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Is age catching up with you, and have started noticing some grey hairs on your beard? For some men, grey beards mean age, but that doesn’t mean you need to shave your beard. You can still spot a good and attractive beard even when it greys.

 A grey beard is simply a black beard looking more attractive.

What Are They

A grey beard is simply a beard that has turned grey. Men usually get grey beards because of age. Hair will gradually turn grey due to achromotrichia. But here’s the thing; grey hair is not only stylish but gives off a masculine vibe.

And the best thing is that it suits a wide range of face shapes and many styles to choose from.

9 Most Popular Styles

Thin and Thick

The volume of your beard depends on the type of hair you have. You can keep a thin grey beard if you have thin facial hair. Such a beard is easy to maintain and comb through. However, it might be hard to keep it moisturized because the spaces make it easier to lose moisture.

Pick a beard pomade to keep your beard healthy and hydrated. If your beard is thick, you’ll have a voluminous beard. You can either keep it long or short, depending on your preferences.

Defined Lines

You can still have a defined beard, even with grey hair. If you’re a man who likes detail and style, you can still shape your beard and sideburns to accentuate your facial features. You need to shave daily to keep the lines defined.

Mustache and Chin Strap

You can compliment your grey beard with a mustache and a chin strap. A mustache is a facial hair that grows above your lower lip and below your nose. When well groomed and styled, a mustache becomes one of the most attractive features on a man’s face.

A chinstrap is a facial hairline connecting the beard and the mustache. Some men prefer to shave off the chinstrap. However, with the grey beard, the chinstrap is more of an accessory to your face.


A circle beard is a simple yet classy style you can wear on your grey beard. It comes with a touch of elegance and sophistication and is ideal for the man who wants to look confident and stand out from the crowd.


The boxed beard is your best alternative if you want to achieve lowered cheek lines. The style helps to elevate the cheek lines giving them more prominence and definition. The look is versatile and easy to achieve.

You only need to ensure your cheeks are symmetrically lowered and have a natural contour. When growing stray hairs, use a pair of beard scissors to trim them off. Don’t use electric trimmers because they can cut off excess hair and derail your style.


A goatee is your go-to beard style if you have a short or round face. A goatee will elongate your look by adding prominence to the chin. This beard style is also ideal for men with patchy cheek hair. To attain the full goatee, your cheeks should be shaved clean.

If you have great lips that you like to flaunt, you should grow a goatee without a soul patch. You can only maintain a clean and neat goatee by shaving your neck and cheeks daily. You also must trim the goatee to the desired length every so often.

Heavy Stubble

Heavy stubble has been one of the most popular grey beard styles for men over the decades. It has a rugged and masculine look, which most men aim for when they grow a beard. A heavy stubble is between 4mm and 5mm long.

Older Man In a Suit Curling His Grey Mustache

The stubble is easy to maintain, but it also requires regular grooming. You can ask your barber to recommend the best grooming products to keep your heavy stubble grey beard.


To grow a ducktail beard, you’ll need some length. However, that doesn’t mean you must grow a mane to dot this beard style. When growing a ducktail beard, the hair on your chin needs longer than the hair on your cheeks.

This will add prominence to your face, making the ducktail beard a bad option for long-faced men. With a ducktail beard, you’ll need to put more effort into the maintenance.  Clean it with water daily and wash it thoroughly with shampoo at least once a week.

Brush the beard with a boar bristle, and massage some beard oil onto it after every wash.

How to Grow and Style

Step 1 – Wash

Wash your beard every day. Use clean water daily to clean the beard and the skin underneath. You can use a natural face wash or shampoo on your beard at least once a week. However, don’t overuse shampoo or premium beard soaps so you don’t dehydrate your beard.

Step 2 – Moisturize

Keep the beard hydrated. Moisturize your beard after every wash and condition it appropriately. This will help your beard grow thicker ad healthier.

Step 3 – Apply quality style products

Use quality styling products such as beard pomades, oils, and creams. These help with hydrating your beard and give it an attractive natural shine. They also provide a layer of protection which is excellent for grey hairs that don’t have as many proteins as black hair.

Step 4 – Style

Use the best beard grooming kits, such as boar bristles, combs, and brushes, for your beard. After all, every beard needs a comb.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Keep trimmed

Always keep your beard well-trimmed, especially on the outer edges. This helps to spur its growth and gives you a neat ad well-groomed appearance.

Step 2 – Allow growing

Be patient with your beard. Depending on your hair type, your beard might take longer to grow.

Step 3 – Use quality products

Use great beard oil to help you deal with the discomfort and itchiness of growing a beard.

How to Slow Down the Greying

Step 1 – Find ways of dealing with stress

Reduce your stress levels. When stressed, your body produces hormones that reduce your melanocyte cell. This prevents your beard from getting any color, hence the greying.

Middle Aged Man in Suspenders With Long Grey Hair and Mustache

Step 2 – Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Avoid smoking and go slow on the caffeine. Studies indicate that smokers get grey hair earlier than non-smokers. Caffeine, on the other hand, dehydrates the hair. Replace caffeine with water to keep your beard hydrated.

Step 3 – Use supplements 

Use mineral and vitamin supplements such as biotin, which are great for your hair’s health. You can study the hair benefits of biotin and decide if it’s good for you. 

Best Products to Use

Some of the best products you can use for your grey beard include:

Dying the Grey Beard

When you notice the grey hairs in your beard,  your first reflex might be to dye it. While this is not wrong, it is not necessary. You’d instead focus on keeping your beard healthy and enjoy the grey beard by styling it appropriately.

First, you risk missing the right color on your beard and looking ridiculous. Secondly, no dye is permanent, no matter what they say on the package. Third, some hair dyes and colors are laced with chemicals that might dehydrate your beard and leave it prone to breakage.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Stay hydrated.
  • Use quality products.
  • Focus on beard care.
  • Be careful about your diet.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Avoid smoking.


  • Use toxins.
  • Shave it off.


Can I make my grey beard look good?

Yes. You can make your beard look better with good beard oil and a healthy diet.

Does a grey beard make me look older?

No. If you groom your beard well, a grey beard is an accessory.

Should I dye my grey beard?

No. It’s better to focus on keeping your grey beard healthy.

Does a shorter beard make me look younger?

Not necessarily. The maintenance you give your beard determines how young you look.

What is the best beard product to use on a grey beard?

World’s best beard oils.


A grey beard is something your can groom to become one of your best features. You can pick one of the salt and pepper hairstyles that suits your face, focus on staying hydrated and grow a beard that keeps you looking younger and attractive.

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