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Men have become more welcoming to the idea of keeping facial hair. However, facial hair is only attractive if it’s well groomed and neat.

While it’s easier to keep a beard, a mustache could be a real headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, most mustache styles are intricate, and when men can’t get the styles correct, they end up with a creepy mustache.

What Is Creepy Mustache

Facial hair has become popular, and any man who can grow a beard wants at least to try a complicated facial hair style at some point. The only problem is you might end up with a creepy mustache.

Mustaches are a lot of work, and creating one is an art that requires the right skills and practice. Without these, you end up with a mustache that leaves heads turning but not in the excellent way you want your mustache to turn heads.

Mustache Mistakes to Avoid 

Forgetting to Shave

Ne of the essential details of keeping a great mustache is keeping it neat. You have to shave and trim it as often as required. Usually, this means trimming it every day to get rid of the dense hair.

Keeping It Large and Bushy

A mustache is supposed to be small and well-aligned. Remember, the mustache grows right below your nose. If you keep it large and bushy, you’ll look creepy and unattractive.

Ignoring Your Face Shape

The first thing you need to consider before growing a mustache is the shape of your face. This is not to say that some faces cannot dorn a mustache. You only need to find the style that matches your face shape.

Sparse Hair

A mustache will not look good on you if you have sparse hair. At least not a full one.  A mustache needs to be full for you to groom it well.

If you attempt to keep one with sparse hair, you look creepy and unkempt. However, you can try to keep a pencil or toothbrush mustache.

Donning the Cowboy Mustache

The manly cowboy mustache used to look good in past centuries. However, wearing them in the modern world will make you look like a clown. It will mainly look horrible on you if you have thin facial features.

Copying Outdated Styles

If you watched a movie from the past and loved the mustache that your best character wore, you might be tempted to copy that style. However, that style was stylish when the movie was shot, not in the modern world. Try adopting a more contemporary style.

Donning a Youngster Mustache

When men grow mustaches, they do it to show maturity and class and to make themselves look better. However, if you want to look mature, you can’t wear a youngster’s mustache. If you do, you’ll only look funny and misplaced among your peers.

How to Fix Creepy Mustache

Step 1 – Shave

You can start by shaving off the mustache. As hard as this may be, it might be the only way to redeem your image if you’ve gone wrong with the mustache. Mustacheless beards aren’t bad if you can’t grow a proper mustache.

Step 2 – Choose a better style

Picking a more appropriate style for your face shape and age might solve the problem.

Man With Glasses and Weird Beard and Mustache

Step 3 – Try trimming 

If you got the style wrong, or your mustache looks ancient, you can trim it to a more modern version. Talk to a professional stylist to help you trim the mustache. You can also learn to trim your mustache at home.

Step 4 – Allow taking shape

Sometimes you need to exercise some patience with your mustache. For instance, the Horseshoe mustache can take up to six months to take shape.

Step 5 – Try growing a beard

Growing some beard hair might help you keep a better-looking mustache. Some mustache styles look better when paired with a well-groomed beard.

How to Style and Maintain Your Mustache

Step 1 – Groom it regularly

Groom your mustache regularly with the world’s best grooming kits to keep it from looking creepy. Trim it, use wax to tame it, and use good mustache products to maintain its style. You can even make a DIY mustache wax to help you maintain your mustache.

Step 2 – Keep things clean

Keep your mustache clean. Ideally, wash and groom it daily and oil it with good beard oil or cream.

Step 3 – Fix a patchy mustache

You can also learn how to fix a patchy mustache at home to maintain a fuller look.

Step 4 – Use the right tools

Use quality grooming tools such as combs, brushes, and razors. Buy the best mustache combs for the best results.

Step 5 – Learn to eat with a mustache

One way to keep your mustache looking terrific is by learning tips on eating with a mustache.

Best Styling Products

The best styling products for your mustache include:

  • Styling wax.
  • A good beard comb.
  • A good beard brush.
  • Tapering razors.
  • A premium beard soap.

FAQ About Creepy Mustaches

Are mustaches still creepy?

No. Mustaches are not creepy if you groom them well and work with modern styles that fit your face shape.

What does a mustache say about a man?

A good mustache speaks style and good grooming about a man. A mustache also points to masculinity.

Should a mustache cover the upper lip?

A good mustache should end just above the upper lip to prevent it from looking too creepy.

Why does my mustache have a gap?

If you have sparse hair, your mustache might have a gap.


A mustache can be a great feature to make you look attractive and stylish. However, there’s such a thing as a creepy mustache. If you wear an inappropriate mustache for your face shape, let it overgrow, or wear a traditional style, you might look creepy.

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