Man With a Frizzy Beard and Messy Curly Hair

If your beard starts to become frizzy, it is a clear sign that there is something you need to change to bring it back to life.

Taming a frizzy beard is not as easy as you think.

If you are looking for excellent tips on how to do it, you’ve to the right place.

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Why Is My Beard So Frizzy

The main reason for getting a frizzy beard is the lack of moisture. Not moisturizing it enough will cause it to become rough, wiry, and brittle. The beard looks unhealthy and easily breaks, making it thinner and losing volume.

Sometimes it is not your fault but the environment you are in. Dry conditions can capture the moisture from your skin and beard, resulting in a scraggly beard.

What you need to do is protect your beard from outside factors as well as determine a grooming method to keep it moisturized. The best and quickest fix to moisturize your beard is to use supplements like amla oil.

Conditioning your beard is also a good fix. If you provide the beard with enough moisture, it will not dry out and become frizzy.

Smiling Man With a Frizzy Beard

Tools and Products You Need

Taming a frizzy beard doesn’t require a huge arsenal. There are a few tools that you need to get, though.

Be sure to get the following:

  • A deep cleaning but natural beard shampoo
  • Some beard care products like beard balm, oil, beard waxes, or butter. As long as they can provide a shielding effect.
  • Some wave brushes
  • A pair of scissors or a trimmer
  • A towel

Best Ways to Do It

Once you notice that you are getting puffy hair, you might consider using some tricks to tame it. No one likes nor wants a frizzy beard. Healing it and taming it is the most important thing you should do. 

Some of the practices you can incorporate into your routine involve the following:

Oil It Up

A dry beard will soon become frizzy. Be sure to oil it up appropriately and include this into your grooming routine. It is quite okay to do it every day.

Take Care of Your Skin

Nourishing and caring about the skin underneath your beard will help your beard to be healthy. When you establish a good skincare routine, you will soon start seeing the results.

Don’t Dry It Out

Many people mistakenly try to blow dry a beard after they wash it. This is a big mistake, as heat damages your beard and makes it dry and brittle. It works better if you use a towel and pat the beard dry.

Don’t Forget to Trim

An unkempt beard is an untrimmed beard. Don’t be afraid to trim it regularly. You don’t want some protruding hairs getting in the way, as they will only make your beard look bad.


Get a brush and brush your facial hair regularly. It helps to remove brittle hairs but also to exfoliate your face. You are also going to be able to style your beard much easier.

Beard Oil Bottle and a Dropper

How to Do

Getting rid of a frizzy beard and getting it to something more manageable, like a curly beard, requires you to take specific steps one after the other.

Step 1 – Wash and rinse

Start by washing your beard with a cleansing, specialized shampoo. Rinse it with some cool water. Take a towel and pat the wet beard dry as soon as you rinse it off.

Step 2 – Use a flow brush

Take your flow brush and set it to a temperature of 350-370°. Start brushing gently from one side to the other for about 2 minutes.

Step 3 – Cut the strays

If you notice protruding hairs, cut them away with scissors or a trimmer.

Step 4 – Apply beard oil

Apply some beard oil, or the preferred product, to nourish your beard and allow it to keep the much-needed moisture.


How do you tame a scraggly beard?

You can tame a scraggly beard by establishing a good beard grooming routine. If you don’t let moisture out, your beard will attain its volume.

Be sure to pat it dry and not apply heat to it as well as use products like beard oils and beard balms that have a shielding effect to protect your beard and keep the moisture from getting away.

How do I get my beard to lay flat?

Getting your beard to lay flat can be done using some beard wax. It can be included within your beard grooming routine as the last step.
After washing and trimming it, add some oil and apply wax to keep it flat.

You can also use a beard brush or a good comb to get it in your desired direction.


A frizzy beard is an unattractive and unhealthy beard. You don’t want to end up in a state where your beard looks disheveled and bad.
The main part is not letting it dry and keeping it moist. Be sure to apply the abovementioned techniques and do them as explained.

The devil’s in the details and so should you be, especially when dealing with your beard.

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