African American man with dreadlocks

Dreading your beard up is a new cool look that is being tossed around these days.

We are done with dreadlocks in our hair, now we want them in our beards.

There are many great styles and you will see men rocking different dreads in their facial hair everywhere.

Seeing how cool they look, you will without a doubt start telling yourself – I could pull that off, too.

Don’t rush into making a decision just yet.

These things are hard to pull off and are not at all like dreadlocks in your hair.

A dread beard is something that requires a completely different approach and styling.

In order to help you create this style, we made an article where you will find all the dreadlock beard style choices that are currently hot and that you can try out.

We promise that one of them is definitely going to fit you and your personal taste.

What Are Beard Dreads

Let’s get one thing straight. Your local barista didn’t invent beard dreadlocks, no matter what he says. This beard type has been known for centuries. Also, one of the beard myths that you still believe in is that beard locks originate from Jamaica.

Beard dreadlocks, or beard locks, as we like to call them, are having a huge comeback. They are sections of your beard (or whole beard) intertwined and tightened with beard wax.

Still curious? We will show you how to create and maintain your new beard locks style. That’s why we are here for.

Top 6 Dreadlock Beard Styles

Short Dreadlock

Short beard dreadlocks consist of multiple smaller dreadlocks. They go exceptionally well with a round face shape and give you a youthful, energetic look.

Goatee Dreads

If you have darker skin pigment, goatee beard locks will suit you. Of course, everyone is free to try. The goatee is always trendy and these beard locks are oh so easy to maintain.

Long Dread

Not the most common one. You need to be a man with a full beard and you need to be willing to make dreads from it. The guys that decide to do it end up with a legendary look.

Braided or Viking Beard

Long facial hair can sometimes be impractical when you loot and pillage. Vikings tamed their beards like they tamed the rest of the world – using steel. Viking beards are long, sometimes with classical braids, always with small metal rings or tubes.

Jack Sparrow Dreadlock

Man Impersonating Jack Sparrow Beard Style

Jack Sparrow is presumably the best beard locks ambassador. His two long beard strands became a trademark of Captain Jack Sparrow along with colorful beads in his hair/beard.

Dyed Dread

Dying your beardlocks is a gamechanger. Of course, you need to dye the beard before making the locks. The sky is the limit for this beard style. Play with different colors, hide those ugly silver hairs and try something exotic, like 5-6 different colors on one beard.

Why Grow Bearded Dreads

Beard dreadlocks are an exceptionally stylish way to shape your facial hair. It shows that you have a magnificent beard because only a magnificent one can be dreaded.

It also shows you are a man of style because beard dreadlocks currently own the beard scene and they are not going anywhere for a long time.

Pros and Cons


  • Permanent solution for your beard.
  • Choosing braids for men and beard locks will give you an exotic, modern look.
  • Beard dreadlocks can also give you a classical, sophisticated look.
  • Maintaining your beard has never been easier. Ask your barber.


  • You can’t unwind them and be happy. The only way of getting rid of beardlocks is shaving.
  • Beard dreadlocks can make you look unprofessional, especially in the corporate world.

How to Make Beard Dreadslocks Them at Home

Step 1 – Section the beard

The number of sections depends on the length and amount of beard you possess. The usual choice is two to six sections. However, if you succeed to make your beard thicker, you can always divide it into many thin locks.

Step 2 – Rat your beard

Man Who Combs His Beard

This jolly expression means you should push up your hair using a beard comb. Start from the bottom of the lock and slowly make your way up to the top. Your facial hair should look a bit messy after this step.

Step 3 – Wax it

By now, you should have mastered applying beard wax to your beard. You can use dread vax, regular beard wax or even beeswax. Rub the small dose of vax between your fingers then gently apply it to each beard section.

Step 4 – Add bling

Beads and small metal ornaments are our favorite choice. However, minimalism is appreciated. Less beard jewelry is more. Finish with the touch of the world’s best beard oil.

How to Maintain Beard Dreads

Making beard dreadlocks is the easier part of the bargain. Maintaining them will require some of your time and the premium beard grooming kit. Here are some steps you should follow to have neat beard locks.

Step 1 – Clean and dry

Regular cleaning will prevent dandruff and itching in your beard. Dry your beardlocks with a hairdryer. Be attentive because the hairdryer can sometimes damage your facial hair.

Step 2 – Moisturize

This step keeps the beard healthy and the skin underneath it too. Moisturized beard means no itchy or flaky skin. Using beard balm will do the trick.

Step 3 – Keep your locks tight

Only tight beardlocks make a great beard. Keep them tightened, but don’t damage your facial hair.

How to Style

Having beard locks will make you unique, no doubt about that. But, if you want to take it a step further, you can always add beard jewelry. Here are some steps you should follow.

Step 1 – Choose the right size

Man With Flowers on Beard

Beard jewelry comes in different sizes. The standard size is 5-6 millimeters. However, it’s always better to take beads just a bit smaller than your beardlocks diameter.

Step 2 – Choose your jewelry carefully

Gold, silver and copper are best sellers in beard jewelry. However, they can react with different hair products, causing tarnish and green rings on your beard.

To prevent that, you can either remove your beard jewelry before washing the beard or opt for stainless steel or plastic jewelry.

Step 3 – Try Viking coils

Viking coils are easy to use. They will fit every beard length and style. Plus, they are stylish and unique. You can find silversmiths and artists selling their unique Viking coil designs.

Step 4 – Keep it soft

A soft beard will make excellent beard locks. Use an entirely natural beard softener, and you will have no worries.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Brush your locks. There is a common misconception that beardlocks shouldn’t be washed. So far from the truth.
  • Make sure your beardlocks are always tight. Loose locks are prone to tangling.
  • Use conditioner. That will make a strong base for your locks and keep them moisturized.


  • Try not to color your beard too often. That can damage and dry your beard.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer too close to your beardlocks. The hairdryer can damage your beardlocks if not used at a safe distance.


Why is beard dread unique?

Man With Dreadlocks

Beard dreads are classical yet modern. You can make them but they can appear naturally. They are found in all cultures, from ancient Greeks to modern times.

How long your beard needs to be before installing beard locks?

You will need to wait until your beard is long enough to be twisted.

Do barbers do dreadlocks?

Your barber is the best choice if you decide to do dreadlocks. Just ask him about his prior experience with dreadlocks and beard locks.

What is the difference between dreads and locks?

The term ‘dreads’ refers to the natural occurrence of dreadlocks while ‘locks’ means they are done artificially. Nowadays, there are no clear boundaries between these two terms.

Can I wash my beard locks?

Yes, you should wash them at least once per week.

Do dreadlocks smell?

Well-maintained dreadlocks don’t smell. The unwashed ones do.

Can I trim my beard locks?

Trimming beardlocks is not something we would advise, as it doesn’t make any sense. However, shaping the sides is something you should do.


Beardlocks are reserved for men who like to experiment. And that’s what we want the most about them. They can look great on any face shape, skin color or age. Not many beard styles can do that.

Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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