Best Double Edge Safety Razor

Boys go through different rites of passage before they can call themselves men. Two of these passages are growing a beard and having the same shaved. Shaving for the first or the nth time should be a pleasant experience.

This is precisely why you should invest in a high-quality razor, whether you’re new or an expert in all this shaving situation. However, the problem is that there are too many razors to choose from. 

Different brands have their product line, and these product lines are further subdivided into different products with unique features. This may be favorable to the end-users considering that this gives them many choices.

Unfortunately, picking the best could be challenging because they have too many products to choose from. With each brand fighting its way to get selected, one could easily fall prey to mere sales ploys. 

The same is true when it comes to buying razors. Different brands may be fighting for your attention, so it might be hard to see which one you should choose. With this in mind, we decided to break down the tips in choosing the best double edge razors for your specific needs.

By presenting you with the basics, you can understand how these razors function and what features to look for when buying one. So, if you’re ready for a deep dive, read on!

What Is a Double Edge Razor

While you can achieve effective shaving with a straight razor, a closer shave is achieved with a double edge razor. It’s easy to identify a double edge razor because it’s exactly what the name suggests — it comes with two edges. Specifically, its design, built, and mechanism allows both sides of the blade to be used when shaving. It comes with a head, handles, and double edge blade. 

It utilizes the bending or sandwiching of the blade found in its head to resemble an angle that makes facial hair cutting possible. The blade type, gap, angle, and top cap shape can create a baby butt smooth (BBS) shave. Its double-edged blade is thin, sharp, and comes in standard size. When shaving using this type of safety razor, you need to allow the top cap to lead the blade to its correct angle while gliding through your skin. The aggression degrees in the head design, weight, razor geometry, and blades vary. 

Benefits of Using a Double Edge Razor

People are programmed to think that newer is always better. While this is a common belief, it doesn’t necessarily follow its true in all cases. Big brands now promise to offer the best shave, and it’s normal to see campaigns showing flashy new razors with more than five blades. Then again, the truth is you all you have to do to get a comfortable and close shave is one sharp sheet of steel. 

Though we might have been programmed to think so, newer doesn’t always mean better. Big companies have been advertising new models of razor blades that they market as better options. They also capitalize on the unique features of these razors to get the customers’ attention. However, the truth is this: new doesn’t always mean better. 

It was in the 1990s when Gillette popularized the double-edged razor. Since then, it has been used by men, and though it slightly became less popular a few years back, it’s now slowly making a comeback. And to prepare you for this grand comeback, we’ve outlined the benefits of this type of razor. 

Close Shave

Cartridge razors may be known for offering a decent shave in a short time, but if you’re looking for a close shave, then choose a double-edged razor instead. With this kind of razor, the plastic buffer that surrounds the build-up blade layers, the blade could get to the skin easier, providing you with a closer shave. As such, you’ll only get a more controlled shave with a faster and smoother result. 

Budget-Friendly Option

While it’s easy to choose a disposable razor, it’s more cost-effective if you choose a double edge one. Since you’ll only be using a single blade for a double-edged razor, you can save money in the long run. Though you might have to spend more initially, you’ll realize how quickly your savings pile up as you change blades. 

Improves Your Skin Condition

Benefits of Using a Double Edge Razor

You only need to master how to use the safety razor, and once you successfully do that, it will do most of the work for you. With this razor and its close shave, you can get rid of ingrown hairs, razor burn, bumps, and pain. You would only need one or two-blade passes, and you get a smooth shave. With this, there’s lesser skin irritation. The weight and balance of the razor also need lesser pressure, helping you to lessen razor irritation and burn. If you use it with a premium-quality soap and shaving cream, you’ll only get soft, clear, and hair-free skin. 

How Does a Double Edge Razor Work

Double-edged razors have a steeper learning curve, and it may require a lot of getting used to, but it gives you better control of the razor and the shave’s closeness. This type of razor uses a solo cutting edge that carefully tracks along your skin at a more comfortable angle, cutting your facial hair more cleanly without pulling or grabbing it excessively. The only catch here is choosing the right blade for your skin and beard type. 

Pros and Cons of Using a Double Edge Razor


  • You can save money in the long run because it only uses a single blade. 
  • With a safety razor, you get a close shave.
  • This type of razor is built to last. 
  • It also works with any product, whether an inexpensive shaving cream or luxurious shaving butter. 
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • The razor gives off a tactile feeling.
  • Since the safety razor allows you to achieve a closer shave, it aids in skin exfoliation better than its competitors. 


  • You might cut yourself while shaving. 
  • You need to practice until you master shaving with a double-edged razor. 
  • You’ll need to rinse the blade often as you shave. 

Types of Double Edge Razors

One-Piece (or Butterfly)

Also known as the silo or adjustable razor, the butterfly razor comes with a mechanism that allows its cutting head to immediately open once the knob is pressed or the handle is twisted. This razor type became popular simply because it could be changed without reassembling or disassembling the razor. The only downside of this razor is that they’re hard to clean since it has moving parts that can malfunction after long-term use. 


This double-edged type was designed with its movable head and a long bar with a screw-on end for the handle to fit. Its head is fastenable to its handle using the knob located at the lower portion of the latter. Other methods can also fasten it.

Cleaning this kind of razor is more straightforward than cleaning the one-piece type. However, changing the latter is more manageable than changing two-piece ones. 


This razor type is quite similar to the two-piece type, except it has an unscrewable handle found on its base’s head. This is why the bar located on its top head is shorter than the two-piece type. This type became popular because it’s easy to clean and designed with very few moving parts. 

How to Choose the Best Double Edge Razor

Blade Gap

Go for razors with an even, good angle and a changing blade gap. The surface of your face is not flat and straight. There are areas wherein the blade has to adjust to allow shaving smoothly and more efficiently. If you use a razor with a changing gap, navigating through the angles of your face becomes easy. 

Head Type

How to Choose the Best Double Edge Razor

There are six different double edge razor head types: single edge, open comb, slant head, closed comb, scalloped safety bar, and safety bar. Go for the safety bar if you want a mild cut since its mechanism made the blade least exposed to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, use the scalloped type since its design gives you more even access to all the blade edges. If your beard growth is coarse, go for the closed comb type. The best choice is an open comb razor if you have a thick beard growth. 


Most safety razors have lengths that are between three to four inches. Find the one that’s most comfortable for you to use. Most men choose razors with 3.5 inches for a comfortable grip and easy navigation. 


Stay away from razors with plastic handles and go for the heavier ones instead. The added weight of the material will stabilize the razor, making it easier to glide through the surface of your face. 


It’s also important to consider the razor’s grip; it determines how comfortably you can let it glide through the surface of your face without accidentally letting them go.

Number of Pieces

Go for razors with only a few blades as this option is more economical. When you change the blades, you only need to change one. 

Razor Blades

Go for razor blades made of carbon steel or stainless steel, as these are the best materials for a razor blade. They are both rust-resistant and easy to work with. As you choose your razor blades, consider investing in a high-quality shaving brush to compliment the former. 


The brand would still play a role in choosing which double-edge razor to buy. The brand is a matter of preference, but most men choose Gillette because of its proven track record and performance in the market. 

Price Range

Double edge razors are generally more expensive than other razor types. You have to pay more upon your initial purchase. However, as you change your blade, you’ll realize that you’ll save more. This razor type only uses one blade, hence, allowing you to save more. 

How to Shave With a Double Edge Razor 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to shave using a double edge razor. 

Step 1 – Understand the direction of beard growth

As you know, face stubble grows and thrives in a downward path. However, areas around your chin and neck can also grow sideways or spiral patterns. So, before you shave, know these tiny details. 

Step 2 – Apply a bar of high-quality shaving soap

Your shaving cream and soap choice play a significant role in how your razor glides across your skin. This could help soften your stubble in preparation for a smoother, more effortless shave. You can also try using a shaving cream warmer. You also get a more comfy shave with less redness and irritation with a good lather. 

Step 3 – Keep the razor at a 30-degree angle

Safety razors come with a built-in mechanism that ensures their safe use. You won’t have to worry about accidental cuts and nicks as these are very minimal with safety razors. When you hold the razor at a 30-degree angle against the skin, you angle out of its way the razor’s protective bar. In this case, the blade is conveniently exposed to the stubble, helping to razor it effectively. 

How to Shave With a Double Edge Razor

Step 4 – Go for short strokes and follow growth direction

Instead of sweeping, long razor strokes, use short strokes around one to three centimeters in length. This will prevent cuts and nicks. Apart from that, it could also avoid clogging razor and hair tugging. 

At this time, let the razor work for you and let them slice through your stubble. Never shave against the grain, as this can only cause skin irritation. Instead, follow the hair growth direction to get a close shave sans the irritation. 

As one side of the razor clog with hair, flip it over to rinse clean. You can also use the other side for continuous shaving. If you want an even cleaner and closer shave, go for a second pass. This pass should now be across your hair growth’s direction. 

Step 5 – Rinse and clean

Now, you’re all done after rinsing your face clean. You can now sport your new clean shaved look. 

How to Maintain Your Double Edge Razor 

Step 1 – Rinse the blade

If you see the blade clogged with hair you just shaved, rinse it with water before storing it away. This will keep it from being rust and premature deterioration. 

Step 2 – Use a soft brush to dislodge any debris

If rinsing isn’t enough to dislodge all the hair accumulated between blades, use a razor brush to remove the remaining debris. 

Step 3 – Allow the blade and razor to dry completely

Leave the blade well-ventilated to dry the surface completely. This will keep rust from it. You can also opt to sterilize your razor in alcohol before allowing it to dry to keep it sanitized. 

Set Gap vs Adjustable Double Edge Razor

When you say ‘set gap’ razors, it means razors with fixed blade gaps previously identified by its manufacturer. Most comb-type razors have set gaps. On the other hand, adjustable double edge razors are razors with changing gaps. These gaps adapt to the surface of your skin, making the stroke smoother and more aggressive. 

Quick Tips When Using a Double Edge Razor

  • Always clean your razor before and after use. This will keep grime and rust away. 
  • When you’ve been using your razor for a long time, and the only way of cleaning it is by rinsing and brushing, try sanitizing it with alcohol.
  • Always choose razors with an ergonomic grip for better hold and slide. 
  • Use a shaping tool according to your preferences

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to double edge razors, this principle doesn’t apply since the best razors need not be expensive. Plus, the head can be bought at a low price, while the replacement blades are also not costly. You don’t have to spend thousands to get a close and clean shave by only changing a single blade. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Double Edge Razor



  • Shave against the grain of your hair.
  • Use your razor without cleaning them.
  • Allow rust to build up on your razor. 
  • Forget to sanitize your razor as you continuously use it. 

FAQ About Double Edge Razor

FAQ About Double Edge Razor

Is shaving with double edge razor dangerous?

No, a double edge razor only uses a single blade, so it’s less prone to cause cuts and nicks. Also, some types of double edge razors show the least side of the blade, allowing very minimal exposure of the blade to your skin. They are, in general, safe to use. 

Are all double edge razor blades the same?

No, not all double edge razors are the same. As mentioned above, there are three main categories of double edge razors. And apart from that, there are six different double edge razor head types: single edge, open comb, slant head, closed comb, scalloped safety bar, and safety bar.

Go for the safety bar if you want a mild cut since its mechanism made the blade least exposed to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, use the scalloped type since its design gives you more even access to all the blade edges. If your beard growth is coarse, go for the closed comb type. The best choice is an open comb razor if you have a thick beard growth. 

Why are double edge razors better?

They are better because they help you achieve a closer shave. They’re also economical to use because the head may be expensive, but the razor only needs one blade to function. 

What is the sharpest double edge razor blade?

According to various tests made by experts, Derby Extra (Green) and Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile top the list of blade sharpness. These blades are considered very sharp when new and even after two or more shaves. 

Will my double edge razor include razor blades?

It depends on the brand. Double edge razors come with a blade, while others only come with the razor. 

How long does it take to learn how to use a double edge razor?

You might need to use it three to five times before you can get the hang of it. 


Using a double edge razor comes with various benefits. One of the best advantages is getting a close shave without spending much. Aside from that, it also lessens the possibility of skin irritation, cuts, and nicks. And although the razor is quite pricey, you can still save money in the long run because you only need to replace one blade. 

Cleaning and maintaining your double edge razor is also straightforward. Just rinse, brush, and dry it to keep it rust-free and hygienic. So, with all these benefits and advantages, you can say that you will never go wrong with a double edge razor. Think of the tips we shared above and enjoy your fresh, clean, and crisp close shave.

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