too vigorously with either fingers or a brush, as this will only make matters worse by pulling out hair follicles, which could lead to permanent damage over time if done repeatedly!
  • Never leave it in the shower where water might dilute its effectiveness. Instead, store your bottle away from moisture sources such as sinks or tubs where it can be easily accessed when needed most.
  • There’s no need to use beard trimming scissors to get rid of split ends. Just use a quality baby oil to help smooth them out and keep your beard looking tidy!

FAQ About Baby Oil for Beard

Is Johnson’s baby oil good for beard?

Yes, Johnson’s baby oil is a good choice for a beard. It’s affordable and effective in hydrating and conditioning your beard.

Is baby lotion good for your beard?

Baby lotion is good for your beard; that’s a fact! However, it’s not as great when nourishing your skin as the baby oil would.

Can you use baby oil as beard oil?

You can use baby oil as beard oil, but it’s not the best option. There are better options on the market, especially high-quality beard oils specially made for that.

Can baby oil affect beard growth?

Baby oil won’t affect beard growth in any way. It’s not a treatment for hair loss, nor can it increase the volume of the beard. Baby oil moisturizes and feeds the skin and hair with natural ingredients.

Is baby oil safe for your beard?

Yes, baby oil is safe for your beard as long as it doesn’t contain any fragrances that may cause an allergic reaction. It’s also recommended to use unscented baby oil if you have a sensitive skin type.

Should I apply baby oil every day?

You don’t have to apply baby oil every day, but it’s highly recommended. If using baby oil for beard, make sure it is unscented so that there are no added fragrances that may cause an allergic reaction.

How do I wash off baby oil from my beard?

You can wash off the baby oil from your beard with warm water and a mild shampoo. You may also use baby lotion to remove remaining traces of the product if needed.


So, if you’re looking for a natural and affordable way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, give baby oil a try. Just be sure to use it with caution and in moderation, as even the best things can be harmful when used in excess.

Therefore, using baby oil for your beard is a great way to keep your face hydrated and conditioned without spending too much money on expensive products.

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