Why Does Hair Stick Up

Are you tired of dealing with hair that always sticks up? Do you find yourself constantly trying to flatten it down? Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Many people struggle with unruly hair that won’t cooperate.

This article will explore why your hair sticks up and provide helpful tips for preventing it.

Why Does My Hair Stick Up

Do you ever wonder why your hair sticks up sometimes? Well, there are a few key factors at play.

First, the grain of your hair and its direction can determine how it stands. Second, humidity levels in the air can cause your hair to become frizzy and static, making it more likely to stick up.

Lastly, hair damage and your hair type can also contribute to this pesky problem.

Grain of Your Hair

To understand why your hair sticks up, you need to consider the grain of your hair. The grain refers to the direction in which your hair grows. Each hair strand has a specific angle at which it emerges from your scalp.

When your hair sticks up, the strands are not lying flat against your scalp but pointing upwards. This can be due to various factors, such as genetics, humidity, or how you style your hair.

The grain of your hair plays a significant role in determining how your hair will stick up. So, if you find your hair sticking up more often than not, it might be worth experimenting with different hairstyles or products that can help keep your hair in place.


When it’s humid, the strands of your hair tend to frizz and become more difficult to manage. Humidity affects your hair in various ways, causing it to lose shape and volume.

The moisture in the air penetrates the hair shaft, making it swell and resulting in hair that sticks up and lacks smoothness. To combat this, using the right haircare products specifically designed to tackle humidity is important. Look for products that contain ingredients like silicone or oils that create a barrier against the moisture in the air.

Using a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum can also help control the frizz and keep your hair looking sleek and manageable even in high humidity.

Hair Damage

Using heat styling tools excessively can lead to damage and breakage of your hair strands. Constantly subjecting your hair to high temperatures can cause the outer protective layer of your hair strands to become weak and brittle. This can result in hair damage, making your hair more susceptible to breakage and split ends.

The excessive use of heat styling tools can also cause your hair to lose its natural moisture, leaving it dry and frizzy. As a result, your hair sticks up and becomes unmanageable.

To prevent further damage, it is important to limit the use of heat styling tools and always use a heat protectant spray before applying any heat. Additionally, incorporating regular deep conditioning treatments can help restore moisture and strengthen your hair strands, reducing the risk of breakage.

Static Electricity

Excessive use of heat-styling tools can lead to static electricity, causing your hair to become unmanageable. Constantly exposing your hair to high temperatures can strip away moisture, leaving it dry and prone to static.

The lack of moisture makes your hair more susceptible to static electricity, causing it to stick up and fly away. To combat this issue, it’s important to use hair products specifically designed to reduce static. Look for products that contain ingredients like silicone or anti-static properties.

Additionally, try using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to add moisture to your hair. Another helpful tip is to avoid over-brushing your hair, as it can further contribute to static electricity.

Hair Type

To determine your hair type, note how easily it can be styled and how oily or dry it tends to be. Hair type refers to the natural characteristics of your hair strands.

If your hair sticks up and is difficult to control, you may have curly or frizzy hair. This hair type tends to be more prone to frizz and requires extra moisture to prevent dryness and breakage.

On the other hand, if your hair is easily weighed down and lacks volume, you may have straight or fine hair. This hair type is more prone to oiliness and can quickly become greasy.

Understanding your hair type is essential for choosing the right products and styling techniques to keep your hair healthy and manageable.

How to Prevent Hair From Sticking Up

One way to prevent hair from sticking up is by using a moisturizing hair product. When your hair sticks up, it can be frustrating and make you self-conscious.

To avoid this, choose a hair product that provides moisture and nourishment. Look for ingredients like argan oil or shea butter, which can help to weigh down your hair and keep it in place.

Additionally, using a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles can help to smooth down any flyaways. Another option is to use hair accessories like headbands or hair clips to keep your hair in place. Remember to choose accessories that won’t cause breakage or damage your hair.

How to Get Your Hair to Lay Flat

Using a hair straightener can help you achieve a sleek and flat hairstyle. When your hair sticks up or stands up, it can be frustrating and difficult to style. Luckily, a hair straightener can be your secret weapon in taming those unruly strands.

By using a hair straightener, you can easily smooth out any kinks, waves, or frizz, leaving you with a polished and sleek look. Simply plug in your hair straightener, wait for it to heat up, and then gently glide it through your hair, starting from the roots to the ends.

The heat from the straightener will help to flatten your hair and eliminate any flyaways or bumps, giving you a flawless hairstyle that lasts all day.

Best Styling Products for Unruly Hair

When dealing with unruly hair, you’ll find that the best styling products can help tame and control those stubborn strands. If you’re tired of your hair sticking up or sticking out in all directions, it’s time to invest in some quality hair products.

Look for products specifically designed to combat frizz and provide long-lasting hold. A good option is a smoothing cream or serum that can help smooth down the hair cuticles and reduce flyaways.

Another great product is a strong-hold hairspray that can keep your style in place all day. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray before using any hot styling tools to prevent further damage to your hair.

With the right products, you can say goodbye to frizzy, unruly hair and hello to a sleek and polished look!


Can static electricity cause hair to stick up?

Yes, static electricity can cause your hair to stick up. When your hair becomes charged with static, the individual strands repel each other, causing them to stand on end.

Does hair length affect how easily it sticks up?

Yes, hair length can affect how easily it sticks up. Shorter hair tends to stick up more easily because there are fewer strands to weigh it down.

Are there any natural remedies to prevent hair from sticking up?

Yes, there are. Some options include using aloe vera gel, applying coconut oil, or using a homemade hair mask with ingredients like honey and avocado.

Can certain hairstyles make hair more prone to sticking up?

Certain hairstyles can make your hair more prone to sticking up. Styles that create a lot of friction or tension, like high ponytails or tight buns, can cause the hair to stand on end.

Are there any specific hair textures that are more prone to sticking up?

Certain hair textures, such as curly or coarse hair, tend to be more prone to sticking up. These hair types’ natural shape and structure can make it more difficult to control and keep it from standing on end.

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